1. Bav

    Propex Heatsource HS2000 - Gas lockout issue

    Hi. I have a Propex Heatsource HS2000 heater in the van (heater and gas tank both underslung, if that makes any difference). Yesterday morning, still half asleep, I turned the heater on without first switching the gas solenoid. Starved of gas, the heater initially worked for a short while...
  2. L

    Underslung gas not working

    Hello, hoping someone can help. We’ve just checked the van before taking it on the first trip of the year and the gas is not coming through to hob or rear bbq point. Isolation valve is ok and lights are showing that the gas is full. Is there something simple we are forgetting?
  3. D

    Propex Heater servicing

    Hi all, I've got a propex heater in my van with the LPG bottle strapped under the van in the usual way. I'd like to get the system serviced. I'm in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. Does anyone know a nearby place that does this type of servicing? Thanks
  4. W

    Sold 2016 T28 102PS SWB Camper w/poptop. £30k

    Our T6 journey is now completed (at least for now- we've moved away before). We are moving to a small narrow motorhome, primarily for the onboard shower and toilet. We wildcamp (a lot) and the Mrs is fed up of my showering at the back of the van in my undercrackers all year around As you will...
  5. JonriceT6

    Underslung gas or onboard gas?

    Hi. I am currently awaiting my full conversion but thought about having an underslung gas tank to feed the hob and an external bbq point. Are there any negatives to having this rather than the usual onboard gas bottle? Any feedback would help.
  6. wbuchan

    Gastore gas sensor - open circuit

    I have a Gastore underslung gas tank. The control / level meter in the van is giving me an open circuit warning light for the gas level sensor. Image attached. Should the needle be registering part full when it's disconnected from the tank and electrics? (even writing this down makes it sound...
  7. P

    Filling a underslung LPG tank up from a Propane Callor Gas canister

    Hi we are having a underslung LPG tank fitted by propex in a couple of weeks time. I saw in a forum and I cant remember for the life of me which one a discussion about LPG being phased out. Someone said that if the worst comes to the worst you could still using the underslung for storage by...
  8. L

    Propex heater not firing

    Hi. I have an underslung propex heater with digital control panel. Haven't used it for a while. Now on a cliff in the van and could do with it! There is no red led light coming on so no warning light. Any ideas? I've got plenty of gas and gas rings are working fine. Thanks
  9. C

    How many underslung tanks

    Hi all. My first post here on the forum so hello everybody but please be kind as I'll probably be asking some pretty stupid questions in the near future! Anyway, I'll soon be on the lookout for a T30 or T32 LWB panel or kombi for a camper conversion. I've had a T25 for over ten years so feel...
  10. S

    Night Heater Advice - inlet and outlet

    Hello, Been a while since i've last posted but was wondering if i could ask advice. Im thinking of doing a heater install DIY, looking at airtop2000..differences between Web/Eber seem minimal.. We have a LHD T6 lwb with slider on the RHS of the vehicule. Awning will therefore be on the RHS...
  11. S

    Rib Bed With Underslung Lpg

    Morning Guys, Im new to this group but your group knowledge has been amazing so far! Thankyou!! Im looking to fit a RIB bed 130 in the back of my LWB T6, however I also want to fit aa underslung LPG tank. I know that the LPG tanks usually fit in the space just infront of the spare wheel...
  12. Ads_Essex

    Thermostat - Where Do You Mount Yours?

    As per the title, I’m curious to find out where everyone has mounted their night-heater thermostat. I ask as our camper conversion is nearly complete and I’m struggling to find a location that is both practical for use as well as being at a decent distance from the heater outlet. We’ve got a...
  13. S

    Diesel Hob Vs Gas Hob.

    Hello. I was not sure whether to resurrect the old diesel hob thread from 2016/2017 but I am sure it can be merged it needed. We are currently looking at converting our van. One of the examples we were shown had a WALLAS diesel hob/heater which looked quite good. Have read up on them but a lot...
  14. moomin-j

    Propex Underslung Gas Tank - No Gas For A Brew...

    Went to make a brew this morning sat in the T6 overlooking Ullswater - the gas ring wouldn't light. The interior Propex contents gauge is showing 3 green LED lights and no red fault codes. If you press the interior on/off button you can hear the exterior solenoid isolation valve clicking and I...
  15. Totaledpear

    Whale Expanse And Propex Water Heating System

    Hi Everyone, New build here and need some help from and advice. The goal is to have water pump and water heater enough to have a hot shower out the back. The heating system I already have installed is Propex HS2000 undermounted with a 15L LPG tank placed in the space where the diff goes on a 4...
  16. Daveyblue

    Gas Heater Not Firing.

    My son in law has a T5 and he can't get his Propex heater to fire, hes using Camping gaz 907. The fan works, you can here the heater trying to ignite, the gas comes out when not connected to the van but no heat. He brought his bottle and put it on my T6 which is only a 6 month old conversion and...
  17. M

    Propex issues

    Hi All, I got my T6 eu5 professionally converted in April this year. I use it for day trips on a weekend mainly. I have been away mainly in summer. We went away this week to the Lakes and obviously it’s a lot cooler on a night so having a baby in the van I was trying to use the propex...
  18. L

    Truma Heater

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help, my T6 is fitted with a gas Truma heater installed under passenger seat, not used it yet but may need it soon due to cooler season coming. I have a brochure which mentions removing/opening a "cowl" before starting it up. I don't know what/where to find this...
  19. L

    Alternator Problem???

    My van has been converted to a camper by a local company. The Propex heater in the back keeps showing a voltage fault. The unit requires 10.3 to 12.8 volts to operate correctly which is fine when the van is off, but jumps up to 14.7v when the engine is running. The conversion company are...
  20. DaveyB

    Propex HS2000 and it’s feed voltage..

    I have one of these installed under my van as per another thread, however, since it being installed I have noted that the black control unit (the one with the rotary dials) keeps registering a fault. Ultimately the red led light flashes 3 times, which indicates that the battery voltage is either...