1. Z

    T6 2.0 TDI DSG 110kw radiator fan runs all time

    Hello I have problem with my 2019 t6 2.0 tdi dsg 110kw I bought car damaged from rear , when i get it everything was ok , in the middle of the repair when i turn key position 1 fan start work , disconect battery , when i was over with rebuild few days everything ok and from then if you star...
  2. H

    23 plate vw transporter 150 dsg mapping boxes /mapping

    Stupidly purchased a 23 plate transporter highline 150 bhp dsg People don't do it have owned 5 transporters over 9 years and I have to say what a load of crap what the he'll have they done to the engine what have they done to the interior what have they done to the performance put your foot...
  3. L

    110 5 speed vs 150 6 speed

    Hi, new to forum currently deciding between a 110 5 speed in ascot grey or a 150 6 speed in indium grey. I like both colours slightly prefer the ascot. I am going to be converting to a camper and just wondering if anyone has advice for which one to go for. Is one miles better than other/better...
  4. L

    Kombi t32. 150bhp v 204 4wd

    Hi all. Is the 204 4wd kombi loads better than the. 150 ? I’ve had a 150 t32 kombi. But fancy the 4wd 204bhp. 52000 pounds though
  5. C

    Trying to decide which is a reliable van, the 150 or 204?

    Hi, new member here I have read post from September 19 about egr cooler failure on the 204 bitdi, but nothing has been raised since. I’m looking at purchasing a 204 but a mechanic friend has suggested to stay clear of this type due to this issue. Is it so common or is it just bad luck? or...
  6. M

    Sold 2018 T32 150PS DSG Kombi Highline Campervan conversion. £43980

    VW T6 T32, 2018 (68), 150hp DSG, Highline Kombi with factory Barn Doors - converted into Camper 27,500 miles with full VWSH and 14 months of VW All in Warranty with 2 free services and 2 free MOT's left to use until 2024. 1 previous owner no VAT Full details as follows: - Acapulco Blue -...
  7. T

    Sold 2021 T6.1 150 highline kombi manual pure grey. £39,995 no vat

    For sale is my 2021 t6.1 vw transporter, it’s a 150 manual highline swb factory kombi in pure grey, with twin captain seats and rear tailgate. Done 12k miles with 2years manufacturer warranty remaining. Has been into Leighton vans of Rotherham for the front upper and lower grills replacing for...
  8. Carlwaynie

    Anyone Towed With a TSi 150ps

    Hi all, looking at possibly buying a petrolT6 the 150 brake, anyone out there used one for towing, my caravan weight is approximately 1400kg, I know the fuel economy won’t be as good as diesel but I’m very concerned about adblue and egr valves etc on the diesel vans
  9. P

    Sold 2020 T6.1 T32 SWB 150PS Kombi Highline DSG. Massive spec. £35,995 +VAT

    https://www.t6forum.com/threads/2020-t6-1-t32-swb-150ps-kombi-highline-dsg-£35-995-vat.36040/post-493073 Add bookmark #1 Huge Specification. DSG. ++ Ring Paul on 07729 168164 or business number @ Oakleaf Garden Machinery, Bradfield 0118 974 5035. The current private registration will be...
  10. G

    Turbo difference 150PS/204PS.

    Hi all just wandering I have a T6 shuttle 2016 150bhp can I put a 204 bhp turbo straight on thanks
  11. M

    Sold 2018 (68 plate) T6 SWB Highline 150bhp Indium grey (SOLD)

    Hi all - Reluctant sale, but with a baby on the way it must be done! VW Transporter T6 Highline Camper 2018 44,000 miles 150hp - 6 Speed Manual Full VW Service History Conversion by Vanspec in South Wales (where Van is located, but can arrange delivery) Some of the features: Highline spec /w...
  12. F

    For Sale 2020 T6.1 T32 SWB 150 DSG Kombi, Twin Sliders, Digital Dash, Full Leighton Treatment £40k + VAT

    Starlight blue with the full LV treatment. Exterior - LV front bumper and splitter, 20” LV2 black gloss alloys, side bars, roof rails, tailgate spoiler, carbon rear bumper protector, LED headlights. Tailgate, twin sliding doors which are power latching. Lowered 40mm. Removable towbar and...
  13. marmite monster

    For Sale 2022 T6.1 T28 150BHP Pure Grey Kombi-conversion. £39k no vat

    2022 VW Transporter T6.1 T28 (2wd) SWB 980 miles as new perfect condition Pure grey 150bhp 6 speed manual Twin captains chairs with arm rest Business pack / Air con Tailgate with headed glass /wash wipe 80ltr extended range fuel tank Apple car play Cruise control Black Rhino Arsenal wheels 18"...
  14. P

    Acquiring a camper - Eu5 5spd or Eu6 6spd??

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum and looking for advice please. I've put a holding deposit on a 2016 T6 T32 BMT 150 fully converted campervan which has a euro 6 engine, mileage just under 60k. Another T6 has just been advertised closer to me which is a 2015 T6 T28 BMT 102 with a euro 5 engine 37k...
  15. ginkster

    New Buyer Advice - Turbo Noise 150psi

    Hello All I’m new to the forum as looking to buy a T6. This looks to be an awesome place for info and advice. I’m new to the T6 and have only driven one and am really keen on it. However, the turbo seemed pretty noisy with a noticeable whoosh under load - is this normal? Is there anything...
  16. D

    Sold 2019 150PS Kombi Highline. £35k

    Transporter Kombi Highline 2019 (69) 150ps Manual 17000 miles will increase slightly 5 seats Vw warranty until November 2022 Next service included Excellent condition some small marks on the rear bumper and a few stone chips to the front end both shown in photos Highline specification...
  17. M

    2017 - 150BHP Euro 6 - Seized Turbo - Not getting Oil

    Hi, Hopefully someone can help. I have a 2017 Euro 6 150BHP T6 Transporter. Now, i haven't had the van long and i like to stay onto off servicing and making sure they are in tip top condition. There was an oil pressure warning light on the van (the red oil can light, i believe this is the high...
  18. R

    T6.1 150 DSG Engine cut out on motorway [Resolved]

    My MY20 T6.1 150 DSG cut out twice yesterday on the motorway. I was travelling about 70mph when it just cut out without warning, a warning message advised to 'restart engine manually'. Obviously I couldn't restart whilst moving as would have to select 'Park'. It was very scary trying to get to...
  19. Sanyes

    Engine shaking (running on 3 cylinders) - error code P1007

    The other day, I started my van, started normally. ( It was cold outside but it started without hiccups) Made a few miles in the city, all was fine but when I get on the motorway, the van started to shake. Initially thought some motor mounts failed, wheels unbalanced something like that. After...
  20. Matchyt30

    150PS Remap done - what are your opinions?

    I had my van remapped yesterday and would just like to know people options on the results. I’m no expert at all in this area but from research I have done the gains I got compared to others with same engine seem quite low. Also the after graph doesn’t look a lot different to the before. The...