1. Shurze

    For Sale Axe EX30 staggered alloys - £500 ono

    Axe EX30 20” silver alloy wheels with polished face and used tyres Rears 20 x 10J ET 42 offset PCD 5 x 120mm Fronts 20 x 8.5J ET 40 offset PCD 5 x 120mm I’m told that these are load rated to 850kg Tyres will need replacing These wheels will benefit from a refurb as the lacquer is hazing...
  2. P

    Need a tyre wider than 255/35/20

    I have 20”wheels with 255/35/20 tyres and have lowered my 2018 shuttle by 50mm all round does anyone know what’s the biggest tyre I can fit as the current ones are thinner than the wheel so lots of kerb scratching
  3. F

    Amarok Talca 20 inch tyre sizes?

    Bought a set of Amarok Talca alloys for my T6. Had 245/40 20 load rated tyres fitted all round as was under the impression 245 was the widest for 8j. The spokes on the alloys protrude way beyond the tyres. Does anyone have these wheels on and which tyres have you got? Many thanks.
  4. j4ckal

    Sold Judd T311R gloss gunmetal 20" wheels and tyres. 9"/10.5" staggered set, as new condition.

    Up for sale are my stunning 20" Judd T311R staggered wheels finished in gloss gunmetal. They are virtually as new, purchased new by me last October from Bognor Motors. Ran for a few hundred miles then removed to fit winter wheels on. They are a staggered fitment being 10.5" (et45) wide rears...
  5. Midge51

    Planning to upgrade Suspension on 2020 T6.1

    Hoping to get some advice. I have recently had my T6.1 converted. Part of that conversion included the fitting of 20" alloys on General Grabber GT3 275/40/20. I'm looking for improved handling and less roll. What suspension can be fitted?
  6. adam1702

    Different offset on same axle

    Hello, picked up a T32 a few weeks ago, come to change the brakes after having new tyres fitted and noticed that one of the 20" alloys fitted is different to the other 3 on the van. They're 8.5" all the way round and correctly load rated so that's the same, however one has an offset of 35 rather...
  7. AndyStripes

    20s that don’t kerb!

    Hi all, Wanting ideas for nice 20s that actually look good for more than a year. So I’m staying away of anything diamond cut as the lacquer slowly fails and the worms come to bite. However, Navis or Super-metal wheels seem to kerb easily. So looking for suggestions that are less vulnerable and...
  8. Barley53

    Sold 20" TTRS style alloys + tyres

    Looking to sell a set of 20" TTRS(?) style alloys. These came with my t28 T6 when I bought it brand new from Cambridge Campervans in 2019. Load rated to 900kg, they were on the van for no more than 2k miles before I swapped them for 18's. The alloys are structurally sound but they will need a...
  9. Littleblackflash

    Swamper wheels with 5sp Gearbox

    I currently have 20" 275/35/20 wheels on my van which has a 5Speed box. I find the small increase in rolling diameter a concern when tying to pull away when towing my car trailer. The concern is putting too much torque / judder through the 5speed box. I would like to change to 18" swamper wheel...
  10. G

    Wanted 20” black alloys

    Hi, preferably in the North West of England but I do get around a fair bit for work so may be able to pick up further afield. Good 20" alloys in black, Thanks, Gary
  11. G

    Wanted Wanted 2 + 1 or 1+1+1 Kombi seats in Simora fabric

    Hi, I'm looking for the above seats, preferably in the North West of England but I do get around a fair bit for work so may be able to pick up further afield. Also after some good 20" alloys in black, and a bed or maybe slide pod for a kombi. And a LWB Kombi load area mat. Thanks, Gary
  12. gkcgary

    Your real-life tyre brand reviews

    the two front tyres have about 2.6mm tread, the backs with about 7.0. Typically the back near side has a slow puncture courtesy of a nail!!!!! I’m not a fan of hankooks, which tyre do you guys recommend? Any good deals out there?
  13. Vache

    Sold 20” Ispiri Flow Form wheels on eBay

    eBay.co.uk item number 224933836074 - well used but up for any crazy offer if they can be collected... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224933836074
  14. 1271A

    Wanted Wanted - 20” Alloys

    Hi. Looking for a set of load rated 20” alloys and tyres for a T30 Something like Supermetal Cell/Calibre Verso/wolfrace Wolfsburg located Dorset/Hants. What’s out there for sale. Thanks
  15. Q

    Excessive outer tyre wear on rear 20’s

    Hi, I have a LWB T32 on eibach coilovers and 20” super metal tridents clad in 265/40 eagle F1 tyres runNing at 42 psi on the rear. The van is racked out and carries a reasonable load all the time, tools and materials. The van wore the last set of rear tyres on the inside edge down to the cores...
  16. R

    Sold Vossen VFS-1 20" Alloys with Goodyear Eagle F1 Tyres

    Decided to sell my wheels as I've gone down the swamper route . All four wheels are in great condition. No visible marks anywhere that I can see, not on the face or rim anyway . One wheel did have a smart repair due to a bit of kerb rash but you'd never be able to tell. The centre caps could do...
  17. R

    For Sale Set of 20" alloy wheels & tyres

    Set of 'Pure' alloy wheels 20 x 81/2 J, ET40 max load 2200lbs (997kg) with tyres. Good condition. Not sure how old they are. I purchased them second hand a couple of years ago as a cheap way to see if I was happy having 20" on the van. I used them on my T6 T32 4m DSG. Tyres are only cheap make...
  18. H

    For Sale For sale 20” Sportline style loys with 275-40-R20 tyres all legal treads but

    As the title reads, selling my wheels as I’m going down the swamper route. Wheels are all straight with no damage with the exception of purely cosmetic scratches as can be seen in the images. Wheels are well balanced and will fit straight on with no bother, I have attached a picture of them...
  19. LpeppsT6

    Sold Bentley 20s

    Bentley originally 5 x 112 9” et41 but fronts have been redrilled to 5 x 120. Rear I run on adapters to fill the arch. 245/35/20 all round new tyres custom one off floating centres. Been repair/welded a year ago. Few scuffs but still look good £1500 Only selling as van now sold See my...
  20. BlayneKinley

    Sold Leighton LV-1 20” Gloss Black Alloys (T32 rated)

    For sale is my set of Leighton Vans LV-1 20” alloys in colour gloss black. Looking for £875 and collection only. I am based in Southampton and i’ll happily travel 20/30 miles to meet but will have to await delivery of my new wheels to swap them over. The alloys themselves are in good condition...