1. Strange Al

    For Sale Evo kitchen window surround LWB

    Gloss black. £50 collection only from WV7 3NH. We ended up not using it so it's never been fitted and still has the protective film over the gloss side.
  2. S

    EvoMotion Slim Rib 130 cabinets T6

    Hi I’m desperately trying to find the depth of the EvoMotion slim cabinets before installing my Rib 130. I’ve got to get the seats in before installing/ ordering the cabinets, which isn’t ideal, but want to make sure I’m tight enough to the near side wall with the bed to get the slim cabinets...
  3. smoz

    Kitchen in twin slider

    Hi, I'm installing an EVO Design kitchen in my RHD LWB twin slider, on the driver's side and I'm after some advice. Firstly, after a trial fit, the rubber bump stop on the sliding door hits the back corner of the kitchen just as it opens/closes. I don't really want to take a chunk out of the...
  4. S

    For Sale Puntinella Grey Lightweight Ply (evo Designs) Unused Pieces

    Various pieces of Grey Puntinella Lightweight Ply by Evo designs. £10 the lot (collected) Unused, but some with some holes/recesses for fixings. Might be useful for someone's project? Approx max. sizes 860 x 279 mm 850 x 370 mm 850 x 130 mm 815 x 80 mm 335 x 360 mm 405 x 332mm
  5. S

    Sold Evo Motion Design X.2 Rear Low Unit For Swb

    WHOOPS! Due to a rethink and change of plans! Evo Design interior unit available now! £90. It requires completion but no major work! Please note that the trim has not been fitted properly in some places, & not at all as yet on some edges. The joining blocks have not got their caps on...
  6. CJ_T6-red

    Portaloo — Solved

    One of my priority solutions was to have the loo to be able to slide under the seat. Was not wanting to go outside and pick up the loo from the back of the van. And was getting fed up will lifting two tons of wee wee over the seat when folded out. I stopped off on my travels to EvoDesigns and...
  7. L

    R&r Bed On Rails Alongside Evo Furniture - Not Enough Space?

    Hi, I've had a Cambee Flex 3/4 bed on rails fitted, which is great. However, once I've built the furniture from an Evo kit and fitted it alongside, the bed is really difficult to move along the rails. I've carpeted the interior but still have ply panels to fit on the furniture side, but if I do...
  8. Wills

    Vanshades Fitted With Evo Design Furniture

    as per the title. Has anyone fitted the window pods with Evo furniture and an offside front sliding window? Any mods or alterations required? Pics?
  9. S

    Camper Conversion Virgin's - Gas/water Bottle Layout

    Hi How have you set up your gas and water bottle layout - we have an evo design kitchen - what gas / water bottles have you used ... thanks :-)
  10. SkyMonster

    Self Build Camper Conversion, Second Times A Charm.

    Back in 2012 i bought a a white T5 as a fun project to convert into full camper as much as a hobby than to have a quick get away vehicle for myself and the family for affordable holidays. Over the following year i learned the ways of the trade through this great forum and built myself a camper...
  11. J

    Furniture Shelves Install Help

    Hi could anyone post some picts how they attached their shelves to the van? my kit is from EVO, but picts from other kits might help as well I'm talking shelf above kitchen unit and the one close to the rear door just want to be extra careful before making holes Thanks
  12. Timr

    Camper Build To Replace Our Stolen One

    Unfortunately some lovely people stole our trusty t5 in October. The van never turned up so we had to start the job of replacing it. Found this 18 plate 150 highline and set to work on it late November. All the work is done by me except the roof fitting.
  13. Z

    3rd Time Around... Indium Grey LWB

    So I'm new here and thought I might try a build thread for my new (to me) T6. I'm on my 3rd transporter now and each one has better than the last as I've learned to do things better each time. Seeing as I have only just got my T6, I thought I would just put a little bit of my past in here to...
  14. X

    T6 LWB T30 140 Acapulco blue - Build Thread

    Hi all, I recently picked up my first van and have started converting to a camper. Trying to do all the work myself apart from the pop top which a local SCA installer will be doing. Never done anything like this before so its a steep learning curve! Heres my progress so far - How it looked...
  15. Dean@VanDoc

    Van Doc...

    www.facebook.com/vandoc.co.uk Hi everyone, Van Doc is new to the T6 FORUM so i thought i would introduce the company history and our services on offer. We are a conversion company based in Inkberrow, Worcestershire. We have a unit which can hold 3 vans and plenty of secure parking in front of...