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  1. Dellmassive

    Dellmassive`s Camper Van Adventure

    Dellmassive`s Camper Van Adventure +++++++++++ After 8 camping trips away during this season (2022) its plainly evident that camping with a Tent and Panel van is hard work. to date, we have always camped out in Tents and used the van to transport all the kit to the site. Running out of space...
  2. BigYoeKing

    Red worker

    Hello everyone, I would like to show you my worker and camper from Czech Republic T6 2016 260000km TDi 75kw three months ago First step: coils from MTS technic New headlights and bumper( unfortunately vw has more shade of red ) I got the wheels from insignia 19” Next year maybe 20” and...
  3. B

    From Kombi to Campervan

    I have a T6 Kombi, since owning it for 18 months it now has had upgrades to include, insulation, captain chairs, Van-King Bed and Skylow pop top. Works really well as a day / weekend van as I don’t use this for business and is in essence my daily driver (but use our second car for local trips)...
  4. Rockerverb

    First time builder- Orange Camper (ex RAC conversion)

    A wee build diary from a first time van converter. zero build experience, and little knowledge of cars really. I am an engineer though so maybe that might help?! I’ve used this forum and YouTube tonnes so this is as much an attempt of paying forward with lessons learned as a build diary. in...
  5. moodsterT6

    Caravelle Day Van Conversion

    Completed (I think) the conversion of our T6 Caravelle to a day van / occasional camper. The rear storage is actually a prototype that made it all the way to production. I built it just to get the measurements as my original plan was to build it out of extruded aluminium (8020). The cost would...
  6. t6blo

    Bloated Black Kombi Build - #vanlife2.0

    Introduction Welcome to my build thread for my new (to me) Deep Pearl Black T6 Kombi. Bloater is a nickname I’ve had since I was a teenager :rolleyes: This is my second Transporter - last one was a Reflex Silver panel van I did Kombi conversion on myself. I had it 2.5 years and in that time...
  7. Mike78

    Meet Sheldon

    Hi. I started this in earnst at Christmas and well over 300 hours later it's finished and I've loved almost every minute of it! Apart from the roof (Skyline) I’ve done everything myself from scratch. As there are only two of us we don’t need rear travelling seats and having hired a SWB camper we...
  8. E

    Newbie member

    Hi all I’m new to forum, finally after many years bought my first van. See him below, already started with little changes. Gloss black badges and bumper protector for when loading my mountain bikes. Orange grill trims and the wind deflectors Next purchase will be a bikestow and then looking at...
  9. C

    She's starting to look the part:

    Morning all. Now that I've finally invested in some B14 comfort lows & Rotiform DTM's I thought I'd show her off a bit. I'm really pleased with how she's now looking... More info here:
  10. Carrosserie lio

    t5 transformation

    hello everybody my t5 conversion , home made initially van 2 seats , whitout rear glass now
  11. Samro

    Nearly a build thread- It's not the pain that is killing me!

    My lovely new van arrived from @BognorMotors on 1st March and the converters booked the van in for works on 29th March. This followed loads of previously missed conversion slots due to my original vehicle order being expected in January 2021. The plan was always for me to install a load of fancy...
  12. tommo

    Project Frankenstein 2.0

    Hi guys! Oh yes, unfortunately for you i'm back! :sneaky: Last year i made a pause from my van due to the work. compared to where we left off on the old post, old frankie! i sold even the T6 Transporter 140bhp that i bought in the middle of 2021:rofl: Last january i bought a used T6 caravelle...
  13. C

    Ex-Fleet LWB T32 to Camper Conversion

    Wanted to share progress on our family project. Bought an ex-fleet 2016 LWB T32 in December and been converting it over the winter. Judging from the tiny shards of vehicle wrap left on the body work, I think this was a British Gas van in its past life. This is our second home-spun camper...
  14. Heath1984

    Our Camper Build

    Panel Van conversion 6 months in. Starting to feel like a camper
  15. damo1023

    Underseat install mk2 roamer

    So I figured out that I'd like to keep track of this as I go along. It's not a full build thread which I will probably tag this into. However I decided when I paid out last year to do a freshen up of my electric install. When I initially did the van last year I ran out of time and the most...
  16. S

    Wheelchair Shuttle to Camper build

    Hi all - just thought I'd introduce myself as it's likely I'm going to be quite active over next few months! I have owned and converted to camper a t5.1 over the last 5 years. I have just purchased a 2016 150 dsg shuttle with the same intention. Biggest initial problems are going to be getting...
  17. Bryn23

    608AH Lithium Battery Build

    I don't see a lot of lithium battery builds here as most just buy a pre-made lithium battery as i have done in the past, but as i needed more capacity for longer trips i decided to commit on building a bigger battery. In November i ordered my Eve 304Ah Cells, which currently have 320Ah capacity...
  18. MrMeatball

    The mods have started

    Let the mods begin
  19. MG1970

    Twin Slider Kombi to Day Van Conversion

    Hi, thought I would post some pictures of the Kombi conversion I'm slowly working on. The idea was to turn the van into a welfare van after a day of watersports. So the plan is to; Sound deadening Thermal insulation Carpet lining Add a leisure battery and DC to DC charger Add some electrics in...
  20. timthetinyhorse

    Reflex Silver T28.....First van build

    Just bought my first van. T6 Trendline. It’s a nice clean low miles example that’s just been off fleeted by a local company. Plans are bulkhead out, side windows, insulate and replace the ply then carpet. No conversion as I vary bikes and surfboards regular. Exterior wise it needs lowering and...