team starlight blue

  1. J

    Having trouble styling my T6 Starlight Swamper

    Hi All, I recently purchased a T6 Starlight 4 motion panel van which I will be converting to a camper. When I decided I would start a camper conversion project, the end product which I had in mind was a swamper type vehicle. I can find plenty of inspiration pictures of swappers in other...
  2. D

    Supermetal 20” Fin wheels on a Starlight blue Van?

    Anyone out there already have these wheels on a starlight blue? I was looking at the polished Matt black version and would be good to see them on before i take the leap. Or any other recommendations for a T32 rated van, and what lowering is required?
  3. Mezzy81

    New Shoes for my T6!

    Having been a T6 owner for just a couple of months I was a little confused about what I wanted to do with my suspension and wheels. Having read a few posts on here and after a very informative initial conversation with Steve at @CRS Performance I decided on Koni & H&R springs, anti roll bars and...
  4. B

    Sold 2019 T32 204PS DSG BiTDI Kombi. £36k

    £35,995.00 + VAT TRANSPORTER T32 SWB DIESEL 2.0 BiTDI BMT 204 Highline Kombi Van DSG Full VW Service History Starlight Blue 67 Plate (Feb 2018) 45,500 miles Comfort Dash pack ABT Front Splitter & Grille Full Leather R-Line Seats Twin Captains Front Seats - Heated 3 / 2 Split Rear Seats...
  5. A

    What colour wheel? Team Starlight Blue

    Good afternoon, Im about to purchase a T6.1 LWB in Starlight Blue but only comes with the bog standard 16inch VW wheels. Im ideally looking for 19/20inch and have seen some nice bronze ones on facebook etc. What do you current have fitted to your starlight blue vans (bronze preffered) and if...
  6. NOAT

    T6 Newbie - T32 4Motion SWB Starlight Blue

    Hi Folks, very happy to be here!! ...After years driving T5/T6 Panel Vans, we decided to make the jump to a kombi. Got a 17 plate 4Motion 204 DSG and very pleased with it. Bit more poke that I was initially looking for - but it does have the twin sliders, capt's chairs, 2+1 in the back and...
  7. Alan Ginger

    Team of Unknown Colour

    what colour? Suggestions?
  8. jenny-wren

    Which canvas colour with a Starlight Blue T6?

    Hello, Anyone out there have a starlight blue T6 with an Austops pop top? Which colour canvas did you choose, and do you have any pics to share? Such a hard choice...
  9. Rossi17

    Starlight Blue T6 Colour Ideas?

    Hi, Best colour match! I’m looking to transform my Starlight Blue T6 into life with fitting rear spoiler, front lower grill strip and possibly main grill strip a louder colour, orange, green, red? I’ve always been just a base colour, black dark blue, grey colour guy on my previous T5 T5.1...
  10. Minimucks

    The 1st proper wax

    Seems as my van is approaching its first birthday I thought I'd give it a proper-ishwash and wax. Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Carnauba Wax Review is what I used for the top coat Especially after my local VW garage kindly put a load of swirl marks into it a few weeks ago. I don't get how some of you...
  11. Jordy

    Transporter First Timer

    Hi all. Complete newbie here. Just placed an order for a T6.1 Caravelle Exec in Starlight Blue (stepping up from a Seat Alhambra now my kids are getting bigger). Already looking into pimping it up so any ideas, photos, do and don't advice, etc. gratefully received! Cheers!
  12. M

    Wynona: our build thread

    Hello all, been trolling through the forum for over a year now, found it very useful when we decided to purchase a t6 to convert into a camper, so I thought nows the time to say hello and post a few pics of “Wynona” our self build van. Conversion took 7 months to finish and we...
  13. Essexboydave

    I Bought One!

    This is it my first VW, in fact first German vehicle! First full size van too although I did learn to drive in a blue Reliant Supervan which was actually surprisingly difficult to drive (but I didn't know that at the time!).
  14. T

    Claytons To Devonports Straight Swap ??

    Ok its a newbie question my van has 16” Claytons, will 17” Devonports with 215 60 17 or 235 55 17 tyres go straight on without affecting speedo or gear ratios? Thanks
  15. Vanman

    My New Pride And Joy

    Just joined yesterday thought I would show off my new van
  16. AdzT6


    Hi everyone, New around here so thought I would share some pictures of my pride and joy. Formerly used as my work van, I now have the chance to convert it so thought I would join the forum for some inspiration and advice. Haven't started to do anything to the van just yet, but hoping to real soon!
  17. kn0bby

    Stealth camper!

    Well thats a stealth roof.. Now a stealth front end.. Part of the plastics were still matt black so its been into @BognorMotors to be sprayed gloss black and to have a tow bar fitted. Really happy with the results, not to everyones taste but I'm happy! What next? Thinking remove the...
  18. F

    Leisure Battery

    Hi guys I have a 2018 t6 and i'm converting it to travel a bit. I'm planning to realize phonic and thermic insulation by projected cork (i'll post some pictures when done) and dodo mat thermic insulation. But for now i'm trying to find a leisure battery to fit under driver seat (left steering...
  19. j4ckal

    New (to Me) Starlight Blue Lwb

    Picked this up last week after 5 years of T4 ownership. Plans are to convert (as the T4 was) into a camper. Got a California bed and rails going in at the minute then need to decide what roof to have. Big thanks to Simon and Oli @BognorMotors they put up with my constantly changing demands and...
  20. W

    The Road Is Loooooong...

    Hi all. This was not only the most expensive car I've bought but also the most specific and the smallest pool to choose from. We are in Banbury and travelled south and north, eventually finding one outside Nottingham which was spot-on, even had the right colour. I took my time and waited...