build thread.

  1. bigyellowvanman

    My T6 "Swamper" Build

    Hi all, I have found the forum super useful in getting information together for my build and deciding what I want. I figured I could document what I end up doing in case anyone wishes to do similar. I decided to write the thread in retrospect so the first few posts are back to back. I've...
  2. amdowney

    Video of my completed TSI (that's for sale)..
  3. S

    Stan The Man's T6.1 Ascot Grey build

    Hi all, Just got myself Ascot Grey 2023 T6.1 150bhp DSG Highline last week and absolutely love it! Had a mk4 150bhp highline Caddy previously and unfortunately it was getting too small with work requirements as I am self employed handy man here in Ireland. Took about 3 months to get her built...
  4. L

    Ex RAC Van, I'm going to log my progress here as it is turned into a campervan.

    We picked up our ex RAC van yesterday in Wales and bought it to Cornwall. The Auxiliary battery overheated and started to vent about 66 miles from home, I didn't have tools with me but managed to wiggle a fused link (green arrow) until a nut came loose and I was able to disconnect the thick...
  5. roadtripper

    Roadtripper's Caravelle tinkering

    Hey folks, been lurking for a while gathering useful advice as we considered if a van was right for us and now we have one on the drive the time was right to join fully and do the VIP thing to (potentially) do some electrical tinkering. Thanks everyone who posts advice here, it's a massive help...
  6. lebb2017

    Leanne’s build thread

    Just picked up my van on Saturday. Eventual plan is to fit windows all around, a pop top, some sort of bench/sliding bed and some storage cubes. I have never done anything like this, have a very basic set of tools, and mostly no clue what I’m doing! However, I plan to learn. And I’ll be taking...
  7. T

    Puff the magic wagon

    So bought an ex RAC van on Tuesday with the plan of converting it into a camper for trips away with the wife, two young kids and a dog! After getting it home we started on the not so fun job of trying to get all the racking out of the back! Wow I didn't realise that would be such an issue but...
  8. Dellmassive

    @Dellmassive`s T6 T32 Sportline 204 LWB DSG PV MY18 - Van Adventure

    @Dellmassive`s T6 T32 Sportline 204 LWB DSG PV MY18 - Van Adventure as you all know my main contribution to the Forum is my "How i Done It" threads, over here: ++++ ++++ which is great and well, but i...
  9. A

    Shuttle Shenanigans

    I meant to start this when I got it in December for somewhere to document the changes but things went a bit quicker than planned. 150 Shuttle LWB just hit 2 years old at end of 2022 circa 13500 miles. Even before I had collected I had ordered sunglasses holder to replace the grab handle, the...
  10. ToddiesT6

    ToddiesT6 - Build Log

    Hello from the sunny, but a bit chilly New Forest (UK) - I’m Toddie & have just (Nov22) purchased a Iridium grey 2018 T6 LWB panel van. My plan is to convert her into a full blown camper over the coming year for the family to enjoy during the weekends or school breaks when I’m not sneaking...
  11. M

    My TSi Build thread

    Been a member on here for a while and thought it would be good to document my build somewhere, so here goes... After owning this T5 for 12 years, it was time to let it go and move onto something new. I got a good price for it considering it was on 167k miles with very little official...
  12. D

    CandyVan conversion journey

    First steps on the journey to our new camper. Base van is a new 4Motion LWB, delivered yesterday. Ceiling panels out, and first fix of the wiring along the roof lines, in preparation for the pop-top to be fitted next week.
  13. DubHaus

    Dub Haus Build Thread

    Hi All Took the plunge and today the Indium Grey T32 Highline arrived. One year old next week, 9000 on the clock and fairly tidy She’s got two captains chairs with arm rests up front and a 2+1 in the rear. She’s had the roof rails, side bars and 30mm springs added by the dealer. Planned...
  14. Dellmassive

    Dellmassive`s Camper Van Adventure

    Dellmassive`s Camper Van Adventure +++++++++++ After 8 camping trips away during this season (2022) its plainly evident that camping with a Tent and Panel van is hard work. to date, we have always camped out in Tents and used the van to transport all the kit to the site. Running out of space...
  15. BigYoeKing

    Red worker

    Hello everyone, I would like to show you my worker and camper from Czech Republic T6 2016 260000km TDi 75kw three months ago First step: coils from MTS technic New headlights and bumper( unfortunately vw has more shade of red ) I got the wheels from insignia 19” Next year maybe 20” and...
  16. B

    From Kombi to Campervan

    I have a T6 Kombi, since owning it for 18 months it now has had upgrades to include, insulation, captain chairs, Van-King Bed and Skylow pop top. Works really well as a day / weekend van as I don’t use this for business and is in essence my daily driver (but use our second car for local trips)...
  17. S

    Can a MAN TGE 4x4 join in?

    Hi, I've decided to buy an MAN TGE 4X4 as I'm fed up.of waiting for my T6.1 4 motion to be built. Can I join in?!
  18. Rockerverb

    First time builder- Orange Camper (ex RAC conversion)

    A wee build diary from a first time van converter. zero build experience, and little knowledge of cars really. I am an engineer though so maybe that might help?! I’ve used this forum and YouTube tonnes so this is as much an attempt of paying forward with lessons learned as a build diary. in...
  19. moodsterT6

    Caravelle Day Van Conversion

    Completed (I think) the conversion of our T6 Caravelle to a day van / occasional camper. The rear storage is actually a prototype that made it all the way to production. I built it just to get the measurements as my original plan was to build it out of extruded aluminium (8020). The cost would...
  20. t6blo

    Bloated Black Kombi Build - #vanlife2.0

    Introduction Welcome to my build thread for my new (to me) Deep Pearl Black T6 Kombi. Bloater is a nickname I’ve had since I was a teenager :rolleyes: This is my second Transporter - last one was a Reflex Silver panel van I did Kombi conversion on myself. I had it 2.5 years and in that time...