new build

  1. Kips

    New van delivery charge?

    Hi everyone. Long term transporter owner, never purchased a brand new van, however thought I’d take the plunge this time and order a new T6.1 from VW Sheffield. The colour and spec I fancied was luckily already in the UK. York to be precise. Due to collect early September. Received documents...
  2. C

    Status codes

    Does anyone have details on the status codes for factory orders ? I've been told by a very helpful dealer (not mine) roughly what they mean but just wanted to compare this info with others if you have any info. Mine is 38 at the moment
  3. C

    Are you waiting for a new van ?

    Waiting on my new van to be built and just wondering how many people here in the same boat. Seem to be completely in the dark right now , getting no info from VW UK or my dealer as to any sort of estimate as to when it's likely to be built. All they can say is it's delayed which is pretty...
  4. D

    T6.1 150 Dsg Now Or Wait For 199 Dsg 4motion?

    Hi, I’ve got an order in for a 199dsg 4motion that had build week 15. Obviously there’s going to be quite a delay due to current situation. The campervan converter is getting a few new t6.1 150dsg vans in for conversion and will be ready for June. Question is, is it worth the wait for the 199...
  5. Steve Hales

    T6.1 Delivery Update

    Ordered my new T6.1 at the beginning of January (10th I believe) and it was built the week before the VW factory closure. Had a update last week saying it was at the uk port and today I’ve had another update saying it’s still there. I suspected this would be the case due to the Coronavirus...
  6. Dannyb6467

    VW factories were closed across Europe.

    Just had this email. Not sure if its posted before but it looks like new orders will be delayed.
  7. C

    Factory Orders

    Anyone here done a factory order recently. I've just put my deposit down today for a 6.1 and I've been told 3 to 4 months. Would like to hear of others experience .
  8. K

    Order Placed! Now The Wait..

    I've finally got off the fence / forum browsing and have paid the deposit on a new T32 150dsg. Highline Kombi.. Now I've only got 4 months to wait for it to be built! Back to browsing the internet to gather some bits together... going to put a couple of L tracks as first job.. plusnuts...
  9. Totaledpear

    Whale Expanse And Propex Water Heating System

    Hi Everyone, New build here and need some help from and advice. The goal is to have water pump and water heater enough to have a hot shower out the back. The heating system I already have installed is Propex HS2000 undermounted with a 15L LPG tank placed in the space where the diff goes on a 4...
  10. dennismo

    Buying A T6... Pre-registered / New With Discount?

    Hi guys! I've been wanting to buy a transporter for years now, and have finally decided to go for it!! I'm basically ready to take the plunge, but wanted to get opinions about how to go about it! I've been REALLY helped by the guys at Leighton Vans (they're local to me). I'd love to buy from...
  11. patbarn

    New Order, Dealer & Delivery.

    Hello All. Is anyone in a similar situation or has been past. Has anyone who ordered in October got a delivery date yet? 26th October: ordered new build T6. Gave £500 deposit. 6th November: hadn’t heard anything so I emailed dealer asking about projected delivery date. They replied saying...
  12. ehuplad

    Can I track my T6 order

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there is a Van equivalent of the car order tracker Track My Order : Volkswagen UK to track my precious order and help while away the months. Cheers Ehuplad
  13. G

    Hello T6 order placed

    Hi. Having run Merc Vito Sport vans for many years I have decided to change to a T6 for my next van. T32 Kombi LWB, Highline, tailgate, 204 twin turbo, with DSG, removable towbar, heated seats, folding mirrors, reverse camera, discover media, sat nav, electric sunroof, two side doors. I might...