1. H

    Run flats

    Anybody running with runflats on 20's ?? My car is on 19" runflats with staggered wheels , it is occasionally a bit harsh but the security with runflats and no spare ( 2 sizes ) is an enormous bonus from punctures . We just bought a t6 sportline with staggered wheels on 20's with go flats ( pun...
  2. W

    Spare tyre - shoot down my logic!?

    I'm still pondering on the best thing to do with having staggered 20 inch wheels and dealing with a puncture....(same sized tyres, but 8.5j front and 10j rear). If the puncture is on the rear then the spare can be used but the dead wheel/tyre will have to be carried inside the vehicle to then...
  3. A

    Large object embedded in my...

    Tyre - of course.... I have no idea what it is, but assume from its very size being able to repair the tyre will be highly unlikely? I could hear a noise re something stuck in the tyre, literally just about to join the Motorway and something made me double check - glad I wasn't at speed with...
  4. A

    Tyre blow out today

    2 lessons learned today. Have your locking nut in the van with you and get a decent Jack.
  5. Flying dutchman

    Nails in tyre!

    Any tyre experts out there could advise if these two nails can be removed and tyre repaired? Just wondered if the large nail is too close to the edge? Cheers
  6. Markgf

    Bad tyre day

    Today, on the country lanes, while pulling in to let a flying Discovery past, I hit what felt like a sink hole, under a puddle. Result: Bulge in the side wall. Having a look at the other front tyre, huge slice out of the sidewall (I have no idea where this happened.) So decision made to swap the...
  7. Littleblackflash

    Wheel bolts and Spare Wheel

    I've been so lucky I haven't had a flat tyre or I would of been stranded. My van came with 20" Wheels and a 16" spare which isn't ideal but I hoped it would get me home. I've recently fitted new brakes to the front of my van so I needed to swap my spare for a 17" steel to clear the calipers...
  8. James1000

    LOOK At this tyre....

    Happened last night on the M5 - was only doing 70mph +VAT Have replaced immediately with the same Continental Conti 200 - was able to bring this this to the hard shoulder calmly - glad they were commercial rated. For those thinking of not using C tyres!!
  9. Rob The Daddy

    Sidewall Damage: do I need to replace my tyre?

    Hi All, Coming out of a carpark, I bumped a rear tyre on a kerb. Annoyed with myself! Here are some pics; would I need to replace? Thanks Everyone. Rob
  10. DaveyB

    Locking wheel nut key failed

    Anyone else had issues with the OEM wheel locking bolts? Had to take front wheel off a couple of days ago as a stone ended up between the inner side of the brake disk and the disk protector (wife was driving!!!!!!!), noise was horrific. Anyway, ended up not being able to get the wheel off as the...
  11. J

    Space saver spare wheel options - Highline 4motion

    Hi - I'm trying to work out whether there is a space-saver spare wheel option for a T6. Van is a Highline T32 Kombi 4Motion. Wheels are 17 inch Devonports. Am converting the van and will lose the spare wheel space to a water tank. I have had a read of the existing threads but not found a...
  12. Milarepa

    Oko Tyre Sealant

    Does anyone have any experience of Oko tyre sealants? It seems like a cost effective way to prevent flats. It seems very expensive to have professionally installed, but seems like a diy job By removing the valve core and squirting it in.
  13. mopardave

    Happy Friday The 13th!

    Well, it had to happen sooner or later! I decided to take a different route home tonight....and this happens! No one died so it's no more than an inconvenience. This might be a really silly question....and I think I know the answer, but does anyone out there think this tyre might be repairable...
  14. F

    Puncture: Replace or Repair?

    I am off to get a tyre repaired. Another screw in the Cali - second time in this, third time overall (the Subaru got one a month ago); both have fairly heavy duty All Season tyres - ARRGHHH!!!! Done a near forensic sweep of the driveway; nothing there. I suspect it's one of the 474747575749023...
  15. Gwyn

    Slime Flat Tyre Repair Kit

    Anyone know if these are any good / worth having ? TIA
  16. Dellmassive

    Cracking 12v Tyre Inflator Pump - Costco -

    Cracking 12v Tyre Inflator Pump from - Costco - i picked up one of these little pumps at Costco the other day . . . . . . gota say - very impressed and defo recommended looks like you can get then on Amazon too if you dont have a Costco card =-] Amazon - https://amzn.to/35IqbRC I have the...
  17. Spaghetti

    Word Of Warning!

    Driving home from work today, a saw a T5 camper with a puncture, so stopped to offer a hand.... He was driving a mate’s camper, and caught a puncture on the 20” rims fitted by the converter. The locking wheel nut was a 17mm, which meant the 19mm wrench didn’t fit (I had a 17mm with me as I was...
  18. Matt W

    Spare Wheel - do I need to change it from 16” if I’ve gone bigger?

    Afternoon all, Quick question. I am planning to put some 18" alloys on my van with 235/50 R18 tyres fitted. Will it still be ok to use the original supplied spare wheel with alloys of this size in the event of a puncture? Thanks
  19. andy greenwood

    Punctures With 20" Alloys And No Spare Wheel :-(

    I probably a daft thing to ask but I was thinking what would i do if we were on our way for a nice break in the camper and we get a puncture on route ? When I bought the our campervan it already had 20" alloys on it and the spare is just the standard 16 or is it 17 ? so basically the spare is of...
  20. Dellmassive

    DIY Puncture Repair Kit. . . . . . . .

    DIY Puncture repair kit. . . . . . . . two punctures to repair today . . . . . . a screw and a nail in each of the rear tyres ...... . Using these kits have saved me a fortune in £10 puncture repairs . . . . Heavy Duty Tyre Puncture Repair Kit - https://amzn.to/36RQ16S VAN TYRE PUNCTURE...