fuel additive

  1. Stripy

    Fuel set additive

    After speaking to my neighbour, who swears by this stuff, I have just bought some to try. It works out cheaper than v-power, I was just interested to know if anyone else uses this stuff as I had never heard of it before. So if your useing it or have tried it, I would be interested in your...
  2. S

    Is there low grade diesel at the mo?

    Shell fuel, same as ever. Van seems to be in a regen more than normal mode. Done about 30 miles yesterday and one finished and now another started? Spent the last few weeks doing regens and not much normal. It’s starting to make me consider not upgrading to a T6.1 as my fuel consumption is so...
  3. Pedro20001

    egr additives / cleaners

    Hi all, does anyone use and / or recommend an EGR additive or cleaner as preventative maintenance, I've seen several products in halfords etc? Thanks in advance.
  4. A

    Has anybody decided that paying extra for a branded fuel is saving money in spite of the extra cost?

    I have had my 2017 T6 trendline (150 bhp?) For just over 2 years and 11000miles ( thanks, covid!). I have always filled up at Morrisons, can't recall anywhere else. I know 'they' say to use a branded fuel every so often to 'clean things out'. I last refilled with Shells 'economic' diesel ( not...
  5. Oldrat

    Shell V Power diesel

    A year back, I was touring Spain in my (then) T6 camper. It developed anEGR fault that was splendidly dealt with under warranty by aN excellent Spanish VW dealer. The unofficial advice from the tech was “Don’t ever use cheap fuel, and that I should try to always use Shell V power diesel As was...
  6. F

    Who Uses Diesel Fuel Additives, My Mpg Decreased!

    I saw a few comments on here about people using fuel additives and when doing the weekly shop I picked up a bottle. Over 4 tanks it has increased my consumption!! My drive is mind numbingly boring it's the same route at the same time same speeds and same loads. I didnt expect it to do...
  7. JasonW

    Fuel Additives

    I've red lots of debate and posts regarding which fuel people use.... but i've not come across much information regarding which if any of the fuel additives are worth using to help maintain a healthy dpf.... I've come across this one from the redex brand...
  8. B

    DPF Regen Frequency / Issues / Force discussion.

    Dear members, I'm about to collect a new Shuttle t6 from a main dealer on Saturday and I'm a bit worried about DPF...it's a 66plate with only 17k miles on the clock. When I looked at it last week the DPF light was on (yellow warning light). The salesman explained that it hadn't had a run for a...
  9. S

    Engine Feeling "rough" And Down On Power

    For the last few months I've had a feeling my engine was feeling down on power (I've reached down a number of times to check the handbrake wasn't on), and also running a tad rough. The run back from the Alps last weekend confirmed it for me, when it was cruising along but dropping down to 6th to...
  10. 480bhp

    V-Power v Standard Diesel

    Thought id post me experience from my 1st 5200 miles covered in the T6. It's pretty much loaded to the same level all the time and driving is similar for most of my journeys. On standard diesel i tend to get 31.5mpg on average over a tank. (17.6p per mile) On Vpower i seem to be getting 34mpg...
  11. DaveBos

    What's your MPG?

    140 SWB Kombi Manual Average mpg 36.6, covered 3000 miles. Managed a 40mpg last weekend, Holyhead to Manchester and back, 70mph on dual carriageway and motorways. I travel 35 miles each way to work everyday on a quiet dual carriageway not booting it. From other posts an average of 36.6 seems a...