1. S

    For Sale 20” Wolfrace Assasin alloys £600

    I have for sale a set of 20” assassins 2 new tyres just put on plenty of trad left in the other two. Two from memory have slight polished wheel corrosion. Looking for £600 I will upload some better pictures tomorrow
  2. B

    Found Wanted 20” wheels

    Hi all , looking for a set of 20” wheels, ideally with tyres... closer to Berkshire the better but happy to travel for the right ones...
  3. #53

    20" alloys and snow chains?

    Hi, Just planning a van and was hoping someone could share their experience. Looking at fitting 20" Wolfrace Wolfsburgs (20x8.5J et42) with 255/40 tyres to a SWB 4Motion T6.1 that will be lowered on -30mm Eibach springs. The question is has anyone with a similar setup fitted snow chains and did...
  4. Paul Binding

    Easy to clean wheels

    What 20” wheels does everyone have that are easy to clean. Quite like the look of the race line gts. I like to keep my van clean but hate cleaning the wheels, usually end up bashing my knuckles to hell
  5. T6ARF

    Sold 20” Velare Staggered Alloy Wheels With Tyres

    As per the title I have decided to sell my beautiful Velare alloy wheels. The reason for the sale is that I’ve simply gone for a different look and changed to banded steel wheels. These are the Velare VLR 07 in Diamond Black with Machined face. They are around 18 months old and have covered...
  6. CarpyT6

    Sold 20 inch LMR Toria wheels

    For sale are my 20" LMR Tora wheels fitted with 275/35/20 102 tyres. 2 tyres are near the limit and will need changing 2 tyres have only covered around 1k miles. Very good condition, no kerbing or damage, no buckles or repairs. Load rated to 850kg 5x120 CB 65.1 Offset ET45 8.5 wide Located...
  7. CarpyT6

    Sold 20" LMR Toria (gunmetal) with tyres

    For sale are my 20" LMR Tora wheels fitted with 275/35/20 102 tyres. 2 tyres are near the limit and will need changing 2 tyres have only covered around 1k miles. Very good condition, no kerbing or damage, no buckles or repairs. Load rated to 850kg 5x120 CB 65.1 Offset ET45 8.5 wide Located...
  8. Barley53

    20'' Space Saver

    Hi all, I have a t6 transporter conversion and the company put 20" alloys on. Whilst under the van today I noticed a space saver bolted underneath, trouble is it's the standard 16" wheel. It's been some time since I had a car with a full spare so I'm not certain that a 16" running on one corner...
  9. Fromow

    For Sale 20inch ATS alloys and tyres

    These have just come off my T6 4motion T30 The wheels are about 1-1/2 years old and where ceramic coated when I got them. All in immaculate condition with a slight scratch pictured (done by a tyre fitter). The tyres are 275-40-20 106yYokohama all purchased new at the same time so even wear...
  10. Andyr12

    What tyres for these? 20” 8J ET45

    Hi guys I am really liking some wheels from JBW. The spec as follows 8 x 20, et 45, correct pcd load rated etc I like the spec as my sport line wheels are 8” and et 50 although sit in a little bit much for me so thinking these should drop straight on and look good with no issues of rubbing...
  11. Jayjmac

    For Sale 20” Judd T311R gloss black

    Judd T311R 20s gloss black staggered 9 inch 38 & 10.5 inch 42 offset used condition but in excellent condition. Original caps included if your interested I’ll explain about the Porsche caps. Tyres- Michelin Alpin 235/35/20 on 9 5.55mm x2 Michelin Alpin 255/35/20 on 10.5 5.37mm x2 X2 spare...
  12. tonywvr

    Sold 20" RS6 replica wheels with tyres £650 ONO

    Hi all, For sale are my 20 inch RS6 replica wheels. Wheels and tyres were new on the van when I bought it December 2019 and have covered less than 2000 miles. Wheels are 9J, ET35, load rated to 850KG. All have some water ingress on the polished surface. This is mostly on the rear wheels, the...
  13. Village

    Sold 20" SuperMetal Tridents, Matt Black with Polished Rim. £650

    20" matt black SuperMetal Tridents, with polished rim. Wheels are 20" x 9J, ET45. Load rated to 930kg, so plenty for a T32. Tyres are Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric 3, 265/40/20, load rated 104Y, so again, plenty for a T32. Wheels are in good condition. They've done 10k miles and were coated in...
  14. T

    Power steering fluid, 20" wheels, sportline springs

    Hi everyone Second post on the forum. So.... Had my 2019 startline Lowered on sportline springs at the main stealer costing £445. I did this to maintain the warranty. The van then developed a rotational metallic rubbing sound intermittently. Not the 20" wheels rubbing on full lock, this...
  15. JordanGT

    Sold 20” Alloys for sale

    A set of 20” alloys for sale , only been on the van for a few months and what with COVID not covered too many miles. I want to head down the swamper route so interested in some 17”Black Rhinos should anyone want to do a deal. they are still installed on my van and I would need to buy other...
  16. G

    Sold 3SDM 0.08 STAGGERED 20” wheels with tyres

    Posting for a friend of mine. Just removed these from his Raceline. Has been running them on coilovers. His number is in the ad for text or calls. 3SDM 0.08 20” staggered wheels. 9J 245/45/20 front, 10.5J 275/40/20 rear, max load 815kg each. Brand new Tracmax tyres done 50 miles. Honest wheels...
  17. T

    Velare 20” VLR12 and tyres

    I bought my Caravelle second hand with these 20” Velare VLR12s on and have done only about 4.5k. They’re in excellent condition but not my cup of tea. I’m up for selling them complete with current tyres which have also only done about 4.5k Anyone interested and want to make a decent offer?
  18. Tourershine

    Sold As new 20" wheels and tyres

    I have a mint set of Riviera RF108 wheels in 20x10 ET30 all round. These are in a stunning Bronze Double dark tint, which is one of the nicest colours i've seen. They really pop in the sun and give off a very obscure Green tinge that has to be seen in the flesh to appreciate. They are fitted...
  19. Mick Robson

    For Sale 20 inch ATS temperament 5 alloy wheels

    As the title says 4no newly refurbished ATS alloy wheels for sale, only refurbished to get rid of a bit of kerb rash. They are like brand new now, load rated up to 1025kg so T32 rated. Collection only due to size and weight £475.00 im near Bristol they were only changed as I prefer Black...
  20. ChrisR

    The Pursuit of Suspension Happiness

    Yep, it's another suspension thread and it's a fairly long winded one, but...... It's time to move on from my B14s. It's important that I choose well this time, mainly because it's fairly expensive, but also because whatever I end up choosing will form part of the catalogue of upgrades I'll be...