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Discussion in 'General VW T6 Chat' started by DaveBos, 7 Jul 2016.

  1. Scruffy

    Scruffy Senior Member T6 Guru

    I do hope you are all checking these figures with a calc and brim to brim, if not , the MFD is a work of fiction.
  2. PukkaT6

    PukkaT6 Senior Member T6 Legend

    Im not sure what size engine it was (silver TDI badge) but the courtesy van I was given hit an average of 69mpg on my drive to work. Picked the van up with 40mile left in tank, did 70 miles, put £5 and dropped it off with 65 remaining.

    Its literally made me think I might go for a lower powered van next time as it cruised happily at 80mph and thats as fast as I ever go.

    What also blew my mind was that it was a 5 speed manual!
  3. Phils shuttle

    Phils shuttle Member T6 Pro

    I try not to think about it! But over 30 mpg from a t6 lwb auto, 150.
  4. T6 Owl

    T6 Owl Member

    had a courtesy van (LWB panel van) for a couple of days whilst VW had mine, not sure what engine was in it but it was a 6 speed manual and I averaged well over 50mpg!!
    gutted when I jumped back in my van and dropped back down to mid 28’s!!

  5. Phils shuttle

    Phils shuttle Member T6 Pro

    Pretty amazing! Are you forgetting to add that you're a very steady driver? Lol
  6. T6 Owl

    T6 Owl Member

    not so sure about that, my wife says my right foot must be made of lead!!
    I probably drove the courtesy van steady subconsciously, just to make myself feel worse about my own vans mpg!!
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  7. Dugdog74

    Dugdog74 Member T6 Pro

    This was mine whilst coming back from Volksfest Bristol this year. Makes the 13mpg on the Missus 5 litre supercharged Range Rover look a joke. :D

  8. Phils shuttle

    Phils shuttle Member T6 Pro

    I also had a landrover discovery 3 auto, it was a suberb car when it was running right ( rarely) but only ever averaged 18mpg. Theres a lot to go wrong on them and it frequently does!
  9. XZO

    XZO Senior Member T6 Pro

    Regarding 150 DSG Caravelle.

    Prior to a French holiday and overall average with very mixed driving : 36mpg

    Whilst in France with 5 up and luggage including a heavy wheelchair;
    Motorways : around 38mpg
    Overall we averaged 32.6mpg, about 28mph over nearly a 1000 miles with a lot of it visiting D-day beaches and other historical sites and trundling around the countryside.

    Since I have been back on two 60 mile round trips on A and B roads it has averaged 41.1mpg

    Edit: all figures from the vehicles trip computer
  10. .50

    .50 Senior Member T6 Guru

    I too have just returned from France after a months camping/hotels and travelling.

    Used toll roads wherever possible, and drove at 65mph on cruise.

    My 150 dsg kombi with camping gear in for four and two mountain bikes stats from the number 2 trip screen were;

    Average speed 38mph
    Mileage 2219
    Travelling time 58hr 41mins
    Average MPG 35.7 (real world probably 33mpg).

    Pretty rubbish really, considering 90% of those miles were at 65mph and 1850rpm engine speed.

    Still the perfect piece of kit for such a trip though, and driving it is pretty effortless.
  11. Murdoch

    Murdoch Senior Member T6 Guru

    My experience is that the on board display is consistently optimistic .... by about 5%
  12. Norberto Trevino

    Norberto Trevino New Member

    Mine is a 2018 TDI. During my week of vacations, we traveled 4 of us plus luggage, and averaged 36mpg during the trip. This figure was calculate using miles and gallons; not the trip computer (that mine doesn't have anyway). The average milage since I own it is around 29.3mpg, city and road traffic.
  13. Norberto Trevino

    Norberto Trevino New Member

    You must be talking about a different kind of car or performed some sort of sorcery. Mine is 2 litre TDI, 9 seater, 5 speed manual and have never made an MPG higher than 36, even if driving with much care given to the tach and the pedal.
  14. dubber36

    dubber36 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    I don't pay much attention to short term figures, but happened to look this morning after 20 miles of following lorries.


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