1. J

    All In Extended Warranty and DMF

    Hi all, I’ve got a 2019 T6 102 Startline that was fully converted to camper shortly after I purchased the van in Jul 2022. Van has covered just under 30k miles and has recently developed pronounced juddering in 1st and reverse gears. Fortunately I took “All in” cover from my local VW main...
  2. t6blo

    Back in a Transporter (hopefully)

    Hopefully scraped enough to money to trade in the car and buy another Transporter. I (stupidly) took advantage of the crazy trade in price of my last T6 in March 2021 - sold to WBAV for £5k more than I’d paid for it 2.5 years earlier. But I’ve regretted it bitterly ever since and I just can’t...
  3. L

    Any red flags? Buying advice

    Hello everyone, I've been bitten before when buying a T5 and to be honest I'm so nervous about purchasing vans after that experience, as it rooked me financially when I was in my early 20's. Would anyone be up for reviewing some footage that I've been sent by the dealer? and seeing if there is...
  4. F

    Firthster Viewing a van

    Hi all me again. Going to view a van tomorrow night< kombi dsg iridium grey 79000 miles private sale. Now what to look for?? just had cambelt done and dsg oil fsh, Has anyone got a list of what to look for etc I was trying to buy from a dealer with warrenty etc but given up on that idea. any...
  5. M

    Newbie on the lookout, what's too much?

    Hey folks, newbie here. Relatively new to the world of vans but completely new to (one day) owning one. I've sold my car to fund a self-build van, semi-conversion for now as I want to have space for MTB and pulling over and camping for long weekends. Ideally after a T6 Highline but trendline...
  6. M

    Help me pick a van please

    I have spent the last few days pouring over the information on the forum and am looking for some advice please - I have managed to get two good deals on pre-registered T6.1 Shuttle Vans but cannot decide which one to pick! Both are main dealer vans pre-registered in December to hit targets...
  7. S

    T6 buying advice 2015/2016

    Hi everyone paul here I’m new to the T6 forum , i’m looking for a 2015 / 2016 model 102PS, milage around 95K . The prices seem to be so varied on the market I am looking for a panel van to convert to keep the cost down . I don’t want to buy a typical builders van that has been battered ...
  8. monkey66

    twin slider advice

    Hi everyone! We are total newbies, to the Forum but also to T6's (although if feels like going back to my roots - we had a T2 camper growing up, and my very first motor was a (devastatingly rusty red/white) 1972 T2). We are looking for a T6 to convert, and really like the notion of twin sliding...
  9. AlexWinstanley

    Where do I start?

    I'm on the lookout for a 4-berth camper that can be used as a car during the day to and from work, only a few miles. VW T6's keep coming up and, although I keep getting told they're pricey and will only depreciate, I can't help but I think they seem ideal. Just wondering if anyone can advise on...
  10. C

    Advice on choosing a base van for future conversion?

    Hi all.. I am looking at buying a new T6 LWB for lighbusiness use initially but primarily with a view to converting to a camper at some point in the future, with regards to the spec, is there anything that is essential or that I should be avoiding/completely unnecessary from a conversion point...
  11. S

    Camper hire & Buying Advice

    Hello! First of all I hope I am posting in the right place. Apologies if not. Looking into a T6 conversion for my family. We are 4 , 2 adults 2 tweens. First step will be to hire one and see if we like the setup, as soon as BoJo allows of course. Based in Lincolnshire so could anyone recommend...
  12. Chopman

    What's my van worth??

    I sent off to have my Kombi reclassified as a camper today. Started off with the info and sample letter here: Converting a vehicle into a motorhome - GOV.UK and then added in some photos and receipts for the bits / work done. Hopefully it will be back soon and I can drive at car speeds again.
  13. M

    Rear Dash Cam Location

    Hi all Go easy on me please I have fitted a Nextbase 522gw dash wired in off ignition feed, I've added the additional rear camera which I have routed the wire behind the roof panels. My question is I cant decide where to locate the camera,I have barn doors with curtains on so was thinking on...
  14. C

    Which wheels and tyres should I buy [merge]

    Morning everyone. new on here and looking for advise on replacement alloys for my new T6 Kombi T32. Thought someone could post some pics and maybe advise on which diameter to go for. I have already lowered with Eibach springs 40mm.
  15. N

    Plylining Or Use Existing Panels? Which Is Best?

    I’m looking to get my T6 edition soundproofed insulates and carpeted, after a bit of advice please. Is this a diy job or one best left to the pros? what’s the best soundproofing? Is the silent coat extra thick worth going for? Is it worth ply lining replacing existing panels using the...
  16. J

    Caravelle Or Kombi? Looking For A T6

    Hey! I am looking for a used T6 as a family car. Would love a caravelle but the difference in price of a comparable kombi seems huge so I am looking for some advice and what areas people would recommend compromising in. My major considerations are; three kids in car seats, a dog, lots of...
  17. Louise and Vinny

    Hi Everyone!

    So this is the year we are finally going to get our long awaited dream van. We're excited but could do with some advice to make sure we get it right. Any tips gratefully accepted!
  18. Bernie the Bolt

    New To The Caravelle And I Need Some Guidance Please

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to take the step into the VW world and purchase a Caravelle as a family vehicle as we’ve outgrown everything else we've had. I’ve seen two that I like, both Exec spec, but one has been pimped a little to give it a slightly different look and lowered by 30mm and put on...
  19. Ann3x

    Carpet Lining Tomorrow - Any Last Second Advice?

    So after a bit of a hiatus due to moving house, I'm back onto my conversion and will be lining the metalwork of my Kombi tomorrow with MVM anthracite & spray adhesive. I think I'm all prepped up now, I've done: Cleaned metalwork with alcohol + hoovered up floor Alu taped over un-required holes...
  20. Lukavell

    Assure me about VW Caravelle Used Assured please!

    I've got my eye on a used assured Volkswagen Caravelle Executive 2.0 TDI 150PS SWB with DSG. I really like the looks of it and the only things it doesn't have which I'd like are Sunroof & Toluca Alloys, both of which I can live without. It's got LED headlights, Discovery Media, Parking sensors...