1. F

    ACC retrofit: wiring problem.

    Hi, Could someone tell me please Transporter t6 2.0tdi 110kw 2017. where I connect J428 (acc unit) pin numbers 2 (can high) and 3 (can low)? I have pulled already the wires inside the cabin: -Pin1 -> ground. -Pin8->fusebox slot37. i can't find the j788 relay. or the colors are in a...
  2. S

    T6 150ps urban mpg?

    Hi all, i'm looking a buying a 2017 T6 T32 LWB Blue motion 150ps. Autotrader is saying the urban mpg is 38.2 mpg. Does this sound about right? I have had a T5 140ps 4motion T32 LWB before and that did 31 mpg urban. Does should like quite a bit more but it is a newer and different engine i think...
  3. PullersSWK

    Remap for TDi 150

    Hi Guys, Starting to research remaps for my T6 150 DSG. Originally when I started looking into things I was going to go Pendle, but I’ve read so many story’s now about no shows, poor back up and people being threatened I’m put off to be honest. Next option was REVO but I understand this isn’t...
  4. I

    Found vw t6 highline kombi or panel van

    looking for a t6 highline kombi or panel van, 140/150bhp only, whats for sale people? thanks
  5. PullersSWK

    Turbo - anyone upgraded.

    Hi Guys, Standard Turbo on a T6 150bhp - I do find this turbo a little noisy, seems to whistle more than im used to - albeit only on cars I’ve owned. Even putting your foot down a little I can hear it cut in around 1800rpm - is this a characteristic anyway? I’m interested, what’s the average...
  6. Thunderwulf

    For Sale 2017 T28 150PS Highline Camper. £35,000

    Hello fellow T6 forum folk! The time has come. Our beloved 2017 VW Transporter T6 T28 Highline SWB 150 PS (named Thunderwulf) is being put up for sale. Very much bittersweet, but we want something a bit bigger. The basics I bought the van from a dealer near Marple, Manchester, back in May...
  7. T6ChrisO

    Found T6.1 150PS DSG base van for a conversion

    Hi guys, Putting the feelers out on here first before I approach any stealers. In June im going to be looking for a base van to convert into a camper. I love my current T6 but just looking for something a bit newer and would like a DSG so im going to sell my current camper and start again So...
  8. EP18DUB

    T6.1 Remap?

    Hi all I’m new to this forum and wondered if anyone has cracked the Bosch ECU for the 140bhp 22 plate? I’m so fed up with crawling around the Welsh roads with no power in my new van. Honestly this new 140bhp couldn’t pull the skin off custard
  9. D

    Total Engine Meltdown 2016 150PS Bi-TDI

    Hello, I had a fatal engine failure with my 2016 T6 Business Van, milage 110.000 km. The engine is a Bi-turbo 2000cc 150HP diesel. Automatic 7G transmission. Does anyone knows or heard of a simular case. My engine stopped working, suddenly lost all power, in the middle of the highway. I could...
  10. nomislotsirb

    Free power upgrade

    We purchased our 2018 kombi 2 years ago, and everything to date has indicated it's the 150bhp. However, today I found on Car Check that it suggests it's the bigger engine (201/204bhp). Is there any indication on the engine itself that will confirm whether it is the 150bhp or 204bhp. I'd be...
  11. T

    TDi 150PS Stage 1 threshold

    Greetings, For a tdi 150 stage 1, what would the expected boost pressure be? I believe they boost up to 2.5 bar stock, and have a feeling 2.75 bar is roughly where stage 1 sits. Can anyone confirm? Seems to be no information out there on the internet.
  12. M

    2018 CXEB 150PS reliability

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and looking for advise. I have leased a 2018 T32 4motion Highline from new, engine is a CXEB 150kw. I am considering purchasing the van as the lease is up but slightly worried about the EGR problems mentioned so much. It uses roughly 1 ltr of oil every 5k miles but runs...
  13. J

    Sold 2016 T32 LWB 150PS Highline Kombi. 85k Miles. £22k

    I’m selling my unmolested 2016 T6 LWB T32 Factory Kombi. Highline Air Conditioning 150PS 85k miles 6 speed manual. Tailgate. Electric wing mirrors Colour is Black Metalic Rear parking assist Factory LED rear lights Full VW service History Water pump and Cam belt changed at VW main dealer. 12...
  14. T6ARF

    Review: DAV-TEC

    I’ve mentioned @Dav-Tec on other threads, but haven’t actually done a proper review, so I thought it was about time. I first came across @Dav-Tec (Chris) on this forum…. I’d bought myself a custom steering wheel as an upgrade to the crappy plastic thing and needed it coding with VCDS. Chris...
  15. K

    Sold 2018 T32 SWB 150PS Kombi Highline Day-Van. £36,500

    We are sadly parting with our van due to relocating from the UK to Australia. This has been a fantastic van with great specs (lots of comforts built in). Located in Poole, Dorset. We are selling our 2018, T6 T32 SWB Highline BMT Kombi 2.0L TDi 150ps EU6 1968cc Midnight Blue, Day-Van for £36,500...
  16. F

    Think I’ve been missold by main dealer

    Just bought a 6.1 T30 150bhp highline Transporter pre reg from a main dealer (this one deal in Nissans but have a VW branch elsewhere) and had it delivered. I asked repeatedly it was a 150bhp as insurance seems to expect it to be 110bhp. When it arrived it had 5 gears which I thought was strange...
  17. Voodoo Developments

    TDI 150PS serious power upgrade?

    Morning, I’ve recently upgraded all the suspension on the van, h and r coilovers, h and r ARB, bigger brakes, good tyres, adjustable poly bushes etc and the van really really handles! But it’s just missing that extra oomph, it’s mapped to 200 hp and 400+ nm I want more! Thought about...
  18. Indigrey

    Sold 2021 T32 LWB 150PS Kombi Highline manual. £35k No VAT

    Here is my 2021 T6.1 which I've owned since new. 28k miles, full VW service history with another service included. Indium grey Highline spec with: Single manual slider Manual gearbox 150ps engine Factory swivel captains front seats Factory LED lights Heated seats Heated front screen 2+1 rear...
  19. 5teve

    Sold 2018 T32 150PS DSG Kombi Edition, Twin-slider, PopTop. £33k

    I have a 2018 Kombi Edition 150 DSG Indium grey Twin slider - power latching Hilo roof - scenic canvas polished hinges Awning rail H&R Koni coil overs H&R ARB 20” Supermetal Trident wheels satin black Goodyear Eagle F1 265/40 tyres excellent condition Sportline black side bars Fully...
  20. Garyf123

    Best 150bhp remap recommendations?

    Hi, I have a fully converted camper. It’s a 2019 T6 150bhp manual gearbox. I live in Leeds and am considering getting a remap. The main reason is not performance or economy but I find it irritating changing up and down gears too often! Can anybody recommend a reputable company with a decent...