1. Gavandi

    Security locks for wheels?

    Hi folks Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, easy stowage, functional security lock to deter any would be T6 tea leaf? Thanks
  2. N

    STOLEN T6 !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A

    Warning! T6 Kombi Side Door Attack - Tin Opener

    Morning All, First post so be kind. Warning to all T6 owners, someone tried to can open one of my vans last night. Were they trying to take the van or only the contents? The windows are limo tint on the back and you just about see nothing is in the back, rear seats and no bulkhead so...
  4. DaveyB

    Key Jammers

    Fellow T6'ers, beware around car parks and service stations, there appears to be an increase in the use of key jammers. Service station thieves 'using car key jammers' - BBC News It appears as though these devices stop your key sending its signal to the van. Take a moment to double check if it...
  5. Davenjo

    After Market Security

    I have a Land Rover Defender which, with the massive rise in thefts of both whole vehicles or parts since these went out of production earlier this year, I have become a bit paranoid about keeping it and in one piece. These vehicles are notoriously easy to defeat the factory fitted security...