1. RosscoPCole

    Diesel Prices on the continent

    As the title says, what is the price of diesel in France compared to the UK? Is it less expensive to fill up over here or over there?
  2. S

    Is there low grade diesel at the mo?

    Shell fuel, same as ever. Van seems to be in a regen more than normal mode. Done about 30 miles yesterday and one finished and now another started? Spent the last few weeks doing regens and not much normal. It’s starting to make me consider not upgrading to a T6.1 as my fuel consumption is so...
  3. Captain Mainwaring

    Price of diesel in your area?

    133.9p per litre! I know that prices do go up and down a bit but they are pretty stable at the moment. It really hacks me off me that our local filling station, BP in Aviemore, are just taking the p***. The next nearest garage which is a small independent are 128.9p, and BP 30 miles up the road...
  4. Matchyt30

    What diesel do you use?

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this . Just wondering what diesel people use and if they notice any difference in performance, mpg , and how often your van does a DPF regen by using diesel from different fuel stations.
  5. LpeppsT6

    Sold 2017 T32 Sportline Kombi twin slider/ AirRide / 20”/ ICE/ 14k

    Here for sale is my 2017 genuine T6 factory Sportline Kombi 6 seater DSG with one owner from new and only covered 14,000 miles total cost so far I've spent is £63,000 - it has accuair air ride and ABP struts/bags, H&R anti roll bars and power flex adjustable bushes, at the moment it has Bentley...
  6. F

    Who Uses Diesel Fuel Additives, My Mpg Decreased!

    I saw a few comments on here about people using fuel additives and when doing the weekly shop I picked up a bottle. Over 4 tanks it has increased my consumption!! My drive is mind numbingly boring it's the same route at the same time same speeds and same loads. I didnt expect it to do...
  7. JasonW

    Fuel Additives

    I've red lots of debate and posts regarding which fuel people use.... but i've not come across much information regarding which if any of the fuel additives are worth using to help maintain a healthy dpf.... I've come across this one from the redex brand...
  8. D

    Engine Swap From Diesel To Petrol

    Hi has anyone swapped Diesel engine to petrol engine I’m looking to swap from 2.0 tdi to rs3 2.5 l in my t6 has any one done this.
  9. joe_j_barnes

    Future Of Diesel Engines.

    Hi All, I have a 2017 DSG 204 TDI SWB eu6 I have bought to convert and will be starting next year, and plan to keep it until for good after spending some considerable amount of £s With all the hype on emissions I can’t help but think in 10 years or so would it be worthless and unusable for...
  10. T

    Diesel - Normal Or Premium

    The book says diesel with lowest sulphur is best. I put in some BP Excellium by mistake,as I would usually go for the standard diesel. But then it got me thinking that maybe this would be better for the van to use it all the time. The other big fuel maker/providers do their own sort of thing...
  11. S

    Unleaded Fuel In Diesel

    2018 T6 Caravelle. Put unleaded in diesel T6 and drove for 2km, now awaiting tow home. Can empty tank, filter, lines , what else should I do? How could I have been so dumb? Stevo
  12. Andrew

    MOT time...

    Can’t believe it’s time to get an MOT. Leaves me with an issue of who to trust to do the job. Certainly not going down the Halford route or any other sporadic roadside garage.. Does anyone have any recommendations for near Wakefield, Batley, Ossett area?
  13. rod_vw

    French Fuel Prices?

    A question asked many times and probably answered before however here is the official website for fuel prices in France... Prix des carburants en France, site gouvernemental I believe it is updated daily, if you dig deep enough you can even download the data. Rod
  14. T6Paul

    T6 Engine Poll - Fast Forward To The Future!

    OK, Lets pretend that it's now the year 2020 and you're looking to upgrade your current T6! VW have got their act together and now offer a choice of 3 engine types, a Diesel (TDi), a Petrol (TSi) and an all new Petrol / Electric (Hybrid). Which would you choose for your new van?...
  15. 480bhp

    V-Power v Standard Diesel

    Thought id post me experience from my 1st 5200 miles covered in the T6. It's pretty much loaded to the same level all the time and driving is similar for most of my journeys. On standard diesel i tend to get 31.5mpg on average over a tank. (17.6p per mile) On Vpower i seem to be getting 34mpg...
  16. DaveBos

    What's your MPG?

    140 SWB Kombi Manual Average mpg 36.6, covered 3000 miles. Managed a 40mpg last weekend, Holyhead to Manchester and back, 70mph on dual carriageway and motorways. I travel 35 miles each way to work everyday on a quiet dual carriageway not booting it. From other posts an average of 36.6 seems a...