1. G

    For Sale 18" Black Banded Smoothie Steels

    Hi, a friend is selling these so thought I'd post them on here. 18” Banded Smoothie steels (5x120) - originally from John brown wheels. Banding done by Duchy, 8j front 9j rear, powder coated black, excellent condition, covered around 1000 miles only. centre caps included - £550. Collection from...
  2. K

    Sold 18" Sportline Grey / Diamond Cut Wheels & Tyres

    I have a set of 4 18" Sportline alloy wheels with 235/50-18 Falken Tyres 101w rating. Three wheels are immaculate, one wheel has a small kerb mark (as shown in photos) Two tyre's need replaced, the other two have 5mm tread. Looking for £650 or may part ex with a set of delivery miles...
  3. Simo1198

    For Sale Duchy amarok banded steels 18”

    Hi all I have for sale my banded steel in light anthracite Front is 8.5j and rear is 9j Van is on B14 bilstines and fully lowered Just had 4 new tyres fitted (Mitchelin pilot sport 255/45/18) only mark is on one front wheel where I clipped a curb *♂️ included in the sale is genuine Vw centre...
  4. cbrblade

    Sold Sportline T5.1 wheels £550

    Sportline wheels very good condition please see pics for each wheel £550
  5. 09sider

    16" v 18"

    Apart from looks, are there any additional benefits from upgrading to 18 inchers, does it affect the comfort of handling?
  6. D

    18” wheels: 40mm or 50mm springs?

    Evening all, been reading up and reading a lot of posts about the 50mm springs being very firm, especially over potholes. Given I live in Scotland where potholes seem to be every 50m, I'd like to know if anyone has any experience of both or knows whether the 40mm springs are significantly softer...
  7. G

    SOLOW Full height measurements on 18s

    Hi, a long shot but does anyone run 18s on a kombi (mines a 204 SWB dsg) with solows at full height and could do a quick wheel centre to top of arch measurement please? Many Thanks Gav
  8. C

    For Sale 18in Banded Amaroks

    Hi, looking to sell these on. They are 8.5 and 9in Dutchy banded Amaroks. I had them recently re powdercoated in silver, there are a few little imperfections in the finish. Wheels only £745ono Offers around £700 including postage please. Based near Aberdeen in Scotland but can post.. Any...
  9. davek


    I have recently changed the wheels on my T6 T28 converted van to Devonports, just because i fancied a change. So i have for sale a full set of BK Racing 18" wheels with tyres. The wheels are almost perfect apart from a couple of very small laquer blisters which could be rubbed out, but i'm not...
  10. Phil_G

    For Sale Set of 4 18" Range-Rover wheels, Pontefract/Selby

    My lad has recently changed wheels on his T5 and has his 18" Range-Rovers for sale. These aren't pristine but they do look nice on the van. The tyres have legal tread but they're a few years old and at least one has a slow puncture (about 2 weeks). You could use them but I'd probably replace...
  11. LakesT6

    Sold Single 18” Amarok steel

    Single 18” Amarok steel, powder coated silver. Collection from West Cumbria. £70
  12. JimVee

    Sold 18” Duchy Banded Steelies f8.5/r9.5

    Set of 4 x 18” Banded Steels in Candy white with baby half moon hubcaps. In good condition but will need new tyres. Some swirl marks on 2 hubcaps where the double sliding doors just rubbed on full opening. Made by Duchy Banded and done about 10,000 miles on my T6. The bus was lowered on...
  13. M

    Amarok steels. Which tyres?

    Hi all! Anyone got any pics with the recommended tyre of 255/45/18 on the Stiches & Steel wheel with standard suspension? If so I’d there any rubbing on full lock or over bumpy roads?....cheers!
  14. Captain Mainwaring

    18” Tyre recommendations (T32)

    Sorry if this has been done but I trawled through the forums and not found anything I am running a T32 on 255 45 18 103. Up till now I have kept Nokian winter tyres all year round because I have been doing low mileage and live in Highland Scotland where it is regularly wet and the winters are...
  15. Dave F

    Sold Amarok Manaus 18” with Tyres

    Full Set of 18” Amarok alloys with 255/45/18 tyres. There’s no damage to alloys the rear tyres have 3 to 4mm ish so are ok but the front only have about 1mm left. I live in the north east so collection preferred or I will assist delivery but buyers to arrange and pay. Cheers £500
  16. Jayjmac

    Sold Banded amaroks

    As the title says.. these are nearly new. They have had tyres fitted and been fitted to the van taken off and now up for sale. They may show some signs of being put on at the bolt holes and some tiny marks from tyre install but I’m being super picky here. I know there shouldn’t be any marks but...
  17. C

    Banded Amaroks may px

    Looking to sell or swap my banded Amaroks. 8.5 and 9in widths. Duchy banded. They are a bronze powdercoat that sparkles in the sun. Overall in good condition other than a few bits on the outer rim that have been touched up. Tyres are all winter 255/45/18 in 103 rating so all good for T32. 2...
  18. Bigredonion

    255 55 18 - about to order but this forum has got me worried!!

    Can someone check my math/ lend me their experience I was about to order 255/55/18 tyres for my new wheels, then read people not happy with them on here... assume et plays a huge part and people only struggle with the inner clearance? Will they fit seems to think all will be fine, assuming the...
  19. A

    Does Suspension need Changing if I fit nice 18” wheels?

    New Transporter ordered. T32 4motion Kombi. Was advised by dealer that any increase in wheel size above 18” would invalidate the warranty. Is this right? secondly-was thinking about 18” alloys (20” look good but 18” is fine for me). Would I need to change the suspension set up and if so -How...
  20. F

    Tyre Sizes for 7.5 X 18 Rims

    What Tyre sizes are you using on 7.5 X 18 wide rims. Would 255/45x18 work or should I go 245/50 18