1. A

    is there much difference in real life mpg between the 102 and the 110 T30?

    Hello, I am Andy from the Isle of Mull. We are wanting to buy a transporter panel van, not to be converted to a camper as this will become our only every day vehicle. We are looking forward to having nights out camping in it so will make a simple sleeping platform and will also want to remove...
  2. Andyf

    204PS MPG

    Hi, looking at a 204, Lots of people have had them for sometime now, what realistically are you getting to the gallon Good or bad spill the beans, steady driver or not lol regards
  3. C

    Would a Remap with 20” affect my MPG?

    Hi, I have a 2016 vw t6, I was after it getting remapped, hopefully to the 150bhp and 330 torque. But I'm running on 20inch wheels, 265/40/20. Would it make any difference to my mpg as I've went bigger in tyres, and will the drive be as smooth increasing the bhp on bigger wheels. Might sound...
  4. .50

    50 mpg. FINALLY CRACKED IT!!

    ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN MPG BRAGGING POST*** I have been a long term sceptic of claims of the T6,s ability to return decent mpg given my inability to get my factory 150 DSG kombi much above mid 30,s mpg during, NORMAL DRIVING. It was claimed and consequently demonstrated by Oli...
  5. A

    Has anybody decided that paying extra for a branded fuel is saving money in spite of the extra cost?

    I have had my 2017 T6 trendline (150 bhp?) For just over 2 years and 11000miles ( thanks, covid!). I have always filled up at Morrisons, can't recall anywhere else. I know 'they' say to use a branded fuel every so often to 'clean things out'. I last refilled with Shells 'economic' diesel ( not...
  6. T

    T6.1 DSG v Man revs @60mph

    Hi, Looking to buy a new t6.1 and wondering if the engine will be revving higher with the 6 speed manual over the 7 speed dsg at 60/70mph. This is where my van will be spending most of its life. also have considered a 4 motion as it will be on muddy roads and fields sometimes is the gearbox...
  7. Andyman

    Does lowering affect MPG?

    Just considering lowering my new girl and a question popped up….. does it decrease mpg
  8. R

    T6.1 199 4motion - MPG??

    Just wondering if anyone knows what mpg you are getting from a T6.1 199ps 4 motion. Thanks.
  9. mmi

    [T6_measured] Fickle fuel consumption on MFD – encore

    In March 2020 finally got the long-awaited ECU (Engine Control Unit) software update. Unfortunately it took a while to get a good chance to do some measurements to try to figure out what has been changed. So finally a few weeks back dusted the VCDS and collected all kind of intriguing data. The...
  10. S

    MPG has just fallen of a cliff after service

    Last week I had my T6 serviced, new brakes all round but nothing else special was done to it. On Saturday and Sunday I drove to Leicester for work, down the M1, foggy so took it easy, no head wind, no rush, and the week before same journey, 41mpg, and I would have expected the same or better...
  11. M

    A little journey

    The T6.1 kombi 150bhp pretty good stats on a long journey
  12. Shaun Witts

    LPG TSi - MPG

    Just collected my van from being converted to LPG and thought I should post some photos: The LPG fill nozzle is fitted where the Addblue one is on diesels. 1D884D61-D5D3-4374-83F0-3DD8FFC56701 by Shaun Witts posted 25 Mar 2019 at 18:36 The 84 litre tank replaces the spare wheel...
  13. M

    Bit worried - 29MPG - Shuttle 102PS

    Hi all. Would value your opinions / comments. 2 weeks in to ownership now and love it - except the fuel economy. Mixed driving - when on a motorway cruise is set to 70. Otherwise gentle driving with a light right foot. Just filled up and worked out my mpg - 26! 2019 Shuttle, 102 5 speed...
  14. czmate1999

    Discovered two things yesterday...

    On my drive to Czech, through Germany, discovered two things: 1. Adaptive cruise control only goes up to 100mph... 2. The van drives very well at 120mph... Additionally, got 475 miles out of the 80 litre tank driving at silly speeds - mostly between 80 and 95. Have to say the Van was fairly...
  15. T

    Consumption display

    Good morning everyone,i have just collected my van from vw preston after the engine management light came on the dash.I havent owned the van long at all,in fact only really driven it back from the garage that i purchased it from (100 miles away) around the town a handful of times times then one...
  16. Oldrat

    Shell V Power diesel

    A year back, I was touring Spain in my (then) T6 camper. It developed anEGR fault that was splendidly dealt with under warranty by aN excellent Spanish VW dealer. The unofficial advice from the tech was “Don’t ever use cheap fuel, and that I should try to always use Shell V power diesel As was...
  17. G

    T6 MPG - can this be right??

    Hi guys, Help needed, only had my T6 for a couple of months now. I bought it from Leighton Vans and it has had some modifications 20inch wheels, side bars, roof bars and a Pendle remap to take it to 150bhp. My fuel consumption is horrendous currently getting 21mpg around town and them...
  18. Steve Hales

    T6.1 MPG

    Just wondering what people are getting? I have a T6.1 199bhp dsg and I’m getting around 35-38 mpg and over 500 miles between fill ups, mainly A-roads and motorway driving.
  19. T

    815 mile range?...

    Evening all. I just filled up my LWB Euro 5 (140) Kombi and have the following on the MFD: Maybe that should be the next challenge! After a few weeks of traffic free commuting I have managed 740 miles from 77.3 litres with 15 miles range left although I expect that could have been more...
  20. W

    Fuel Efficiency

    Hi all, What are the simplest and cheapest modifications I can make that will improve fuel efficiency? I have a 2015 T6 shuttle DSG, any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you, Wes