1. R

    Wanted Staggered 20’s in bronze/anthracite

    Having bought some new knees for my Caravelle, I thought it only fair to start looking for some new sneaks for the summer. Is anyone selling or know of anyone selling a set of bronze or anthracite alloys. Don’t need the tyres, as I will no doubt buy some new ones, unless they are Michelins or...
  2. richi

    For Sale RR Ghost 20"

    Rolls royce ghost alloys, recently refurbed. 8.5x20 et25 front and 9.5x20 et35 rear. VW dynamic centre caps
  3. I

    For Sale New! Navis Ludis with 255/35/20 103 tyres. £1000

    brought these a week ago from THQ, now they are on the van im not so keen on them, £1100, i paid over £1300 for thrm im located in walsall west mids thanks
  4. BognorMotors

    For Sale Navis Schmoov 20”

    Brand new 20 Schmoov with staggered Royal Performance T32 rated 255/275 tyres. Been fitted for pictures on a van only £1200 Mail order is available. Centre caps are available.
  5. J

    Spare Wheel size when running 20”

    Hi, I’ve recently picked up a converted t6 van and replaced the standard wheels with 20”. The van didn’t come with a spare. I am looking at picking one up to go in the holder at the rear. Can I go for a standard spare, any recommendations? Will there be an issue that I have 20” alloys on the van...
  6. lukeadams

    For Sale 20” Oxigin Concave x 5 with tyres for T32

    I’m looking at replacing my 4 Oxigin Concave 20” wheels along with the spare. Front are running on Pirelli’s Assumetrico (fairly worn) with the rear running on Nexan N’fera SU1 (fitted new in May 2023). Alloys fully refurbished by Exploria in 2021 with no scuffs or bumps. (Minor stone chip on...
  7. P

    For Sale Detroit Steel Smoothies 20" in black

    20 inch Detroit steels. American import 5x120 / 5x112 Fitted with 245/35/20 tyres all mint Std wheel bolts fit , Front archers were slightly rolled, Come with brand new moon centre caps and new chrome beauty rings / along with black centre Wolfsburg centre caps depending which u prefer...
  8. andythom188

    Detroit Steels

    @tourshine @T6180 what you think of these lovelys ? I know you boys love your wheels as much as me ;) Detroit steels i think
  9. I

    Sold 20” inovit rotors for sale or swap

    looking to swap or sell my wheels, 5x120 20” inovit rotors, 8.5j fronts 10j rears 255/35/20 102 on the front 275/35/20 102 rears wheels and tyres are less then a month old, but one wheel does have some marks ideally looking for another set of 20” wheels or will sell for £950 thanks!
  10. N

    Wanted Wheels with Tyres 18"- 20"

    Back in the Market for some Alloys - Tyres are at the end of there life so worth doing all at the same time. Ideally Black/or Grey 18" - 20" Open to all option's seen a few on here and reached out but also keen to see what people might have burning a hole in their garage! Based in the North...
  11. RickyG

    20" All-season tyres?

    Looking to replace my current tyres shortly, they are 245/45Z R20, 103Y. Made by Nankang… Any recommendations and advice on replacement tyres please?
  12. J

    For Sale 20" Supermetal Trident’s with tyres. Satin Black. Mint. £995

    Hi I've decided to sell my 20" Trident Wheels with Hankook Vuitus S1 Evo 3 Tyres as I'm returning to 18s Wheels have only been on the van approx 6 months and covered less than 3k They were protected with Getechniq Wheel armor straight from the box before tyres were fitted In A1 condition...
  13. Ragster13

    Sold Velare VLR06 Gloss Black 20' Alloys £700, Leicestershire

    20" Velare VLR06 VW Transporter alloy wheels 5X120 stud pattern, rated to 875kg per corner, so will fit all transporters T5 onwards. 3 wheels unmarked and 1 has kerb rash, the tyres have covered no more than 300 miles. No fitting kit as I used them on my new Velare wheels. Open to sensible...
  14. Nutexa Frictions

    For Sale 265/40Z/R20 104W XL tyres x4

    4 SAFERICH FRC866 tyres purchased with my Navis wheels from THQ, 12 months old and 7000 miles covered. 265/40Z/R20 104W XL Tread 6.33MM 6.29MM 5.29MM 5.03MM £200 FOR ALL 4 CAN BE DELIVERED ON PALLET AT COST
  15. TeamD

    T32 DSG 4Mo Staggered 20” Tyre Pressures??

    Hello, newbie here and first post. Two weeks ago I got my first T6 - 2019 T32 DSG 4Mo and I have just had some new tyres fitted to the front 245/45/20 and the pressure has been set to 57PSI. The rears are staggered at 275/40/20 and are at 48PSI. The ride is a bit crashy so wondered what the...
  16. I

    Sold Inovit Rotors, 20”, staggered tyres, only 2 weeks old

    5x120 inovit rotors 8.5j fronts with 255/35/20 102 tyres 10j rears with 275/35/20 102 tyres wheels and tyres are only 2 weeks old brought them and im not to keen on them, so are still as new, im looking for 1200 ono based in walsall west mids
  17. lukeadams

    Sold Oxigin 20” x 5 with tyres T32

    I’m looking at replacing my 4 Oxigin 20” wheels along with the spare. Front are running on Pirelli’s Assumetrico (fairly worn) with the rear running on Nexan N’fera SU1 (fitted new in May 2023). Alloys fully refurbished by Exploria in 2021 with no obvious scuffs or bumps. Additional photos...
  18. F2JON

    Sold 20” Navis Choppers (as new) + tyres. £900

    A set of Navis choppers 20” with load rated 255/35/20 tyres and navis gloss black centre caps in as new condition done about 1000 miles tops, these cost nearly £1500 from transporter hq with caps , bought them I didn’t like them in silver on my van so I’m going a different route , collection...
  19. The Flying Scotsman

    Will my 20” wheels affect my speedometer?

    I’ve got 20” wheels with 275/40/20 tyres. I’m pretty sure my speedometer hasn’t been calibrated since. Will my speedo be out? I’ve noticed sometimes I seem to be faster than the traffic sitting at the speed limit. What diagnostic tool is used to calibrate the speed VCDS or Carista? Cheers
  20. lukeadams

    Downsize 20” for comfort

    Hi. I’m after some recommendations for my T32 I’m currently riding with 20” (275/40ZR20) on H&R 40mm springs and love the look, however, hate the ride with the current state of the roads. I’m looking for recommendations to drop down to 18” but try and keep the look and style of the bigger...