1. V

    Horizon Roof Special Offer!

    Please check out the special offer that is currently on for the Horizon Sport Roof. For availability and questions please contact us.
  2. Eli

    Hilo Roof

    So as I am part way through my conversion, I am now looking towards a pop top. Hilo is the preferred choice but it would be interesting to see what percentage have had issues against people who have not
  3. Martin Stockwell

    Future of elevating roofs - Horizon

    It's official. Its been launched.... https://www.horizonroofs.co.uk/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CjQdMapjURe/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  4. V

    VTA: The Future of Hilo Sport Roof

    Please check out our Facebook page for more info on this subject https://www.facebook.com/visiontechsystemsltd/
  5. Manu

    Roof rails for pop top roof (HiLo)

    Hi, I have been wanting to put rails on my Hilo roof for ages. I got pretty much given a set of Thule roof bars and adaptors (Thule parts 7107 and 7009 + wing bars) coming from a California. All I need I think is rails that would be compatible with that fitting Kit. I think the one camper van...
  6. Deaky

    New use for a HiLo roof stopper

  7. RS6plusMTM

    HiLo have gone into administration

    Just saw this posted on another forum that HiLo have gone into administration. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/08104434/filing-history Thought this may be useful for anyone that has a roof conversion booked with them or had one fitted
  8. S

    Scenic Campers Preston - HiLo roof/full conversion, Any reviews?

    Hello, I'm about to book van in for full conversion with Scenic campers in Preston. Had a search but can't find many reviews from them here so thought I would ask the question. I popped in a while back and had a look at their T6 conversion and thought it looked really good. Just wondering if...
  9. Willoughby

    Another HiLo that been poorly fitted

    Morning ;) My Hilo is in need of a few repairs as it was poorly fitted. I have tried to get quotes for some one to sort and look like none of the good fitters are touching Hilo now. Anyone able to repair or even quote. I'm near Edinburgh but willing to travel. Kev 1. Paint rubbing off van at...
  10. J

    HiLo contact details

    Hi there all, does anyone have any contact details for Hilo? The two numbers I had, that worked last year are no longer working. There's nothing on their website. And their contact forms don't really feel like they actually submit anything. Any help appreciated. Thanks Steven
  11. P

    Pop-Top - Shuttle roof liner fail :-(

    We have just had an new HiLo roof installed. We choose not to have the orignal roof linning replaced, as we saw no point in the additional expense (£900). When we collected the vehicle, it was pointed out that (see pic) 'this was the best finish available' as we had opted to not have roof trim...
  12. Kev Liddle

    Pop Top roof rack...

    Moring folks, I've got a Hilo roof fitted and I'm looking to fit a roof rack to carry 3 kayaks, the roof is good for 60kg so the weight is fine, has anyone fitted or had any expiernce of these rack systems? pop top roof rack I'm undecided weather I should go for something like this or just...
  13. Ashok2429

    Pdubz HiLo reviews?

    Anyone got any experience (good or bad) with Pdubz in Stevenage, potentially looking to get a HiLo install done by them towards the end of the year and from reading the various threads a HiLo is all about the installer. Cheers
  14. Rapt0rUK

    Anyone fitted a solar panel to a Hilo roof?

    Has anyone fitted a solar panel to a Hilo roof? Wondering how you went about it, roof bars or bonded direct to roof etc...and which way you ran the cabling etc. When the roof is up on a Hilo there is quite a big gap to bridge from the back end of the roof and the tailgate so wondering how people...
  15. R

    Sold 2017 LWB Highline 150 Camper Conversion FOR SALE, hilo roof, 30,000 miles 6 travelling seats. £42,500

    Sadly for sale our LWB Highline Camper. Selling due to lack of use and need for 'utility' vehicle (i.e. this is too good for work)! 2017 Highline, front/rear parking sensors, reversing camera, air con, full EVO camper conversion, twin sliding doors, 2 x captains seats, rear Titan mid-fold bed...
  16. MFielding

    Is Hilo roof too low for RIB bed? RIB/HiLo Combination

    Hello fellow T6ers. I'm having a hilo fitted right now to our SWB T6 and have a RIB 112 on order. Jason at Jaibow informed me when I dropped off my van to him about the RIB seat being particularly high and potentially an issue. Something that I hadn't realised. Due to covid I hadn't been able to...
  17. D

    HiLo or SkyLine?

    Hi all I’m currently going with aurora as my conversion company use these but I’m more set on Hilo , love the fact it drops so not visible as a pop top from outside. The company I’m going with on conversion question reliability of Hilo and say it quite significantly reduces internal area when...
  18. bjayben

    HiLo pop top - rain holes?

    Hi all anyone know where the holes at the front under the HiLo roofs go? They gave us little plugs to fill them with when it rains but they are a terrible fit and loads of rain water gets down them... headed somewhere down the A pillar? Anything to worry about?
  19. Littleblackflash

    Wanted HiLo Roof

    I know lot of people have problems with their hilo roofs, but I would still like the low profile roof pop top on my van. I'm an Engineer at a well known car company in R&D, so I should be able to overcome any of the current problems. If anyone has had enough of theirs and wants to sell it on...
  20. mopardave

    Recommended Converters in Yorkshire

    Well, I've gone and done it.......I'm taking delivery of my T6 Kombi next week.....can't wait! Now I need to find someone to do a line out, install some lighting and fit an awning etc. Does anyone know of any quality converters up here in Yorkshire? Also, I'm thinking of sound deadening it...