1. U

    Engine code CXHA and CXFA

    I understand from reading the VW Self Study Program 564 document, that the 150hp engine is available in two models. The CXHA and the CXFA, the difference being the FA is fitted with a pair of balance shafts designed to iron out bad harmonics. Does anybody know why there are two different models...
  2. M

    T6 150ps engine problems

    Hi all, I’ve just recently starting having issues with my 2018 T6 (150ps). There’s a lot of engine vibration on idle up to 1500rpm, a bad smell of unburnt diesel and a lot of white smoke for around 10mins until it’s warmed up. It’s covered 105k (miles) but sits on the motorway and doesn’t really...
  3. K

    2.0 TSI 150PS CJKB oil consumption.

    Hello Does anyone have any problems with this engine 2.0 TSI 150PS CJKB ? oil consumption?
  4. R

    T6 150PS with Oil / coolant contamination report?

    I'm looking at an 2019 T6 150bhp California. It's done 12,984 miles and up for Auction with BCA (owned by we buy any car, which means it was sold into WBAC) Strangely the Mechanical Report is flagged as "Engine Bay - Oil / coolant contamination" I've spoken to VW, it was serviced 6 weeks ago...
  5. T

    P164B 2.0 150

    Currently have a van in and out of limp mode due to flashing coil light and this fault. I've changed both sensors for genuine parts, new oil and filter, both plugs are getting voltage 7v top and 9v bottom kinda stuck anyone else had this issue with the sensors?
  6. D

    which output to get

    Hi all member for a while but this is my first post , I am about to order a new t6.1 but unsure of which engine to go for a 150 brake or 110 I am a dry cleaner making stop start journeys all the time . I have a 110 brake 2010 t5 at the min but would like something a bit quicker but I have heard...
  7. Howler

    Sold 17 plate T6 T32 150 manual SWB highline kombi (no VAT) £28k

    17 plate T6 T32 150 manual SWB highline kombi in deep black, currently on 52,000 miles. Full VW service history, I'm the only owner from new. In addition to Highline spec it has Adaptive cruise control, Composition Media Radio with 6.33" touch screen, App connect, Towbar preparation, Split rear...
  8. G

    Wanted T6 SWB Highline 150 or 204

    Thought I'd take a chance on here. Been looking for a few months and missed out on a few vans here and there. Seems its slowed right down but suppose that's maybe down to covid delays on new vans and Christmas round the corner. Got a budget of around 30k maybe more or less depending on the...
  9. flo.flowers

    Bought as 150ps, V5 states different

    morning All. Bought a VW Van Centre 19 plate T6 Kombi as advertised and bill of sale as 150ps back in July ‘19. Today I had a look at the V5 to check the mass in service weight only to discover that the max net power is 110. Too late for any complaint or recourse? Regards, flo
  10. EdH

    T6.1 Which oil for 150PS diesel?

    Hi all, I am bit confused with the type of oil for my new conversion. It's 2020 T6.1 2L 150hp Tdi (Engine - CXHA). On collection of my new van from the convertors last week I was given 1L top up oil of 0W30 504/507 spec in a VW branded bottle. I was under impression that it would be 5W30...
  11. U

    150 bhp turbo boost

    Can anybody tell me what the turbo boost pressure is (Max) on a 150 bhp turbo?
  12. M

    Any problems with Pendle remap for 150bhp T6?

    Hi all. I got my T6 150bhp remapped by Pendle as they did my T5.1 and I had no problems/ great improvement. I found that my T6 was it consistently going through regened around town and the DPF warning light was coming on. I do most of my miles on the motorway so it wasn't that my journeys...
  13. T

    Which oil? 150PS

    First time post so sorry if it’s been asked before. How do I find out what oil to use for my van. It’s no longer in warranty so I’m going to do it myself. I just want to make sure I’m using the best / right stuff. 2016 150 6 speed, adblue T6. Thanks
  14. huw169

    150 DSG or 199 DSG???

    Hi All I had my head set on a 150 DSG as the best option for me due to servicing costs, fuel costs and power needed. BUT..... A 199 DSG has come up locally to me that ticks a lot of boxes. I've heard all the issues of the previous gen 180 BHP engine have been resolved, but what about the...
  15. L

    What is on top of t6 150ps engine?

    Hi all, New on this forum. I bought a t6 calif 2016 with 11000kms. On top of the engine seems to have a intercooler, what exactly is? How do you access glow plug ? Don't have to change right now but I'm learning my new toy ;-) Thx all, Regards.
  16. NorthernT6

    2017 t6 and euro 5 engine?

    Hi all, in a bit of a dilemma and need some advice from those in the know! Just put a deposit down on a 67 plate T30 Kombi, DSG, LED Lights, comfort dash etc. Very well spec,d and in iridium grey, its a Leighton vans conversion so has the full Sportline package. Everything I have been looking...
  17. W

    New Cali purchase: 150PS vs 204PS for Australia

    Looking for your collective advice... I'm about to pull the trigger on a purchase of the new T6.1 California Beach here in Australia. Costs aside... do you have any recommendations or insights around the reliability of the TDI450 (199hp) vs the TDI340 (150hp) engines? Both options with 4Motion...
  18. Wango

    Sold Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 Edition 150 SWB 2018. £26k

    Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 Edition 150 SWB 2018 + £6k worth of upgrades An excellent example of this VW Transporter Kombi Edition. Never used as a work van or carried loads only used for outdoor adventures with the family. Beautiful van begrudgingly selling packed full VW factory extras...
  19. R

    Gearbox Oil Change Procedure - 2016 150PS 6 Speed

    Hello All, Does anyone have the 2016 150PS Manual 6 Speed Gearbox Oil Change Procedure? Along with the correct oil type etc... Plenty of info on the DSG but need the manual box.
  20. sportsman

    150 Bhp Or 199 BhP

    Good afternoon all I have a bit of a dilemma I am unsure weather to go for a 150bhp or a 199bhp T6.1 and I was just wondering would there be a big difference in fuel economy will be both dsg , I am not expecting big mpg anyway I am just wondering if there is a big difference between the two...