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  1. DreamingT6s

    Finally got my first T6

    So, the day finally came when I took delivery of my 2019 Highline 150 manual SWB in Mojave on Friday. Already had 2 nights away this weekend and absolutely love the van - especially the wider Reimo Variotech bed. Thanks to all on this forum for the support so far, be prepared for many more...
  2. R

    buying conversion or already converted?

    Hey folks! I'm after a T6 camper, with the standard conversion kit. May also consider T5, if the price and spec is right! We're not after anything too fancy or modern. Hoping to spend no more than 35k (which seems a challenge looking at the value of some) rough spec: T6 2015-2018? mileage -...
  3. W

    New T6.1 order - what colour should I get?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to both the forum and to Transporter ownership. I currently own a 17-year old Mercedes Vito, but the time has come to change and a new T6.1 it is. I’m just struggling to decide on the colour. I’ve narrowed it down to Pure Grey, Indium Grey or Bay Leaf Green. What’s...
  4. Rids

    Detailing a new Van?

    So a new van (should) be arriving in few weeks, and I’m wondering if I should ask the dealer not to bother washing (i.e. swirl marking) it & going straight to a detailer & get it coated... Never had this sort of thing done before so have no idea of cost it benefits.., any thoughts anyone? And...
  5. L

    New van: ply-line or leave bare?

    Morning all hope to pick up a new 6.1 next week. The dealer has said do I want it ply lined ? i plan to get it insulated and carpeted straight away. So is it best to buy it with out ply lining ? it’s a panel van lwb. Not a kombi cheers
  6. G

    New Van Excitement Overload

    been searching for a kombi for a while now, seen loads that tick most boxes and others that tick all boxes but outwith my budget. Going to see one 2morro it’s more than I was looking to spend but..... you only live once... Will update with pics and spec if I get it
  7. Gwyn

    Another Delay

    Has anyone else had this problem . Received this email from dealers Hi, We have run into a huge problem, it is nationwide and is effecting hundreds of customers. Please see below the bulletin we have received just today direct from Volkswagen. Unfortunately your vehicle is on the list and...
  8. czmate1999

    How Many Miles To Run In A New Van...

    A quick one... My new T6 should be delivered in mid Sept and while i was rushing head long into getting it converted i am now thinking that it might be better to put some miles on it first to run out any early technical issues... Any thoughts on this and how many miles would be good to do...
  9. G

    Dealer Messed Up

    A week ago I picked up my new transporter shuttle LWB from lookers van Centre in Newcastle a Volkswagen dealership . The vehicle was built for me to my specifications and on ordering it I asked for a water heater with programmable parking heater function with radio remote control and on the hand...
  10. P

    Pick Up Day

    Off down to absolute tomorrow to pick up my T6....very childishly to follow
  11. L

    Second Battery...

    I'm taking delivery of a new T6 T32 Kombi 150ps Highline in a couple of weeks which I think will be pretty fine! Chrome sidebars, rear spoiler and front splitter to make it look like a hooligan and then comfort dash and nice leather seats to make it look smart inside. Literally cannot wait to...
  12. Bobbych

    Great Discount On New Vw Vans

    I,m researching new vans before I buy one next Yr. T6.1 I can get a 16.5% discount off the OTR price because of my job. (Not a VW employee). But I have just found this website with upto 25% off new vans. Anyone used them?? New Car Discount - New UK Cars at Discount Prices - Cheap Car and...
  13. W

    T6 Delivery Issues

    Anybody else out there waiting for delivery of a new T6? Ordered a brand new fully loaded Kombi early Feb and dealer still has absolutely no idea when I will get it. All they seem to know is that they believe it went to build early April and is now standing in a field somewhere near the port...
  14. czmate1999

    Tyres / Alloys. What's Best To Do...

    I have factory ordered my van and have the all weather tyres and, what are I think, 17 inch Devonports (whatever comes as standard on T32 4 motion). Is it best to change them right away and achieve maximum price for them? I would like to continue with all weather tyres (maybe the cross climates...
  15. highwaycollective

    Is Your T6 A Van Or A Camper?

    Being a Transporter owner for a short while it has been interesting to see how many people are using their vans for different things. Largely is seems that most people who own them are split into one of two groups. Either people have their transporters for use as 'vans" for transporting gear...
  16. Rossi17

    New T6 - what colour should I get?

    High Guys and Girls, I'm about to order my new Highline and totally stuck between the 2 colours Starlight Blue and Solid Grey both with black alloys. I think it might have to go with a flip of a coin :confused: Thanks
  17. Steve H

    Ordered, But Can I Change Spec Before Build..?

    Order is in, a few weeks ago, build date given as Week 02/2019. Is there a problem, or cost penalty, to changing slight spec of the van..? More specifically, I'm thinking leatherette instead of fabric for seating. I know, I'm fickle..and probably a sales persons nightmare..but I don't intend...
  18. Ian28

    Can I Track My T6 Build Online?

    Is it possible to track progress of my new T6 Kombi online? I have the vehicle order number from the dealer but it isn’t recognised on the myVW site when I put it into the appropriate box. I wondered if it’s just passenger cars that can be tracked. Called VW but they couldn’t help! Dealer also...
  19. Jimmi

    Build Date And Wait Time

    so the dealer tells me my build week is 44 (October 29th) and that we should see the van approx a month later. Does this sound realistic?
  20. Jimmi

    Dealer Won’t Change Spec

    I ordered my van 2 weeks ago and still don’t have a confirmed build date. After doing some reading on here this morning I emailed the dealer and asked him to add the LED head lights as I do lots of night driving. He replied saying the system won’t let him make any changes and he was “locked...