1. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale Pair 275/40/20 Uniroyal Rainsport 5 tyres £200

    Less than 100 miles travelled on them would prefer collection due to size and weight but can ship for an extra £40 Based Newport Pagnell - can meet at J14 Services Price new £153 each plus fitting Reason for sale - our van is too low to accommodate them. £200
  2. T4goneby

    For Sale Axe Ex30 20” wheels

    Selling my 20” Axe EX30 wheels (850kg rated) Staggered set so 8.5” front and 10” rear - no clearance issues with arches or sliding door (my van was down around 70/80mm) Gloss black and 3 are unmarked and as new, the passenger rear has very minimal surface scratches in a couple of places that...
  3. D

    Sold AXE EX40 20" Alloys and Eagle F1 tyres - 8.5J ET40 275/40/20 tyres - Wheels and Tyres

    Originally fitted to my T6.1 these wheels are in excellent condition with no kerb damage. Original paint. Includes AXE centre caps and TPMS valves. Average measurements across the 4 tyre measurement points are 3.9 / 3.2 / 2.7 / 2.2 for the 4 tyres. All 4 wheels are the same size 8.5J, ET 40, 20...
  4. Gàirnealair

    For Sale 20” SuperMetal Fin, black, with tyres

    Collection from Cockermouth, Lake District. £1,000 Fitted to 2021, T28, T6.1 by original converter (Hillside Leisure). Done 7,500 miles. Excellent condition except for mark on one wheel, clearly shown in photos. Tyres: Front - Bridgestone Turanza Z75 / 40 R20 106Y One tyre has done...
  5. J

    For Sale 20" Rivera RV130 wheels and tyres. £750

    Hi there I'm selling a set of 20" Rivieras, 275/35z/20R 102y extra load. The wheels were all refurbished before I bought the van and all new tyres which have done approx 200miles. There are a couple of minor scuffs on 2 of the wheels, in pics, but other than that they are all good. I'm looking...
  6. GaryB1980

    For Sale Calibre CC-U 20” Bronze alloys with tyres. £695

    As per title these wheels are 850 miles / 4 weeks old and as new and with wheel bolts. Came on my new conversion but I have gone to Devonports. £800 collection from Sutton, Surrey. Thanks.
  7. B

    VLR11 20" wheels: does anyone know what size locking wheel nuts to buy?

    Hi, I bought some 20" Velare VLR11s, which I love. Staggered fitment on STX. They came with spigots and wheel nuts, but no locking nuts. They are different to the standard ones for the 16" Clayton's Does anyone happen to know what size locking nuts to order, and/or recommend a particular...
  8. G

    For Sale 20” alloy wheels and tyres for sale

    Great condition with 2 tyres being 500miles old (£220 each) and the other 2 having loads of tread left. 275/40/20 One scuff on the lip of one alloy Currently fitted to my T6 transporter Ready for sale next weekend (19/8/23) Collection only from Swindon £640
  9. M

    For Sale 20" Inovit Speed Wheels for sale

    Set of 20" staggered Inovit Speed for sale. Load rated for T32's and fitted with Kumho Ecsta tyres Bought from Chris @ the Van Cave in March 2021 I've recently had them refurbished in Matt Anthracite / Gun Metal - there are no marks (tape indicates which side they came off) Front: 8.5 x 20"...
  10. A

    20” Tyre size for 8.5~10J staggered wheels

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and I apologise if this has been asked loads of times but I wondered if I could get some advice on tyre sizes. I have recently brought a set of Inovit speed alloys 20 inch and they are the staggered set. It’s 8.5J ET35 on the fronts and 10J ET40 on the rears...
  11. bullracing

    For Sale 20” Wheels, BN Swivels, cut kombi bulkhead

    Ok time to look to get these either sold or swapped for a set of swampers. They came on the van and are not for me. 20” Riviera rv20? I think with tyres. Only done 2k miles. No rubbing even on a lowered vehicle, I’ve raised it up and still no problems. £1000, all good apart from 1 rear which...
  12. Belly

    Winter tyre /wheel query

    Looking early for some winter wheels and tyres. I want them to fill the arches like my 20" 40 profile wheels do now but obviously want more meat on the tyres, is there a calculation to work out the rolling circumference with different size alloys and tyres..tia.. Current set up..
  13. BarneyRubble

    For Sale AEZ Strike Graphite 20's - used

    Hi all, Looking to change up the wheels on my van and thought I would list my old wheels here first. I have 4 x AEZ Strike Graphite 20" 9J x 20 ET46 (I think- see photo of casting) These came with the van when I bought it second hand, have a few marks, general curb rash and centre caps are...
  14. Marantz2

    20" Rims for NC500 or not?

    Hi all, I'm due to do the NC500 for the first time in a couple of weeks and I hear the roads are bad for pot holes. I can't decide to keep my 20" Rims on or swap them for standards just for the trip. I want to keep them on for pictures, looks etc etc. You know what I mean. But I don't want them...
  15. S

    For Sale TSW Sebring 20x8.5”

    Gaging interest to see if will sell I have some Tsw Sebring in Matt black 20x8.5” in great condition no kerbing fitted with 265/40/20 104 tyres loads of tread ,currently fitted to my t6 t32 wheels are load rated and tyres as well fo t 32 Load rating for wheels 907kg per wheel offset et 35...
  16. Stu007

    Sold Detroit Steel Smoothies 20"

    You are looking at a genuine set of Detroit Steel Wheels - Smoothies Size: 20” 5x120 9j back spacing 5.75” Colour: Powdercoated Black (not used since) Also comes with beauty rings and black moon caps (can get chrome from North Hants Tyres) Tyres: fronts hankook 225/35/20 rear triangle...
  17. vintage_racing

    Sold Velare VLR08 20" wheels

    Velare VLR08 20" wheels FOR SALE In very good condition, with nearly new 275/40Z/R20 tyres (106Y). Taken off our Transporter when purchased, for a set of 17" Navis swampers. Driven under 1,000 miles. Located in Surrey, with delivery to Southampton / Portsmouth areas possible also. £900
  18. K

    For Sale Judd T311R Matt Black 20" wheels and tyres. 9"/10.5" staggered set

    Up for sale are my 20" Judd T311R staggered wheels finished in matt black. The wheels have covered a maximum of 3000 miles. I bought the wheel and tyre package from Rimstyle tyres load rated T28/T30, wheels load rated up to T32. I took my van to TransporterHQ to be lowered who advised I needed a...
  19. W

    Can you identify my wheels? [Worx Fantom]

    Can anyone identify these wheels? 20" I need spigot rings for them and not sure what size I need.
  20. BarneyT6

    For Sale 20" Sportline Style Alloys and tyres

    Hi All I'm looking for some guidance on selling 20" Alloy wheels and Tyres, No experience of selling online and didn't get off to the best start. So I have a set of 4 x 20" Sportline style Tyres, I looked on ebay and used like for like wording and pricing. Didn't get any interest and then 1...