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  1. T

    What oil and filter??

    First time post so sorry if it’s been asked before. How do I find out what oil to use for my van. It’s no longer in warranty so I’m going to do it myself. I just want to make sure I’m using the best / right stuff. 2016 150 6 speed, adblue T6. Thanks
  2. Skyliner33

    Oil Filter And Change Help Please. Euro5 180bhp.

    I need a bit of help please. My van is flashing up on the display that it need an oil change. Eu5 180 Bhp engine. It was booked in but they have cancelled because they are closed because of the current situation. However I am classed as an essential worker and therefore still need to use my...
  3. R

    Oil Change Caac Advice Please

    Hi guys. I brought a new LWB T6 in July 2019. It's done 30,000km. Dealer is virus closed. Brought oil and filter today. 2.0 diesel CAAC 103kw and 340nm. They sold me 7 litres of oil and a cartridge filter. Can you please give me instructions where oil filter is etc and other relevant details as...
  4. G

    Dsg Oil And Filter Change T6

    Hi, looking to do this soon. I gather vehicle has to be level, wondering where to position jack stands, or sissor jacks. Also wondering about filter change manual information. Seems I have 2 drain points for DSG. I have an infrared gun to measure gearbox temperature at the surface. I don't have...
  5. Z

    £16 Well Spent..

    So I've always done all my own servicing on all my cars and the T6 is no exception. That said why has it taken me so long to get one of these...
  6. mopardave

    Oil Extraction Pumps

    Has anyone got any recommendations for oil extraction pumps? Now, I'm a firm believer in dropping the sump plug to do an oil change but I always seem to spill at least some oil so I'm thinking of getting an extraction pump to pump most out before removing the sump plug.....and I think it would...
  7. Dilbert

    Carista: Service Due Reset - Does It Affect Fixed Vs Flexible?

    Does anyone have any experience of using the Carista feature to reset the 'Service Due' indication? Does it work OK on T6? Does it affect/corrupt the Service Regime (Fixed/Flexible) your van is set to? Can you change the Service Regime using Carista? Thanks! D.
  8. Dellmassive

    - Check Oil - Warning, Check Your Fluids ! (what Oil?)

    - Check Oil - Warning, Check your fluids ! So its that time of year, work is busy, its cold outside, the kids are screaming, the missus wants a new kitchen, blah blah blah. So the last thing on your mind is checking your vans fluids right.? or more to the point the oil. ! Well lucky our...
  9. Mick

    Oil Change

    i am getting the warning come up that I need an interim service ie oil change. VW want to steal £174 + VAT. I can probably get it done cheaper locally but will that impact the warranty? Additionally they want it in all day. Why FFS? It’s a 1 hour job at most. Any local recommendations...
  10. alter

    Threading Of The Engine Oil Stopper Seat

    Hello everyone ..., my mechanic and friend owns a T5 with 5-cylinder engine. On the occasion of the first replacement of the engine oil, he found that the thread of the cap seat needed a "carry over" when the cap was reinserted onto the oil sump. This has also happened on other T5 vans that have...
  11. Y

    Oil Volume Min To Max On Dipstick?

    Changed my engine oil & filter and refilled with a measured 7.4 litres of oil. Checking after a long run the level is about 20% below max allowable on the dipstick. But - owner's manual doesn't say how much oil is required to fill from min to max (very, very, helpful). Anybody know? This is for...
  12. Y

    EU6 150 CXHA Engine Oil Change

    Now I've changed engine oil & filter in plenty of cars, but it's usually very easy to spot the oil filter location. Embarrassingly I'm struggling to find it(!). I've read the maintenance document available for download, found a pic on here on another thread, but I'm still looking. Can anyone...
  13. Loz

    T6 Oil Change

    Loz submitted a new resource: T6 Oil Change - Changing Oil Read more about this resource...
  14. Loz

    T6 Oil Change 2017-06-27

    Engine oil: Draining or extracting, renewing oil Filter and replenishing engine oil.
  15. Glenn Board

    Engine Oil use and oil type for 140bhp T6

    I collected the van with 11,000 miles on the clock, and was told that all level had been checked, the van has now covered a further 10,000 miles and the low oil warning and oil pressure light flicked up, I checked the oil, and it was at bottom of dip stick, is this amount oil use correct, as for...
  16. Glenn Board

    Which oil for 140 bhp engine

    silly question , but I can’t Sean to find out what is the correct oil to put in the engine, could somebody please advise me as I need to put some in now?
  17. mhill

    180 BiTdi Oil Change

    I've just ticked over 11K and I'm going to be keeping it a while and don't fancy the idea of 20k oil changes so I'm going to do incremental changes my self. I've ordered the oil & filter but I'm not sure that I like the idea of removing the oil filter and covering the engine bay with oil once...