1. Droneshadow

    Is it a Kombi?

    Ok, so my van is T6 Highline in Starlight Blue. was originally a standard panel van. It now has windows, carpet floor, 3 rear seats, (original VW 2+1 quick release) plus 3 in the front. The V5 says ‘van with side windows’ and seating capacity 6. My son and I have done this ‘conversion’ and V5...
  2. L

    Says 6 seats in log book ? For a kombi

    Hi all hopefully collecting a kombi next week just noticed in the log book it says 6 seats But it has 5. 2 front 3 rear is this ok and normal ?
  3. R

    Insurance on non registered van

    Hi all - as most of us know, the dvla won’t change vehicle status from panel van to camper / motorhome. So specialist insurers won’t insure (Carole Nash). So do most people just have ordinary van insurance with non business use? I’m with a plan but my policy does state it’s a conversion….
  4. Salty Spuds

    Speed limits/ DVLA / Motor Caravan / Dual Purpose / N1 and all that malarkey.

    Much discussion has taken place over the years regarding the status of vans & conversions with regard to speed limits/tax/insurance etc. There's a wealth of info on the forum, but it's scattered and fragmented around the forum. So I thought I'd bring it all together into a single post that can...
  5. rod_vw

    Government ombudsman criticises DVLA over campervan confusion

    A link to an article published on the Out and About Live website recently relating to the seemingly automatic refusal of the DVLA to change the Body Type on their records and a vehicle's V5C to 'Motor Caravan'. Time will tell if things will change. Having read the above web page and see that...
  6. Mavis628

    DVLA and reclassifying a converted campervan

    Hi guys how do I re register my van it’s currently logged as a van on the log book so has the speed limit restriction of a van obviously, I have converted into a kombi/camper no gas and no cupboards or kitchen, vam has side windows and 5 seats with two additional clip out seats when needed...
  7. P

    V5 Documentation requested at campsite?

    Just been rejected a campsite booking due to the van not being registered as a campervan by the DVLA. This was at a independent owned site. They say the can’t get insurance. Anyone else had this? Called Caravan and camping club as were booked with them at the weekend and they are fine, as long...
  8. A


    Just sent to me, apologies if you have already seen it. Made me chuckle. A VAN WITH WINDOWS “That’s not a proper campervan” I hear the purist say They know because they went online And checked the DVLA I followed every single rule And every box was ticked Pics from every angle As I knew...
  9. K

    Euro6 V5 correction issue

    Hi guys first post so be gentle ,I've recently put a deposit down on aT6 to replace my 04 T5 really happy with van /seller everything checks out . As I live in Manchester and we have a ulez in some form incoming soon I was keen to have an eu6 van now it is eu6 has adblue and on all 3rd party...
  10. M

    T28 badged as T30

    Bought a 67 plate T6 about a year ago. Camper conversion. Only noticed the other day that all the paperwork (V5C, insurance) says it’s a T28 when the badge says T30 on the back. The badge doesn’t look like it’s been altered in any way or replaced. So I wonder what gives. Is this a van that has...
  11. Oldrat

    Reclassification as a Motor-caravan: don’t bother

    Apparently the DVLA think that my Crafter is a van with windows and not a Motor Caravan, despite meeting EVERY ONE of their own criteria. Whats the hope for a converted T6 I applied to have my Crafter V5 class changed only because it’s relevant to getting it up-plated, the speed limit isn’t...
  12. ybeandy

    T6 tax class as dealer didn’t submit V5

    Good afternoon I have to fill in a V62 as the dealer hasn't filed for a V5. It has asked me what tax class the vehicle is (Private light goods/Petrol car, Disabled etc) I purchased the vehicle as a panel van but have a window and seats put in already, what is the best tax class to put down, as...
  13. goldeneye243

    Motor Caravan Internal Features - Minimum install to meet speed limit requirements

    Current build is a T32 highline with full width rib bed and pop top roof - No table, or cooking facilities. Double front seat, so that should cover storage?? Are there any space efficient (and cost efficient) ways of making it qualify as a motor caravan? It would be handy to be out of the grey...
  14. O

    Reclassify N1 to M1?

    Hi all, I’ve got a t6 euro 5 ( van with windows ) camper Has anyone successfully re-classified there vehicle N1 to M1???
  15. S

    Reregistering after conversion

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I've finished my conversion and wonder if I need to inform the dvla or not? As the vehicle is a company van, if I register as a campervan would the dvla let the tax man know. Re-registering could reduce my premium but cause me problems elsewhere. Due to the...
  16. kg1709

    Refused Campsite Booking...Not Factory Camper

    I had a booking refused earlier as the campsite owners looked up the registration of my van and as it doesn't show it as a camper/motorhome they refused my booking. This is of course completely their choice but I wondered if others had experienced similar? Is this common practice? My van is a Kombi.
  17. J

    Newbie question ? legalities for conversation & DVLA

    Hi, Sorry, newbie question here I’m thinking of trading in my existing motor for a T6 van to convert into a day van or camper. can anyone clarify if I’m correct regards the conversion being changed on the v5 and the legalities Can I still, in this day and age do the conversion legally myself...
  18. Arryand1

    conversion and the law.

    Hi, Is it possible to convert a T6 without pop up roof to a campervan and meet the legal legislation (V1006) I am part way completing every point needed however it states: "a high - top roof (this does not include a pop-top elevating roof) I was doing it to get the cheaper insurance. Any advice...
  19. Nickcatt

    Motorhome/ camper van debate in the SW

    Living in the Southwest and listening to the local news there is a debate going on about post lockdown and whether motor homes and campers should be allowed or banned from sleeping in car parks and parking on the seafront etc So if your V5 says motorhome you may not be able to park and sleep in...
  20. RayF

    Reclassification Speed Limit Petition

    This popped up on a T6.1 forum today, thought I’d share it here if anyone is interested