T6 LWB T30 140 Acapulco blue - Build Thread

Discussion in 'Camper/Day Van Conversions' started by xpfloyd, 6 Mar 2017.

  1. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    Mine is from Evo Design
  2. Mickymiff

    Mickymiff Member T6 Pro

    Absolutley tremendous effort @xpfloyd ive just bought my sound deadning gear etc so my build starts now, few things im unsure about, how do the hidden clips work how do they attach to the ply?do they go in holes tgen get carpeted over? Also does rib just get screwed to floor.? That cant be safe, how do you know where it can be attached , also did you read al, the treads on here to do all electrics yourself etc? Im qute handy so im doing most of it myself but the electrics are something ive no idea about really .
  3. Mickymiff

    Mickymiff Member T6 Pro

    Thanks mate ill check them out , not sure if i want cooking facitltys in my van , i wouldnt mind them at back of the van in like a pull out shelf under rib ..not sure if you can buy them like that or have to make your own for sink and hob?
  4. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    In that case check out slidepods mate
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  5. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    Thanks for the comment mate. The hidden clips basically go into the hole in the plywood. You then carpet over them on the outside and are left with just the clip on the rear that jams in the hole.

    For the Rib I used a kiravans installation kit which is essentially a steel beam that bolts to the chassis below the floor and then the seat bolts to the beam. That’s the only way to make it crash tested. Bolting direct to the floor is an option but means you can never allow anyone to use the seat whilst travelling, even then the seat could probably dislodge in a crash.

    For the electrics I basically asked stupid questions on here, used google and asked travelvolts questions (which is where I bought most bits) and stumbled through it. It all works as it should though and I learned a lot in the process
  6. DaveyB

    DaveyB Funds just don’t support the desires!!! Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    As @xpfloyd says, sounds like a slidepod style thing. Be worth dropping @andythom188 a PM as he may still be thinking of selling his slidepod.
  7. Mickymiff

    Mickymiff Member T6 Pro

    Brilliant cheers davey
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  8. Mickymiff

    Mickymiff Member T6 Pro

    Ahh superb , slidepods is that what they are called ..yeah im defo up for that ,is there ,a thread on here where it lists the order of build in numbers etc like no 1 , strip van and sound deaden , 2 etc,3 etc? Just so we know in which order to do things?
  9. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    Not really. I just picked it up from reading other peoples build threads. I basically went - strip - windows - pop top - sound proofing - carpet lining - electrics - insulation - panels - floor - furniture - finishes
  10. Gizmodo

    Gizmodo New Member

    Awesome van mate!

    I think I'll do one of these build threads myself. First time doing a project like this as well.
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  11. Gizmodo

    Gizmodo New Member

    I'm in the same boat as you. Got a lovely T6 ready to be worked on & no idea which order to start things
  12. GoatBoater

    GoatBoater Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Finally dived into this thread thanks to some insomnia. Now late for work!

    Nothing much constructive to add, but just wanted to say thanks for the effort in this thread @xpfloyd . Wish I was as brave to take on some of this, but you are tempting me.
    Very different build to ours (few similarities too) , but nice to see another Acapulco blue with SCA roof. Looks weirdly familiar from some angles. Great van and thanks for adding more to the todo list
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  13. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    Ok back to the modding. Just ordered a Vango Kela III low driveaway tent and a Vamoose awning rail to attach it. We are away this weekend in the camper but hoping to get it next week and get the rail fitted as we are away to the Isle of Mull in the camper the following weekend.

    I’ll post some pics of the rail fitting when it arrives
  14. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    My Kela awning and vamoose rail arrived today. Fitted the rail after work. Good instructions with it and all the bits you need (sikaflex etc). Took about an hour all In and really looks the part. Would def recommend. Forgot to take photos during fitting unfortunately. We are heading to the Isle of Mull this weekend so will get a chance to try out the kela there
  15. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    A room with a view on Friday night on the Isle of Mull

  16. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    Bit of progress today. Eventually got round to fitting my new bumper complete with Maxton splitter and Caravelle grille. Cant believe how much better it looks! Thanks to @Gingercoastie for the bumper and @Pauly for the trim pieces.

    BEFORE (Forgot to take a before photo today)

    35249314721_b8734ccab1_h.jpg VWT6-4.jpg by VW T6, on Flickr


    28624525977_9e5e6d05a5_h.jpg VWT6-2.jpg by VW T6, on Flickr

    28624528057_fca3f450ba_h.jpg VWT6-3.jpg by VW T6, on Flickr

    42794216744_73143b784e_h.jpg VWT6.jpg by VW T6, on Flickr
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  17. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    The colour is a slight mis-match so I am going to get the wings blended later. I would have normally got that done at the time but the painter didnt have the van, just the bumper
  18. scotia

    scotia Senior Member T6 Guru

    @xpfloyd i saw you bought the highline bumper from off here - did it all fit ok? im trying to source parts but the variations of all the part number are a little offputting..
  19. xpfloyd

    xpfloyd Senior Member T6 Guru

    Yes mate no issues. Removed the bumper internals from my start line and added it to the high line and it bolted straight on. Had to buy a grille and inserts to finish it off
  20. scotia

    scotia Senior Member T6 Guru

    @xpfloyd ok thanks - ive been quoted by our garage for a 7E0 898 623 C, and have found in germany on ebay a 7E5 807 221 D.. but im not sure what this code actually means - is the fitment the same anyway and its just the chrome or not etc?

    just trying to figure out if it'll fit.. @Pauly ? do you know perchance? we have a 2015 t6 transporter..

    getting things painted here in Switzerland is a no go - far too expensive.. its just unbelievable..! So any option of taking a 2nd hand one in another colour with the same number is out..

    the one i have found has hole for parking sensors - but i dont have these on the front.. can you buy caps to close these?

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