new build

  1. Reedspeed46

    Dilemmas,Dilemmas new van..

    Just had a status 20 confirmed build date for my van,dilemma is now whether to keep it or sell it,as the shines been taken off a bit,due to the lengthy lead time of 2.5 years... Its a big spec t32 kombi in Ascot grey,204 dsg etc.
  2. M

    Ordered a PV, Kombi came through..

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this post! Basically, I decided to order a Transporter T6.1 Sportline Black Edition Panel Van back in September 2021. I knew there would be a bit of a wait, but I confirmed my order via email ( since my nearest dealer is 100 miles away )...
  3. MyTentOrYours

    First T6 whats the essentials for a panel van conversion

    Hi Everybody, After being on here selling our awnings for the past few years I am finally dipping my toe in to the world of t6 ownership, so I was hoping you kind people might pass on any info which feel would be good for me before I purchase, looking for advice on which is the best base model...
  4. Paulstewart20

    Sold T6.1 LWB Kombi Sportline order - due April

    Hi, I have a 6.1 Sportline LWB Kombi in indium grey order for sale, it was due to be ready week 45 (been on order a year already) of this year but has been pushed back now to April, Anyone fancy buying this order off me and beat the 2 year waiting list please message me and I will send more info...
  5. L

    Problems with VW online configurator

    l have been trying to configure a T6.1 panel van. Based on the SWB l've added a glazed tailgate, second side door, plus a few other bits and pieces. However it won't let me add a tow bar, telling me that there's a "conflict" in my configuration and to go back and change it. However it gives no...
  6. bblake

    New Kombi - what options would you recommend?

    Hi all In the process or deciding the options on a new T6.1 Kombi Highline T30 150 that I am hoping to order within the next month. So many optional extras on the VW configurator! I have a rough idea on what to go for but was keen to get an opinion on anything to absolutely avoid or anything...
  7. R

    What extras should I include in my new van specification?

    Hi, New member on here, but previously a T5.1 owner and member of T4forum. I’m about to press go on the order for a new T6.1 for delivery in 12+ months. I’ve agreed a price and PCP deal I’m happy with but want to make sure I’ve spec’d it “correctly” and not put anything unnecessary on or...
  8. quattro motion man

    VW cancelled a load of orders

    So in Dec 2020 I order a new T6.1 4 motion LWB DSG Kombi. A promise of April delivery. That date came and went, with a new promise of Sept 21. That date came and, a few weeks ago the date changed again, to a non confirmed wk build date of wk 12 2022!!! that’s March 22, so by the time I would get...
  9. M

    Van ordered, due week 34

    New van T6 Highline ordered start of June just had build week 34 unconfirmed, just hoping they stick to it
  10. M

    Newbie on the lookout, what's too much?

    Hey folks, newbie here. Relatively new to the world of vans but completely new to (one day) owning one. I've sold my car to fund a self-build van, semi-conversion for now as I want to have space for MTB and pulling over and camping for long weekends. Ideally after a T6 Highline but trendline...
  11. T

    Newbie change of Van

    Hi all, so this is my second post as a newbie, the first was a couple of months ago, here however since then, numerous phone calls to the dealer and a visit i changed the van.. I took the 18 plate trend line back...
  12. B

    New T6.1 owner, well nearly..... about to order

    Morning all, Absolute newbie here. Just about to order first ever Transporter. Going to be converting to a camper, so just wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing. I think I am going to factory order: T28/110 Single front seats on swivels, hence no bulkhead Tailgate with window (will...
  13. M

    Can't decide if I need all these options

    Hi everyone! As the title says I can't decide what's really essential, I keep building and rebuilding in the configurator and range from cheapest 5 speed 110ps in Trendline trim for ~40k CHF to Highline dream build for nearly 70k Swiss Francs. I have a feeling that with nearly 30k of options...
  14. Fiction

    New Van options review

    Hi all, I'm inching closer to a van purchase as the start for a partly-self-built-camper-van-conversion. To help with my procrastination I thought I'd get some opinions on the options I have in mind: T30 Panel van Highline SWB 150 PS 2.0 TDI 7sp DSG Pure Grey Carpet Floor Covering in Cab...
  15. Kips

    New van delivery charge?

    Hi everyone. Long term transporter owner, never purchased a brand new van, however thought I’d take the plunge this time and order a new T6.1 from VW Sheffield. The colour and spec I fancied was luckily already in the UK. York to be precise. Due to collect early September. Received documents...
  16. Casual1874

    T6.1 new order delays

    Ordered the new van that was due on or before the 1st of September , now been told it’s been put back to an ETA of the 1st of October. Apparently it’s built but because of the back log due to COVID it’s stuck in Germany apparently. Anyone else having problems with delivery and ETA of their vans...
  17. C

    Status codes

    Does anyone have details on the status codes for factory orders ? I've been told by a very helpful dealer (not mine) roughly what they mean but just wanted to compare this info with others if you have any info. Mine is 38 at the moment
  18. C

    Are you waiting for a new van ?

    Waiting on my new van to be built and just wondering how many people here in the same boat. Seem to be completely in the dark right now , getting no info from VW UK or my dealer as to any sort of estimate as to when it's likely to be built. All they can say is it's delayed which is pretty...
  19. DarrenTT

    T6.1 150 Dsg Now Or Wait For 199 Dsg 4motion?

    Hi, I’ve got an order in for a 199dsg 4motion that had build week 15. Obviously there’s going to be quite a delay due to current situation. The campervan converter is getting a few new t6.1 150dsg vans in for conversion and will be ready for June. Question is, is it worth the wait for the 199...
  20. Steve Hales

    T6.1 Delivery Update

    Ordered my new T6.1 at the beginning of January (10th I believe) and it was built the week before the VW factory closure. Had a update last week saying it was at the uk port and today I’ve had another update saying it’s still there. I suspected this would be the case due to the Coronavirus...