1. C

    For Sale TSI registration TSII BUS

    Thinking about selling this and going back to my other plate. TSII BUS so very apt for any TSI owners. Price will include the transfer fee. Currently still on the van but will transfer entitlement to new owner when sold. Looking for £400
  2. C

    TSi uprated clutch options

    What clutch options are out there for the TSi other than the Helix option? Oh and original on 26k miles so Im assuming flywheel still okay to use so would be just clutch kit required.
  3. M

    My TSi Build thread

    Been a member on here for a while and thought it would be good to document my build somewhere, so here goes... After owning this T5 for 12 years, it was time to let it go and move onto something new. I got a good price for it considering it was on 167k miles with very little official...
  4. J

    For Sale 2018 T30 TSi SWB Trendline P/V, semi-conversion. £29,990

    For sale in Oxford. Selling due to starting a family https://www.autotrader.co.uk/van-details/202207308301705?exclude-delivery-option=on&advertising-location=at_vans&postcode=OX4%203UB&page=1&radius=1&make=Volkswagen&year-to=2022&sort=relevance
  5. Carlwaynie

    Anyone Towed With a TSi 150ps

    Hi all, looking at possibly buying a petrolT6 the 150 brake, anyone out there used one for towing, my caravan weight is approximately 1400kg, I know the fuel economy won’t be as good as diesel but I’m very concerned about adblue and egr valves etc on the diesel vans
  6. Shaun Witts

    Oil change (TSI) step through

    So, the Oil Service reminder is pinging on my dash every time I start it up and, at nearly 4 years old, I thought I would do this myself this time. It’s useful having a carport to work under when its raining, but it tends to hoard windswept debris so a quick sweep up is always needed before...
  7. K

    TSi: Helix Clutch slipping

    Stage 1 my tsi t6 MANUAL !!! = 302 bhp = 297nm torque Clutch slipping like mad now :( Need a new clutch but... aks tuning as the helix organic will max 415nm torque stage 3 :/ how they say that's a stage 3 I don't know anyway... I'm wanting to put in a tte450 hybrid with a inter cooler bigger...
  8. S18RVW

    Power increase - exhaust or air-filter?

    y had one choice for a power increase what would it be between an exhaust or a performance air filter?
  9. p6raf

    TSI Remaps over 250bhp

    I know there's plenty of threads here already about remapping but I still haven't found the info I'm looking for. I've got a T6 TSI, both revo and pendle offer a 300ish bhp map but nobody else does, why? Every other remap company offers only 250bhp. I asked the tuning company I've used in the...
  10. T

    My TSI stage 3 build

    So I thought I’d make a thread reference my T6 TSI I bought the van back in August 2020, prior to that, I had a lwb manual highline 2016 that I specked, Oryx white, bars, springs, sport line wheels etc it was my pride and joy! However, in lockdown I was using the van a lot and fancied more...
  11. J

    4Mo TSi conversion

    Hello, I've got a 2017 T6 4 Motion and I want to convert it to a petrol engine, anyone out there willing to do / know anyone that would do? Cheers John
  12. L

    T6 TSI Hesitation / holding back off power after Pendle remap

    Hi All, Rather than hijack another thread, I thought best to start fresh here, as I know I am not alone in this issue. I had a Pendle remap done by Outlaw Tuning in Wigan area, the guy was quite thorough. Scans/logs prior and after. Job done, about 3 hours. I drove it with the agent in...
  13. H

    For Sale 2019 TSi P/V by Van Haven. £26500 +VAT

    2019 t6 rare petrol model 27k miles. Balance of vw warranty Very special van from van haven with over £7500 of extras added to include - Black side bars Ttr front kit Full external black optics Ttr rear spoiler Bespoke leather interior Heated drivers seat Gti steering wheel upgrade Comfort dash...
  14. H

    For Sale 2019 TSI P/V 304BHP £26,750k + VAT

    2019 t6 rare petrol model 27k miles. PRICE PLUS VAT Balance of vw warranty Very special van from van haven with over £7500 of extras added to include - Black side bars Ttr front kit Full external black optics Ttr rear spoiler Bespoke leather interior Heated drivers seat Gti steering wheel...
  15. Yahya

    TSi induction kit

    I have been working on a induction kit to bring on to the market for a while now. This kit will have pipes, a performance foam air filter and a cage to hose the air filter. I have this same setup in my own van, there are some performance gain. Dyno test results coming soon. I will be taking...
  16. L

    For Sale 2019 white TSi Kombi £34800 incl VAT

    Mine may be for sale soon. Tsi white Kombi revo 300hp remap
  17. C

    TSi On E10 Fuel

    4000 miles using E10 in last couple of months on campervan trips, runs perfectly well, manual with a Pendle map, no hesitation, flat spots or pinking, fuel from a mixture of supermarkets plus Shell and ESSO, if anything it seems a little more economical, 630 miles on a tank last week fully...
  18. B

    Wanted TSI factory standard cat back exhaust LWB

    I’ve picked up a 68 plate TSI from Bognor Motors which has had a lot of mods from new, all done by themselves, but would prefer to replace the Miltek cat back they have fitted with a factory standard exhaust Anyone have one knocking about in their garage, or interested in a swop? It’s all in...
  19. Bargy62

    TSi & cam belt

    I have had a search and can't find anything I have TSI coming up 4 years old and thought new cam belt soon spoke to local indy who I have always used and was told no belt it has a chain does not need doing is there anyone on here who works for VW who can confirm this or put me straight as to...
  20. Pauly

    T6 2.0 Petrol Engine Wiring Diagram 2018

    2L Petrol Engine With Start/Stop Circuit Diagram Covers engines CJKA/CJKB Please check the history/updates tab, first release is for early T6s manufactured from June 2015, second release is for vehicles manufactured from August 2018 onwards VIP Membership is required to download this document