1. Chopman

    What's my van worth??

    I sent off to have my Kombi reclassified as a camper today. Started off with the info and sample letter here: Converting a vehicle into a motorhome - GOV.UK and then added in some photos and receipts for the bits / work done. Hopefully it will be back soon and I can drive at car speeds again.
  2. V

    T6 TSI Petrol am I mad?

    Hi, new to the vwdub world and about to take the plunge intoT6 ownership and will be going for a camper conversion. Im actually meant to be picking a 2019 TSI up next week.... question is, am I mad going for petrol? Everyone seems to want diesel. The T6 will be out main driver. However, I...
  3. Dansporter

    Wanted Rocking Horse...

    Hi Guys, I’m new to the forum and looking to join the T6 club! But I’m looking for a rare beast, a TSI Kombi with a particular spec. Whilst it’s a very long shot I thought I’d post what I’m looking for in case you know of one that will become available. What I’m dreaming of is as follows...
  4. L

    For Sale TSI DSG Kombi

    Hi I have decided to sell t6 68 plate Dec 2018 204TSI White DSG Original Factory Combi I paid for a every upgrade I could Cruise adaptive control comfort pack Xenons elec sides doors boot lock Heated seats media pack iPhone hookup Fog lights sat Nav stereo lowered mint condition except 20inch...
  5. Andysmee

    Converting one of the last TSI's (but not the last TSI)! My build thread

    :cool: I can't be certain but my T6 must be one of the last TSI PV deliveries in the UK - it was registered on 18th March 2019. So I thought it would make a catchy build thread title, and I'll keep it until proven otherwise! So, I'm starting with an untidy ex-Avis/Budget rental van...
  6. Ragadyman

    LPG TSi - MPG

    So I’ve had the 300ish hp TSI lpg converted about 10,000 miles ago. £29 to fill lpg tank (53ppl) did 270 miles today on that tank. Averages generally between 230and 255 miles depending how and where I drive. Best mod ever!
  7. Shaun Witts

    TSI spark plug gap

    Any advice on the correct spark plug gap for the TSI petrol engine? The VAG manual states between 1.0 and 1.1mm. However several sites selling replacement plugs state 0.7mm. i seem to be encountering a slight stutter when accelerating sometimes (even the Mrs noticed), and have recently replaced...
  8. B

    For Sale 18 plate 150 petrol tsi kombi for sale £28000 no vat

    Hi for sale is my 18 plate t32 Highline t6, 21111 miles. midnight blue (I think),2 years warranty left and a service left. lowered 40mm with H and r springs. heated front seats split rears. will have two new front tyres. has a rockford amp genesis speakers and a focal sub. heated front screen...
  9. Shaun Witts

    How does an LPG conversion affect the BHP of the petrol TSI?

    I had my 204 TSI converted to LPG quite early on in my ownership (at about 4K miles), and one of the questions people are always asking is: How does running on LPG affect the performance? Well, I just had mine mapped by Martin at Pendle HQ today, and he kindly printed off the rolling road data...
  10. Captain Backfire

    Sold 2018 Petrol T6 Kombi £37.5k

    Styled by Van Haven in Dorset. TSI 204 DSG Highline, T32, SWB, Pearl Black, Captain Seats, Heated Seats, Comfort Dash, Discovery Sat-Nav, DAB Radio, Factory LED Headlights, Sunroof, Heated Screen, Tow-Bar, Reversing Camera, Auto Latch Twin Side Doors and Tailgate, Spare Wheel Tamperproof...
  11. Irvine101

    TSi LPG Conversion - tax rate?

    I have just converted my TSi to LPG and I sent off the V5 to DVLA to update it to LPG / petrol. However DVLA have returned it to me unchanged, stating that I need to amend the tax class of the van first using form V10. I am confused as to what to put. Does anyone know what Tax Class I...
  12. P

    I took the plunge.... 204 TSi (petrol) DSG Kombi!

    Well I did it! I Finally got my first Transporter after 15 years of wanting one. In a last minute decision, I went for a 204TSI (Petrol). It has all the options I wanted but hadn’t really considered the petrol. The price was reasonable when I compared against others. I love it. The DSG box is...
  13. C

    TSi Shuttle

    Hi folks, just joined up but have had a T5 2.5 for about 4 years now. Its a SWB shuttle and used as family car etc but Im on the hunt for a Tsi Shuttle T6. The thing is they seem to be very rare. Who out there has one or knows of them? Ideal spec would be a remapped 8 seat SWB red Tsi...
  14. Shaun Witts

    Webasto Heater Woes (petrol)

    For the 2nd time, since being installed as part of a conversion (November 2018), my Webasto Air Top 2000 STC B (petrol) has failed. The symptoms are problems when starting, though it did eventually start, followed some time later by tripping and giving the F 02 error code (Flame failure - at...
  15. C

    T6 TSi Induction Kit

    Hi all first message as I’m new to this forum,, help required!! Has any one sourced air induction kit for T6 2.0 TSI, I’m starting a build of this van, upgraded TTE450 turbo, Wagner Evo 2 cooler, forge big beak upgrade, Can’t find air induction kits for it any where? New Custum made...
  16. D

    Engine Swap From Diesel To Petrol

    Hi has anyone swapped Diesel engine to petrol engine I’m looking to swap from 2.0 tdi to rs3 2.5 l in my t6 has any one done this.
  17. GB_Vdub

    The now rare TSI .....is Anyone Buying These? ?

    I'm looking into the pros and cons of a TSI engine vs a TDI engine for a new T6 Kombi as above. The TSI version is £30,125 vs £31,361 for the TDI equivalent base model (Startline) I'm really not sure which way to go. The TSI is listed at 31 MPG where the TDI is listed at 46 MPG. This is a...
  18. S

    Vw T6 Tsi Engine Idle Speed.

    Hello, I have got a VW T6 TSI and the idle speed on the engine is 900rpm is this normal ? It just seams abit high to me. Can anyone shed any light on it ? Cheers Stuart
  19. Ragadyman

    Has My Van Been Remapped?

    Hi , Just bought a 5 month old swb 150 TSI. Been driving it around last few days and it seems to go bloody well. So it got me thinking has this been mapped?? So I thought I’d do a quick 0-60 rough test and the results are around 7.3 with one just under 7 seconds. This is with me driving and...
  20. Ragadyman

    My new TSi

    Hi all, Well... I’ve just took delivery of a ‘68 reg VW TSI .......petrol!!!! Van. OMG I hear you cry....why?? All the press about them is bad. Terrible slow engine, keep changing gears, bad mpg, etc etc. My story is I’ve had and still own a lwb T5 174 completely standard panel van, for 15...