1. Paynewright

    Driving Licence Changes - Towing

    Hi, Not sure if its been posted already (I couldn’t find it) but the licence towing categories are being changed. Basically, those who passed after 1997 no longer need to take an additional test to tow over 750KG...
  2. D

    Little help with towing please guys

    Guys I have a t32, I want to tow my caravan which is pretty big but I’m unsure what I can tow without b+e on my license? Could anyone share any kind advice. I have read about the combined weight not being more than 3500kgs which prob leaves me 300kgs lol
  3. Oldrat

    Misconceptions about proposed new law

    There’s too much misinformation being pushed around about this. Folks should read the bill or (much easier) read the simple government factsheet below Wild camping - In essence It won’t be an issue as long as you are not going to cause criminal damage or anti social behaviour. so - If you plan...
  4. Paynewright

    Alcohol and keys

    We’re down in North Devon on hols this week and there are loads of camper vans and motor homes around. There seem to be a few vans in the sea front car park where people are sleeping over night. I passed one that had a set of optics for the gin and it got me wondering. If I’d had a few beers...
  5. O

    Would you let the van speed limit put you off buying a T32 LWB Kombi vs a Shuttle?

    Hi all. About to purchase a van, narrowed it down to a LWB T32 Kombi for £29k or a Shuttle for £26k. Same age (2019), both DSG and similar miles and spec. Kombi advantages to me would be the number of larger choice of mods, camping pods, converters, roofs etc and this particular one has a few...
  6. Sabre


    North Wales Live: Foul four lettered swear word scratched on surfer's van parked up at Anglesey beauty spot. Just saw this. A little annoying. Hope no-one else has experienced this. Thought North Wales was...
  7. sebastian747

    Speeding “Class of vehicle” (Kombi 2040kg)

    This may help someone else - My VW is a SWB T30 I got clocked going 62mph on the A39 in Cornwall. The ticket says EXCEEDED SPEED LIMIT CLASS OF VEHICLE! Here are the facts for those that do not know them. If your van meets certain criteria then it has the same speed limit as a normal Car. Here...
  8. B

    LED headlight bulb legalities

    Was looking at installing/upgrading to LED DRL etc but then came across this "How to fit LED lighting to your car legally - Motoring Advice and News"have the rulings been revised or going by this LED'S are illegal unless original equipment,and what way would your insurance be affected if making...
  9. Andy Power

    Weight plate confusion

    Please could somebody explain what this means please - I’m trying to find out what the maximum weight of a caravan I can pull with my T6 4motion Kombi. Iv been told this is what I need to see to find out. Unfortunately it means nothing to me.... the Caravans i have been looking at vary between...
  10. Jordan250

    Travelinlite DRL Bulb Upgrade

    Has anyone fitted the H4 bulb upgrade from travelinlite? VW T6 Transporter Upgrade Headlight Bulb Kit & Led Fog Upgrade 15 Onwards | eBay Are they worth it over the standard bulbs? Or worth holding off until i can afford some aftermarket units. Many thanks Jordan
  11. Grim Reaper

    White Reflective Tape On The Rear Of A Van?

    Followed this VW Transporter tonight, it had white reflective tape on the rear doors. Very distracting. Is it legal? Discuss..
  12. Pete C

    Paying Spanish Speeding Fines

    Thought I would put this here, in case it was of use to anyone else. Today I received a speeding fine in the post from the Spanish DGT. It was incurred on our recent trip to Spain/Portugal. Apparently I was doing 113kmh in a 90kmh zone. I can't argue with them as I have no idea specifically...
  13. D

    Overloading A Van - T28, T30, T32 Question

    I get that a T28 can gave a gross weight of 2.8 tonnes, but is that simply the specified weight, or the legal weight? If I load it to 3 tonnes, am I breaking the law or just risking breaking my suspension? I currently have a T28 T5.1 (why are they both 'T' numbers??) and sometimes I'm sure...
  14. Dellmassive

    TfL - Rotherhithe Tunnel fine

    TFL - London - Rotherhithe Tunnel Fine Just a warning to anyone around London thinking of using the Rotherhithe tunnel to cross the Thames river . . . . TFL have just slapped me with a £130 fine for going through the tunnel !! Contravention - Vehicles more than 2 metres (6'6") high, 2 metres...
  15. Urbanfox

    V5 Documentation - DVLA Rule Change for Motor Caravan Reregistration June 2019

    Hi, a little help required re the V5. I have recently received my V5 from the DVLA for my T6 which was converted to a campervan by a local company. He sent the docs off with photos etc as per changes to the use etc of the vehicle and the returned V5 in my name just states the Van as a VAN/SIDE...
  16. Tourershine

    44 And Schooled.

    So yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a 'drivers awareness' course in Uttoxeter after a slight mishap and nudging over the speed limit in Stoke on trent a while ago. Now, i've been on the UK's roads for 27 years, and do my share of miles up and down this country every day, but I learnt some...
  17. $immo

    Expensive, But Best Sound Deadening, Just Attracts The Authorities.

    Just read this in the local free Metro paper, lazy reporter can't even differentiate between a transit and a T6. But I bet 410lbs of cocaine deadened the road rumble noise. I always knew those team starlight blue boys were wrong-uns. :thumbsup::whistle:
  18. Spaghetti

    Worth Knowing!

    Driver ducks £32,000 in parking fines because van was too BIG to tow Mystery van driver ducks £32,000 in parking fines because his vehicle was too BIG to tow away | Daily Mail Online
  19. S

    Driving Through France

    hi all I am going to be driving through France to spain near Benidorm. l want to do this on none toil roads and avoid Paris and have three days to do it in. I am going to use the euro tunnel if poss have any of you done this the scenic route if so could you let me know the route please many...
  20. Sabre

    Car Crime Increase

    Worrying statistics here...