1. B

    Sold Vanstyle Anti-Theft Pedal Lock Plate - RHD - Orange

    Vanstyle pedal lock (Vanstyle part no. VA8254) that appears to fit both T5 & T6 models, both models, manual and DSG, both have the same part number on the Vanstyle website, purchased mid last year for my T6 DSG that has now sadly moved on to a new owner leaving me with a lock but no bus...
  2. N

    Sliding-door break-in

    I have had my T6 broken into today via the side door, the opposite side to the handle. I have slam locks fitted to both rear tailgate and side door , but this did not stop them from wrecking the door by drilling and then wrenching out the metal see picture. does anyone know if there is a purpose...
  3. T

    Fitting windows and deadlock issue

    Just bought a T6 which has deadlocks (see pics) Would like to fit glass which would leave holes under the glass where the deadlocks would have been. What is the best way to ensure there are no leaks?
  4. S

    Starline S9 system

    Been looking for immobiliser, secondary alarm, tracking options. Have been advised to look into Starline S9 system, has anyone had any experience with? Cheers
  5. R

    T6.1 catalytic converter protection

    While under the van today applying lanoguard I noticed it appears to have 2 catalytic converters? Can anyone confirm that both are and also would anyone recommend getting some sort of protection for them? Years ago we have a catalytic converter stolen from our sprinter van and of course...
  6. G

    Ghost Immobiliser/Deadlocks/Tracker

    Hi I’ll shortly be picking up my 1st camper van and would like to add a Ghost immobiliser and deadlocks to the van. Is this overkill as I’ve had a Skorpion tracker fitted, does anybody have recommendations for installers of the above in the Surrey/M25 area, any advice would be most helpful to...
  7. S

    Sold Safe T Pedal £80

    Heavy so will need to be collected (Bideford, N Devon). Always felt that the van was safe with this thing on! Believe it also fits a T5 (mine was a T6).
  8. S

    T6.1 Locking only the cab but leaning cargo doors unlocked

    Hi All, I’am new here, I just took delivery of my new Transporter T6.1 and I was wondering how to Unlocking only the cab but leaving cargo doors locked ? If anyone can help Please. Many thanks
  9. H

    Volkswagen Sliding Door Issue

    Hi All, Someone has tried to gain access to the side sliding door which has caused a nasty hole. I’ve currently got a armour plate over it but am looking to get this fixed. The handle is slightly loose as well from where they have tried to gain access, it almost feels like it's been...
  10. B

    New t6.1 Security from Day 1

    Hi Friends. I will be collecting my new t6.1 panelvan next week. It has been 8 months on order and I am rather excited to say the least. It has been a long held dream of mine to have a camper - I should have done it years ago but hey ho its taken me until I am nearly 50 years old to do it. I...
  11. S

    T6.1 Steering Wheel Disc-Lock

    Hi. First time post for me. My nice new T6.1 being delivered Monday, don't want some lowlife stealing it. So wanted to get stoplock pro as a visual deterrent. Anyone know if this will fit on the highline steering wheel with the flat shaped section at the bottom of the wheel? Thanks folks!
  12. Berger

    For Sale Tailgate window security grille

    Hi I have a brand new unopened rear window grill for t6 with tailgate I got it when I was doing the tailgate conversion but am now selling the van I’m after £60 for it collection Coventry
  13. C

    Pedal lock for T6.1

    Hi, new owner of a Highline T6.1 I’m using as my daily and for motorcycle transport. I will be leaving the Van all day as I trail ride my motorcycle. Looking to put a pedalbox security device on, but most advertise as being for the t5/t6 And not the t6.1. will they fit the t6.1? Which is the...
  14. S

    T6.1 Lock/Unlock signal wires?

    I have a T6.1 California MY21 with factory alarm system which I'm wanting to add a secondary method to lock/unlock & arm/disarm the alarm (just like pressing the remote button would) but via RFID. The RFID controller outputs a simple 12V pulse to either an [unlock] or [lock] wire so I'm...
  15. RayF

    Exec Spec/Tracking My Car

    I'd like to recommend Exec Spec, also known as Tracking My Car for all your tracker, Ghost or alarm system and dash cam requirements in the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area. I've just had a Tracker Locate, Ghost II and Black Vue camera fitted and I am very happy with the service I received, and...
  16. Mick

    Catalytic Converter lock

    Has anyone bought and fitted a catalytic lock to their vans? Can you recommend one? Lots on the market and we've had 2 stolen in the village in the last 2 months.
  17. B

    Has anyone moved the ODB port on a T6.1 PV?

    As per the title really. Would like to move the ODB port, but being non-mechanical, would be good to understand what switches/panels need "popping" off to do it before I attempt it! Thanks
  18. T

    Bloke knocks on door and offers to etch my windows... Dodgy?

    Bloke knocks the door this morning. "Is that your transporter,sir.nice isn't it" Then goes on about how van theft is rife atm..and how easy they are to steal. Wanted to etch my VIN number into the glass and lights for £40. Rough looking chap..drove a white transporter.
  19. M

    Perimeter alarm

    Hi, Has anyone fitted a perimeter alarm ? I like the idea of tapping into the parking sensors plus adding some additional ones either side of my van which will bleep if someone is near whilst I’m sleeping inside. Additionally, could this be expanded on to have them connected to an old smart...
  20. Hoppy

    T6.1 Security - do I need to add aftermarket measures?

    Afternoon all. just got my T6.1 high line with tail gate. what’s security like on these? Coming from a transit what if any locks would you recommend? (Work van)