1. D

    Shuttle door-cards and 10” rear wheels

    Hi, I'm after some staggered 20 inch wheels for my shuttle if possible. Issue is the door cards on the sliding doors are thicker... Anyone running staggered on a shuttle? If so what spec wheels? Thanks in advance.
  2. H

    For Sale Supermetal Bronze Cells 20 + tyres

    Four 20in Supermetal cells bronze 20x9J ET45 £650 Collection from South west london. All tyres have circe 6.8mm of remaining tread. I've pictured every chip / rash for full disclosure. Wheel1. Wheel 2 Wheel 3 Wheel 4
  3. H

    20" wheels with BF Goodrich - kind help requested for the uninitiated

    Hello, I acquired my van in early summer. It came with 20" wheels and some of the worse tires I've had the misfortune of using. They're 275/40/20. I really like the look of the BF Goodrich and the closest match I can find to my existing size is 265/55r20. Is there and easy way to see if they...
  4. T

    For Sale 20 inch range rover alloy with 3 tyres

    Had the wheels of someone running them on a t5 who had them on the van when they purchased a conversion from a place in wales was going to get them refurbed as one had a punctured tyre.. so have 4 wheels 3 tyres but decided against it as i dont actually like them anymore.. paid 250 for them a...
  5. K

    Mystery wheels

    Hi all. Can anyone identify these wheels? I have a set I`m going to put up for sale and assume people would be more interested if I could tell them what manufacture they are, if that is possible. Regards
  6. C

    Would a Remap with 20” affect my MPG?

    Hi, I have a 2016 vw t6, I was after it getting remapped, hopefully to the 150bhp and 330 torque. But I'm running on 20inch wheels, 265/40/20. Would it make any difference to my mpg as I've went bigger in tyres, and will the drive be as smooth increasing the bhp on bigger wheels. Might sound...
  7. GregT1989

    For Sale 20” Inovit Wheels & Tyres

    Good Morning All :) I have recently purchased a new set of modular rims with tyres for my T6 and will be selling my Inovit 20" Staggered Diamond Cut Alloys with tyres. I will be getting these alloy wheels refurbished prior to sale as the rear alloys do have some marking and I would want them...
  8. W

    Sold 20" black and diamond cut alloys and 275/40 tyres £400

    20" alloys and tyres for sale. 20x8.5 ET35 Black and diamond cut alloys in good condition with no scuffs or kerbing marks. Diamond cut parts are showing some usual under surface deterioration as per photos. Tyres are Haida 275/40ZR20 106W XL rated. 5-6mm tread depth across the whole width of...
  9. Markr

    Thank you to ChrisR from The Van Cave

    I've just fitted a set of Inovit Blitz wheels to my van that I got from The Van Cave. I’d like to thank ChrisR for exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for a set of Inovit wheels, I can’t recommend him enough. It makes a nice change to deal with a company that does exactly what they...
  10. joe_j_barnes

    For Sale 20″ Amarok Diamond Cut High Gloss wheels with tyres

    Used alloys for sale, converted and used a new sets so my old wheels are up for sale 20” V good condition with tyres. looking for £700
  11. F

    Recommended 20” Tyre Profiles - Please Help!

    Hi all Over the last few months I’ve been planning the upgrades to my T6.1 T30 with wheels and suspension (B14 Komfort) being top priority and I have to say I’m completely confused with wheel and tyre selections. Looking online and speaking to the wheel shops they are recommending 275/40/R20...
  12. F2JON

    20” staggered alloys with solow suspension

    Does anyone run staggered 20” alloys with solow suspension? If so what size Tyres do you run? And More importantly any pics?
  13. allthehobbies

    Pictures of vans with textured bumpers and 20" wheels?

    I have an Indium Grey T6 shuttle (being tinted today) and I'm considering adding the Leighton LV1 wheels and dropping. The thing that is niggling me, is the fact that the van has textured bumpers and I'm not sure it'll look right (not that it can't be changed and i go down the path of sourcing...
  14. G

    For Sale 20” Stuttgart wheels and tyres

    20” Stuttgart wheels st9. Front wheels are 8.5j rears are 10j. front tyres 2 weeks old, rears have about 4mm on them. Slight damage to 3 wheels which can be seen in pictures, but easily repaired. Feel free to message for any more information. Collection only £650.00 ono
  15. Jayjmac

    Sold Rolls Royce Ghost/Wraith/Dawn alloys

    VW transporter T6 T5 Rolls Royce alloys staggered 20s 8.5 et25 and 9.5 et33 (double check the offset) 5x120. Shadow/chrome with floating Rolls Royce centres, spigot rings and tyres. if your looking for any kind of load rating may as well bin these tyres. Fronts 225/35 20 5mm Rear 245/35 20 6mm...
  16. D

    Anyone like to swap wheels?

    Hi all Due to an impending move I'm looking at the possibility if anyone on here would be interested in a straight wheel swap? I'm looking for the caravelle 17 black alloy in exchange for black commercial rated 20 inch ones. Happy to discuss further and listen to any advice you guys may have...
  17. 66DOB

    20in rims on T6.1, mechanical probs, VW warranty

    Hi all, I have a new T6.1 coming in the next couple of weeks. My VW dealer told me yesterday that if I put 20in rims on it and that leads to any mechanical issue, my warranty will be void. Has anyone had any mechanical probs attributed to running plus sized wheels?
  18. M

    Sold Worx Fantom 20" Alloy Wheels

    4 off Worx Fantom 20" Alloy Wheels Metallic Grey with Machined Spokes. Load rated to 850kg 20 x 8.5 JJ 5 X 120 PCD c/w Haida Tyres 275/40/R20 106 XL Approx. 3mm to 4mm tread remaining. 4 years old used on T28 Transporter. Buyer to collect from St. Helens, Merseyside. Weight approx. 30kg each...
  19. A

    Will I need spacers with 8.5J 20’s?

    Hi guys im fitting new 20" wheels 8.5 inch width with coil overs to my transporter t6 will i need spacers and if so what size can you please let me know thanks..
  20. Mkgolfnutters

    16” Spare wheel for 20” wheels?

    Hi just a quick question does anyone know how bigger spare wheel we can fit in the spare wheel compartment. We run 20 inch wheels and are touring Scotland and our 16 inch spare wheel I don’t think will be suitable. I may be wrong but any help would be gratefu.