1. Tourershine

    Bognor Motors TVS + REVO remap

    This is an interesting one. How do you improve on what most describe as perfection? No, not my vehicle styling, that's already at the peak... I'm referring to the formidable Volkswagen DSG box. The slick, reliable, fun, lazy drivers answer to a manual, but without the actual effort of moving...
  2. BognorMotors

    REVO PRICE DROP Euro 5 2.0TDI Stage 1 Software

    Revo have announced that with immediate effect Euro 5 2.0TDI transporters including the early T6s, software is reduced by £50+VAT - NOW ONLY £349+VAT This isn't a sale, this is the ongoing price - No better time to get the best software available for your vehicle. Also T6.1 199 Software is...
  3. BognorMotors

    *** REVO SALE ***

    The REVO End Of Year SALE is on Register below Where the lockdown is extended we will be able to work round it and extend where necessary to allow you to visit us safely. Contact us for more details
  4. Tourershine

    Revo Review in more detail.

    I know I posted a review on Transporter HQ and the Revo map they did on my van, but I wanted to post a separate review on Revo mapping because it deserves it's own spotlight and it's potentially a popular modification on here, or at least general remaps will be. Starting life as the amazing...
  5. BognorMotors

    ** Revo/ Alcon Big Brake Kit Special Price **

    Following on from the recent thread on brake prices and availability I've been speaking to Revo today, and we can now offer this brake upgrade at a discount of £300+VAT, making them £1708+VAT+delivery. We can obviously offer a fitting service on site too. As always if you wish to try before you...
  6. J88arv

    Aftermarket Big Brake upgrade thoughts..

    Hi all, been looking around and love the big brakes on the t6, my brakes are shot so thought I may aswell go the whole hog once this bloody lockdown is finished. So my questions: Can any fit? Seen a set of rs3 brand new ones on eBay back and front if not what do people recommend is it really...
  7. MicP

    Remap: Revo or Pendle?

    Back in the day I had two T4's remapped; once at chipwizards and once at Pendle. Both took several hours, rolling road, lots of tinkering. £350 odd quid for half a day seemed back then like quite a lot of money but it was worth it. Now I read Revo is the place to go and found a localish place...
  8. Eclipse Campers

    Revo Remapping Sale Until End Of February 2020

    Hi All, REVO are offering a set of discounts on the the following vehicles and is running until the end of February 2020. Get in touch for details/costs for your particular vehicle. Don't forget there is the standard 30 day money back guarantee if you are not at all satisfied. VW T5.1 - TDI...
  9. X

    Mpg...very Happy!

    I have been surprised today. I travelled over 380 miles today from Sussex to Holyhead in my Caravelle Executive and averaged 41.5 MPG. And that is with a Revo tune on a 150 DSG. Very pleased with that.
  10. T

    Who’s Mapped Their 150s?!

    I got my car and van mapped this week from Darren at DMS he did my car last year and seen what a job they made of it And just got my new T6 this week so got both done at the same time I have a 150bhp now 205bhp and have a switch to turn back when taking for a service to original mapping unreal...
  11. andy greenwood

    Revo Remap , West Yorkshire ?

    Does anyone know of anywhere in west yorkshire that do Revo re-maps ? i've looked on t'internet but I'm struggling to find anywhere. I'm wanting to give our 102bhp a little more horsepower
  12. B

    Revo big-brake kit upgrade

    Fitted my REVO big brake kit. Fantastic and excellent upgrade on the originals.
  13. Andyf

    Tuning - pendle or revo?

    Hi I have had a poor tune on our van Having it removed and replaced So Opinions Pendal or Revo Andy
  14. S

    Revo Air Filter ?

    Hi guys Revo air filter any good with doing ? Sounds good
  15. Eclipse Campers

    Revo Remaps 10% Discount

    Hi All, Just to let you know that we are currently running a 10% discount for all REVO software for VW T6 and T5 vans, we can complete the stage 1 remaps while you wait. A typical EURO 6 VW T6 102 BHP will remap to between 163 and 173BHP. The REVO software is fully tested and designed to...
  16. Shredder

    Big Brake Upgrade - Revo

    After the REVO Stage 1 map and REVO Air Panel, I've gone a bit REVO mad. I think everything they do is of a very high quality and of course, it's supporting a British company ! REVO have worked with Alcon to produce a specific T6 big brake upgrade. Alcon, Brembo and AP are pretty much...
  17. P

    Revo Mapping Deal

    Hi All Just spoke to Ian at Eclipse where I had my van converted and I believe REVO are reducing suppliers so he has a deal on remapping for a few weeks so you would need to be quick! I rate Eclipse highly hence happy to recommend! Tel: 01935 321564 Mob: 07760 888916 Web...
  18. Andyman

    Remap V Chipping

    does anyone have any take on this? T6 Caravelle 150bhp What’s best? Remap or chip? Both roughly same price, remap shows up chip is “plug and play” Don’t want to invalidate my warranty Chip guys claim they are better than remap This is what they’re offering VW Transporter T6 2.0 TDI...
  19. teddy

    Remap ..... Just Can’t Decide On Which One

    Is there a past thread on here regarding Remapping or have any of you guys remapped your vehicle and the consequences with regard pros & cons plus warranty/insurance etc. Thanks
  20. S

    Re-map, And Improved Mpg?

    Now all the companies who other re-mapping, claim improved mpg, but has anyone experienced it? Come on, be honest.