1. Rchrd

    How effective is the in-built Steering Column lock at stopping theft?

    I'm really appreciating all the helpful threads about security on this forum, lots of great advice, but one thing I can't find anything about (and I've searched), is how effective is the in-built steering column lock in the T6 at preventing thefts (if it's engaged!)? I know a disc lock has the...
  2. Rossco2608

    For Sale Vanguard tailgate security screen - £80

    Just taken off my T6 tailgate, Vanguard security Screen Fits easy, stops thieves getting in through the back window! Collection from Nottingham £80
  3. G

    vw Slam lock removal sliding + barn door.

    The t5.1 van I purchased came installed with slam locks - very annoying if you intend to use the van as a camper. worse still the barn door and sliding door had different keys! I spoke to the original makers of the locks and a vehicle locksmith but both were of no use. However I did find bits of...
  4. Nick_T32_LWB

    Adding OEM rear load space alarm Ultrasonic sensors

    There have been a couple of posts from the searches I have done but none seemed to result in any positive outcomes or updates. 2018 T6 Kombi LWB HighLine - had the van broken into late last year, smashed the tailgate window and made off with a few £k worth of bikes - all insured so no worries...
  5. The Flying Scotsman

    What’s the best anti theft device?

    I’m looking to buy something for extra security for my T6. I’ve seen the various steering locks and pedal locks etc. What should I be going for ? Cheers
  6. T

    Reputable aftermarket security fitter - Bristol/South West

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster now that we've got ourselves a T6.1. Been reading all the threads on aftermarket security options, and although I've still not entirely decided on the product, I was wondering if any members in the South West/Bristol area can recommend a...
  7. D

    Kill switch / quick question about wires and that

    Morning all I'm in the world of pain that is a 1500 page PDF of all of the possible combinations of wiring anyone could ever imagine might have been needed for troubleshooting T6 electrics. I have gleaned so far that SC56 is the magic fuse that's needed to start the van. If I follow the black...
  8. kombisnaps

    Ghost | Anyone used?

    Had a look in business reviews but couldn't see anything Recently had a chat with Ghost Installations who seemed fairly nice, and wondered if anyone's used them for immobiliser installation? Alternatively if anyone's used anyone good recently who covers...
  9. Vanda

    Thatcham S5 /S5+ tracker recommendations

    hi I want to put a cat 5 tracker on my van. Anyone got any recommendations or advice? Thanks
  10. D

    Howto prevent engine start?

    I have a T6, diesel, 2016 with a CXFA engine. In the past I had a petrol car with a secret switch. To start the engine I had to toggle that switch allowing the +12V to go to the bobine. The switch was in the +12V circuit to the bobine. When you try to start the engine and you are not aware of...
  11. roadtripper

    BM2 et al security concerns

    So I thought a bit before posting this as I know these are hugely popular and indeed useful and I've got one in my "to fit" pile. However this is somewhat in my day job territory and others may not run across it so I thought it useful to let others know. For the quick summary a reasonably well...
  12. I

    Electronic break-in?

    Hi everyone, I had a quick search and couldn't find a similar thread so apologies if it has been asked before. I have a VW T6 Caravelle and drive for a living in the Basque Country. I was in San Sebastian after a job and went for a surf. I locked the van with the buttons on my remote and put...
  13. B

    Sold Vanstyle Anti-Theft Pedal Lock Plate - RHD - Orange

    Vanstyle pedal lock (Vanstyle part no. VA8254) that appears to fit both T5 & T6 models, both models, manual and DSG, both have the same part number on the Vanstyle website, purchased mid last year for my T6 DSG that has now sadly moved on to a new owner leaving me with a lock but no bus...
  14. D

    Bear Lock

    This looks really interesting, saves messing with vehicle electrics and seems to be like a bollard that you take with you. Realise all the issues re keys on key rings etc but any thoughts anyone or experience of the product?
  15. N

    Sliding-door break-in

    I have had my T6 broken into today via the side door, the opposite side to the handle. I have slam locks fitted to both rear tailgate and side door , but this did not stop them from wrecking the door by drilling and then wrenching out the metal see picture. does anyone know if there is a purpose...
  16. T

    Fitting windows and deadlock issue

    Just bought a T6 which has deadlocks (see pics) Would like to fit glass which would leave holes under the glass where the deadlocks would have been. What is the best way to ensure there are no leaks?
  17. S

    Starline S9 system

    Been looking for immobiliser, secondary alarm, tracking options. Have been advised to look into Starline S9 system, has anyone had any experience with? Cheers
  18. R

    T6.1 catalytic converter protection

    While under the van today applying lanoguard I noticed it appears to have 2 catalytic converters? Can anyone confirm that both are and also would anyone recommend getting some sort of protection for them? Years ago we have a catalytic converter stolen from our sprinter van and of course...
  19. G

    Ghost Immobiliser/Deadlocks/Tracker

    Hi I’ll shortly be picking up my 1st camper van and would like to add a Ghost immobiliser and deadlocks to the van. Is this overkill as I’ve had a Skorpion tracker fitted, does anybody have recommendations for installers of the above in the Surrey/M25 area, any advice would be most helpful to...
  20. S

    Sold Safe T Pedal £80

    Heavy so will need to be collected (Bideford, N Devon). Always felt that the van was safe with this thing on! Believe it also fits a T5 (mine was a T6).