1. kernowcoles

    Wanted Loc8 Table

    Looking to see if anyone is selling a Loc8 table system? Will look to buy one new if no one is selling. Based in Cornwall. TIA
  2. Tiggy1955

    Loc8 Table Carpeting

    Has anyone successfully covered the Loc8 Table case with 4-way stretch carpet? If so could you post some photos of you work? One concern I have is that the thickness of the carpet might push it outwards and cause the table to rub on the wheel arch. Thanks
  3. W

    Sold Loc8 Sliding door table - £225

    For sale, very lightly used Loc8 sliding door table and door panel (UK, passenger, nearside door). Have owned this for over a year but it hasn't been used a great deal since we sold our camper and started work on a new van. It's then been sat in our spare room waiting to be used again but we...
  4. G

    Any Loc8 table owners?

    Hello Anyone who has a Loc8 table fitted in the sliding door, do you think it’s possible to mount/demount the table if I were to have this U shape furniture fitted, as it juts out into the door opening, I’ve not fitted this furniture yet or brought the Loc8 table, just wondering if they would be...
  5. W

    Loc8 door table rubbing 10J rear wheel

    I just wanted to check if anyone else finds that they cannot fit a Loc8 door table alongside their Lv1 or Lv2 alloys (wider, 10J rear)? Mine rubs and I just want to be sure that's just a by-product of the wheel width and not me being some sort of muppet in how I've fitted it? I'm reliably...
  6. Ads_Essex

    Found Loc8 table

    Loc8 table wanted - just putting the feelers out here before buying new.
  7. F

    LOC8 Table Kombi

    Does anyone have a LOC8 table in a Kombi? I have 2+1 seats in the rear, I contacted iCamper solutions and they said it's a bit of a faff but can be done. Does anyone know how much of a faff it is?
  8. Unimog

    Sliding door table rubbing on wheel arch cover

    I have replaced the sliding door card with a table but I find when the door is fully open, it rubs agains the wheel arch, which incidentally has the Vw wheel arch cover fitted. The door clears the arch until the middle hinge locks the door back as it pulls the door towards the van. If I pull...
  9. J

    Loc8 table clips break

    Anyone had any issues with the clips securing their loc 8 tables? Bought some aftermarket ones which popped off then bought some oem ones costing 10 times as much and they did the same.as soon as the door closes they either pop off or start to work their way out.seems they dont hold the table...
  10. Apretext

    Insulation behind loc8 table panel

    How much space is there behind the space for the legs on the loc8 table panel? I presume there’s plenty of space for some silentcoat (at 2mm!), but will some 16mm dodomat fit too?
  11. T

    Trim Lining Loc8 Table System

    Hi anyone got any tips on applying carpet trim to a Loc8 table system. Did you use a single piece of trim or cut out sections for the inset area which holds the table in place. Cheers.
  12. James1000

    Lightweight Directors Chair Challenge & Loc8 Table

    I am looking to fit the Loc8 door table - but having seen the weight at 10Kg which does seem a lot - can anyone confirm? I have set a challenge to find lightweight directors chairs. Ideally I'd want the van shades door pods but I just don't have the room due to the conversion so these at 1kg...
  13. Base1388

    Loc 8 Table Trimming

    Hi all Has anyone got any pictures or trimmed the plastic surround of a Loc8 table in sliding door ?? Many Thanks Romany
  14. Pau1GTI

    Sliding Door Adjustment! Built In Table

    Hi Guys, I'm running a vanshades built in table and when the sliding door is open it's very close to hitting the rear arch. If opened quick enough it may even touch a bit. I'm going for a swamper look soon and planning oem plastic arches. I have a feeling it's definetly gonna touch. Can the...
  15. Minimilo

    Sliding Door Panel Clips

    Hi, I have bought a Loc8 Table (LOC8 Table System VW T5 & T6 Vans | iCamper Solutions) for my sliding door and I need new clips for the replacement panel. Where is the best place to buy them? I have bought a set off eBay and they are rubbish! I cannot use the old ones as my old sliding door...
  16. M

    Sold Free Of Charge. Nearside T6 Sliding Door Card - As New

    Anyone want this grey hardboard door card before I chuck it out? I replaced the door card with a Loc8 Table one when I had my new van converted last year. Pick up from Portsmouth preferred, unless you want to pay £10 for postage!
  17. Sheap

    Conversion In Progress

    Hello We got our transporter just over a week ago and started conversion this weekend :) The pop up roof (Austops) was already in situ and the lining was done (although needed some tidying up. Window rubbers are a bit wobbly - not sure if previous owner had them put in or not - but have...
  18. T

    Bodans Conversion

    Hi So we are booked in to have our conversion done by Bodans in the Autumn and we are pleased with our choice. They could not have been more helpful, have been very responsive and don’t seem to get annoyed by our queries. We are having the roof and bed put in before this so we can use the van...
  19. D

    California style door card holding table

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong area, or has been asked before, (I did search) but does anyone know if you can buy a door card similar to the Cali that the outdoor table sits in? Alternatively, I’m thinking about finding someone that can fashion me a bespoke one to house my interior...
  20. F

    Table for inside and out

    I'm thinking of having a Reimo variotech seat. So I'd like a table on a rail off the unit's to slide to different positions. I'd also like to be able to use this table outside free standing. Essentially I think I need 4 fold down legs on the table to only 2 when the table is fastened to the...