1. R

    Diesel Prices on the continent

    As the title says, what is the price of diesel in France compared to the UK? Is it less expensive to fill up over here or over there?
  2. Captain Mainwaring

    Price of diesel in your area?

    133.9p per litre! I know that prices do go up and down a bit but they are pretty stable at the moment. It really hacks me off me that our local filling station, BP in Aviemore, are just taking the p***. The next nearest garage which is a small independent are 128.9p, and BP 30 miles up the road...
  3. LakesT6

    Tale of Woe - T6.1 Fuel leak

    Had an absolute disaster on Friday whilst travelling back from France. The problems started during the Eurotunnel crossing when the smell of diesel became apparent as it filled the cab. Stopped at Folkestone services to pop the bonnet and see what was going on, found diesel sprayed all over the...
  4. Gogi

    Leaking Diesel

    Hi All My van went to the garage today for what I thought was an oil leak, turns out it's a diesel leak. In hindsight it's obvious it wasn't oil as the amount coming out and the oil light not coming on, the smell of diesel and it covering the underside of the engine. The mechanic only got round...
  5. Matchyt30

    What diesel do you use?

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this . Just wondering what diesel people use and if they notice any difference in performance, mpg , and how often your van does a DPF regen by using diesel from different fuel stations.
  6. joe_j_barnes

    Future Of Diesel Engines.

    Hi All, I have a 2017 DSG 204 TDI SWB eu6 I have bought to convert and will be starting next year, and plan to keep it until for good after spending some considerable amount of £s With all the hype on emissions I can’t help but think in 10 years or so would it be worthless and unusable for...
  7. T

    Fuel contaminated-(£7000 reparation!)

    Hello, I bought a brand new T6 California ocean in September 2016 but keep having problems since: - 6 months after the purchase I had a valve EGR replacement - approx. 5 months ago I had a leak in a fuel pipe with fuel spread all over the motor - Last month I had a breakdown, the driving...
  8. I

    Accidentally put in biodiesel! Help!

    Heading over to the Outer Hebrides and had 3/4 of a tank so thought I’d top up but didn’t notice it was biodiesel - Gleaner! Have I just buggered my engine?!
  9. Oldrat

    Shell V Power diesel

    A year back, I was touring Spain in my (then) T6 camper. It developed anEGR fault that was splendidly dealt with under warranty by aN excellent Spanish VW dealer. The unofficial advice from the tech was “Don’t ever use cheap fuel, and that I should try to always use Shell V power diesel As was...
  10. X

    Coronavirus and Fuel Pumps

    This was sent to me by a friend - I cannot vouch for it but it makes sense to be careful anyway: "Serious message. Yvonne who is Assistant Director of Nursing at QE Hospital has said they’ve had a message today that virus seems to be spreading quickly via petrol pumps so they advise to wear...
  11. dennismo

    Fuelpecker Discount Card

    In case this is of interest to anyone... I received an email from PetrolPrices about a Fuelpecker Fuel Discount card. I had previously come across this, but you couldn't register unless you were a member of the CAMC (Caravan and Motorhome club)... However, the invite I received from PetrolPrices...
  12. JasonW

    Fuel Additives

    I've red lots of debate and posts regarding which fuel people use.... but i've not come across much information regarding which if any of the fuel additives are worth using to help maintain a healthy dpf.... I've come across this one from the redex brand...
  13. EcosseExile

    Forecourt Fuel Pumps.

    Although not just T6 related. In my day job I'm a Service Engineer on fuel tanker trucks and our delivery system has a temperature compensation facility. Which means if you order 1000 litres of fuel (Derv, Gas Oil, Kero) it is corrected to the Industry standard 15 Deg C. In real life fuel...
  14. T

    Diesel - Normal Or Premium

    The book says diesel with lowest sulphur is best. I put in some BP Excellium by mistake,as I would usually go for the standard diesel. But then it got me thinking that maybe this would be better for the van to use it all the time. The other big fuel maker/providers do their own sort of thing...
  15. rod_vw

    French Fuel Prices?

    A question asked many times and probably answered before however here is the official website for fuel prices in France... Prix des carburants en France, site gouvernemental I believe it is updated daily, if you dig deep enough you can even download the data. Rod
  16. T


    BioTuning Vegetable Oil Engine Conversion Kits for Diesel Vehicles Hi has anyone got any experience with biodiesel on their t6? One big resin for getting a newer van is the low running costs. I am just a little worried if it causes wear/blockages or invalidates warranties due to the...
  17. 480bhp

    V-Power v Standard Diesel

    Thought id post me experience from my 1st 5200 miles covered in the T6. It's pretty much loaded to the same level all the time and driving is similar for most of my journeys. On standard diesel i tend to get 31.5mpg on average over a tank. (17.6p per mile) On Vpower i seem to be getting 34mpg...
  18. DaveBos

    What's your MPG?

    140 SWB Kombi Manual Average mpg 36.6, covered 3000 miles. Managed a 40mpg last weekend, Holyhead to Manchester and back, 70mph on dual carriageway and motorways. I travel 35 miles each way to work everyday on a quiet dual carriageway not booting it. From other posts an average of 36.6 seems a...