build thread.

  1. Steeeeve

    Steeeeve's T6 build thread...

    Decided to keep a build thread for the new van. Iridium grey T30 swb 150tsi baseline panel van with business pack (reverse sensors and air con). So far I have removed the bulkhead and the ply lining kit and all interior panels except the roof lining (which will have to be replaced as it is...
  2. SamD

    New van project

    So I've just upgraded from a T5 to a T6. Our old van looked like this: We did everything ourselves and fully kitted it out as a camper.
  3. dErZ

    My Shuttle Day-Van Conversion

    I purchased a 2018 LWB SE shuttle a couple of months ago and began modifying it straight away. We have always dreamed of having a van so basically sold my motorbikes and purchased this shuttle from Scotland. Drove my car up there traded it in and drove this home. 4 hours after collecting it I...
  4. S

    Cherry - The build!

    Hi All, So its time for our build thread! We have had our van Cherry (T6 LWB, cherry red!), aka Shushan (an odd joke based on a Jonny English film if memory serves) for a couple of years. Kitted out with a very basic home built bed, with the rear as a bike garage / mucky area. But the time...
  5. tommy_t6.1

    Tommy's T6.1 Day Van Build

    Hello everyone. Just collected my T6.1 in Ascot grey from the dealer this evening. I just wanted to start a thread to document my slow, and it will be slow, conversion from van to day van. My wife and I, and our 4 yr old little girl, are all very excited to start this journey and go on...
  6. EBG_Jay

    Hello from Yorkshire! My build thread.

    Good evening, been lurking for a while but just got my T6 this week. 2019 204ps 4MOTION DSG. Dead chuffed at it can't wait to get converting. Jason
  7. Jack T

    Build Thread: New Crafter for work

    Well today my new Crafter arrived after a 6 month wait for a factory order. :) Really pleased, feels like a big T6 to drive. Nice when going from T6 camper to this and back again as everything is in similar positions. This one is for work as I’m an Electrician but would make a great...
  8. Andysmee

    Converting one of the last TSI's (but not the last TSI)! My build thread

    :cool: I can't be certain but my T6 must be one of the last TSI PV deliveries in the UK - it was registered on 18th March 2019. So I thought it would make a catchy build thread title, and I'll keep it until proven otherwise! So, I'm starting with an untidy ex-Avis/Budget rental van...
  9. GB_Vdub

    The now rare TSI Anyone Buying These? ?

    I'm looking into the pros and cons of a TSI engine vs a TDI engine for a new T6 Kombi as above. The TSI version is £30,125 vs £31,361 for the TDI equivalent base model (Startline) I'm really not sure which way to go. The TSI is listed at 31 MPG where the TDI is listed at 46 MPG. This is a...
  10. D

    Converting my Shuttle to a Camper

    Hi guys I'm new here I have just bought a t6 shuttle my plan is to turn it into a camper first I want to up my spec as my van is a SE I would like some advice on buying and fitting a reverse camera and sensors and multifunction steering please ?
  11. Vanborghini

    My new motor, Need to get modding!

    So picked up my 1st transporter a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to some tasteful mods. Has 102k miles on it in less than 3yrs. Guess timing belt is first on the list. Interior is as new as the chap used seat and steering wheel covers from new! Still chuffed as its well spec'd 204 BiTurbo...
  12. Superowls

    Kombi camper conversion

    Hi all, I have bought my 1st Transporter this week & am intending to convert it to a part camper It's a 2017 T6 Highline 150 T32 I spent quite a while trying to find one in the right spec as a good base for conversion and eventually found one with the engine & gearbox that I wanted, tailgate...
  13. N G Neer

    Camper / day van build thread

    Collected the new van yesterday. 2019 Startline with aircon. Not much to see yet, but I made a start today stripping out and cleaning up. Thought I'd keep a record on here.
  14. D

    Windsurfing and camping build thread.

    Hi all This thread is hopefully going to be a record of my windsurfing van build - will try and update as things happen but it’s going to be a long slog! I spent a LOT of time on this forum before committing, so a big thank you to all who put time into this site - it’s a very valuable resource...
  15. LukeAziz86

    Chestnut Brown Panel Van to Stealth Workvan/overnight camper (Stitches + Steel)

    Hi Guys & Girls, 1st post introing my lockdown conversion. Purchased May '20 as an ex builders run around with the plan to turn it into a van to haul around my work gear (Im a Freelance Sound Engineer) and also act as a weekend warrior overnighter with Stitches + Steel conversion. The SS...
  16. Aledh

    Aledh spending money on a van thread...

    Wanted to start my own little project thread here to document the progress with our new (to us) T6. I've posted in team Candy White etc. however wanted my own little project thread. Its a Dec 2016, 66 plate T32 Highline 204 Kombi. Optional extras included electric folding mirrors and front...
  17. D

    First van, first self build

    I've been using this forum a lot since i got my first van last september so thought its about time to post some of the work I've managed to achieve thanks to the vast knowledge the other members have. This is my first conversion so by no means am I experienced at this. Hopefully some other new...
  18. Crispy

    Crispy’s ‘TIPPSY’ - Daily driver, camper and motorbike hauler

    I’m moving on from my 2011 SWB T5 Kombi onto a 2016 LWB T6 Kombi. It was my first van to see if I needed and enjoyed owning one. And, I love it. Such a versatile vehicle. It was used as a daily driver, camper and track day motorbike hauler. I’m now moving onto this little beauty... I have some...
  19. L

    So it starts

    Hi I am new around here, but just ordered my Van T6.1 T28 150 DSG Highline Panel van, its being sent without back seats and bulk head. Trying to find a conversion company is proving difficult, was hoping to spend £20k but after adding all the extras it always seems to go over this. Has...
  20. Roberts

    T6 LWB Indium Grey - MTB Camper Build Thread

    Long time lurker but I have finally taken the plunge and got myself a T6 LWB from Salop Vans. They were great, very flexible and worked with me on what I wanted. I could not recommend them enough. Van is now a perfect base for what I want. Externally complete and internally very clean ready for...