1. I

    Sold 2019 T28 150PS TSi Trendline Kombi-Conversion. £24,995

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/326009909368?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=DSY0zvnFRzi&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=DSY0zvnFRzi&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY 2019 vw t6 tsi petrol Revo remap to 300bhp 51000 miles Drives like a new van Will come with a fresh service (Last service was...
  2. B

    Just bought tsi kombi

    Hi guys ,just bought a tsi kombi last weekend . Got to get my car cleaned up and sold to pay the wife back the money she lent me to buy it . After that it’s monkeybike on the road and big plans for the van ,I want to do : -Set of 20”alloys and lower it -Gloss black grills -headlight bulb...
  3. Steeeeve

    TSi ignition coil damage

    Started the van, T6 tsi 2018, and I have EPC light, flashing engine light and stop start message. Also an ominous sounding rattle from engine ☹️ Any ideas while I wait for a call back from the mechanic?
  4. Timorourke77

    Sold 2017 T28 SWB 150PS TSi Trendline Camper. £25,000

    A huge change of family circumstances means we need to sell our 2017 petrol transporter. We have used it as a campervan. It has a slidepod in the rear, captains chairs, aircon, lithium battery, hookup under bonnet, LED interior lights. The advert on autotrader is here...
  5. G

    T6 TSI clutch numbers

    See post recommending different clutch manufacturers for a pendle mapped TSI, but delving into these you then get lots of other choices, looking at Sachs clutchs, but anyone recommended kit part numbers? See GSF are selling a kit for about £400 Or any other deals and kits to recommend for a...
  6. P

    Anyone put an RSQ3 engine & gearbox into a Transporter?

    I’ve an old t5. And dropped on an engine box from an audi rs3 2.5, anyone have any info which gearbox is used / or possible conversion pics ?
  7. R

    For Sale T6 front mount intercooler with pipes

    T6 front mount OEM intercooler off my TSI. I believe all the T6 intercoolers are the same though so will also fit TDI's. Done around 20k and off a T6 so not filled with gunk etc and in good condition. Collection form Bicester/ oxford area or can post at cost. £150. Mat
  8. amdowney

    Video of my completed TSI (that's for sale)..

  9. G

    Wanted Swb Tsi panel vans about?

    Hello Any Swb panel vans about with the Tsi lump in for sale?
  10. 5n0wb0mb3r

    TSI Advice - things to look out for

    This ones for the few TSI owners on here. I'm looking at getting a 204 TSI DSG are other than fuel consumption are there any things to look out for? I've got the 204 TDI at the mo and every month something else seems to need replacing. Taa Jim Pic for attention ;)
  11. H

    T6 tsi fuel filter location???

    Where the f*ck is the fuel filter located on the 2.0 204ps tsi?? Is it behind the front inner wheel arch? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Shaun Witts

    Coolant leak - TSI

    I had a low coolant warning the other day, and the header tank was almost empty. There was no obvious signs of a leak, so I topped it up and checked the level over the next few drives (only short thankfully). As the level continued to drop, I’ve just taken the under tray off, to discover a small...
  13. P

    DSG Failure T6 21,000 Miles - Help!!!!!

    So here is my predicament - my beloved van is 4 years old, 21,000 miles T32 TSI - was bought brand new and then converted straight away. Was due for its second service/inspection. When booking in with VW Van Centre Liverpool got offered a service plan this service plus the next, 2 years MOT, 2...
  14. T

    Sold 2018 T6 Kombi 204 TSI 411bhp.

    For sale, my beloved T6 TSI, the time has come to part ways with the van due to needing the pennies to buy a house. Below is detailed list of works done and spec, any further questions please ask! The van started out with 204bhp, but in the possession of its former owner (part owner of New...
  15. C

    Sold TSI registration TSII BUS

    Thinking about selling this and going back to my other plate. TSII BUS so very apt for any TSI owners. Price will include the transfer fee. Currently still on the van but will transfer entitlement to new owner when sold. Looking for £400
  16. C

    TSi uprated clutch options

    What clutch options are out there for the TSi other than the Helix option? Oh and original on 26k miles so Im assuming flywheel still okay to use so would be just clutch kit required.
  17. M

    My TSi Build thread

    Been a member on here for a while and thought it would be good to document my build somewhere, so here goes... After owning this T5 for 12 years, it was time to let it go and move onto something new. I got a good price for it considering it was on 167k miles with very little official...
  18. J

    Sold 2018 T30 TSi SWB Trendline P/V, semi-conversion. £29,990

    For sale in Oxford. Selling due to starting a family https://www.autotrader.co.uk/van-details/202207308301705?exclude-delivery-option=on&advertising-location=at_vans&postcode=OX4%203UB&page=1&radius=1&make=Volkswagen&year-to=2022&sort=relevance
  19. Carlwaynie

    Anyone Towed With a TSi 150ps

    Hi all, looking at possibly buying a petrolT6 the 150 brake, anyone out there used one for towing, my caravan weight is approximately 1400kg, I know the fuel economy won’t be as good as diesel but I’m very concerned about adblue and egr valves etc on the diesel vans
  20. Shaun Witts

    Oil change (TSI) step through

    So, the Oil Service reminder is pinging on my dash every time I start it up and, at nearly 4 years old, I thought I would do this myself this time. It’s useful having a carport to work under when its raining, but it tends to hoard windswept debris so a quick sweep up is always needed before...