jacking-up point

  1. D

    T6 LWB highline T30 vehicle weight?

    Hello, I am looking to buy some ramps to get the rear end up and provide enough room for me to move a RIB 120 bed to the left side as a numpty put it in the wrong place. However, ramps seem to be either 2T (£40) 2.5T (£80). The reason i ask is, websites state that the T30 is 3 tons! if i am only...
  2. moodsterT6

    Getting underneath the van…

    Hi, I need to do a temporary repair on the engine bay under tray on my Caravelle. It’s partly hanging down. I guess it will need a new one but we are due to go on holiday. If I use these to raise the front of the van up so I can get underneath is there anything I need to check for safety etc...
  3. Jimbob76

    Jacking points, trolley jacks and axle stands

    I’ve lifted cars on trolley jacks at home before, and I’ve been very happy doing so as it’s been obvious where the jacking points are, and cars aren’t that heavy. But before I set about getting my van up in the air, I’d like to ask the knowledgeable folk on here how they go about this. I’ve...
  4. B

    T6.1 - What is this for on the underside please?

    As per the title, WTF is this for on the underside of our T6.1 please? it is a small piece of plastic on the underside in front of both wheels that drops down slightly. it’s like a small mud flap if that makes sense. the picture I have is poor as the supplier has hacksawed through them. i...
  5. JiMsHaDY69

    Nightmare weekend

    Friday evening dropping off my mother's weekly shop as she's still afraid to go out due to COVID. When I get out the van there's a loud hiss which turns out is due to the large bolt in tyre accessory I unknowingly received at some point in the drive from Tesco. Front locking wheel nut is...
  6. Epic-Rob

    Jacking point measurements between corners

    Have been looking online for the jacking point measurements on the T6 LWB (no i haven't got a van to measure) can find all van dimensions but not this measurement. need to know front to back and width apart. have to check the arms on my hoist will reach the jack points
  7. T

    Jacking for axle stand front

    Very similar thead to the rear one but is it safe to jack under the normal jacking point and place the axle stand here?
  8. T

    Jacking for axle stand rear

    Realise this has been covered more than once before but I couldn't find a clear answer with photos (apologies in advance if I'm being dumb) Option A -------------------------------------------------- ARB bracket AIs this a good option, the plastic undertray may not love it however it looks a...
  9. McFlude

    Inexperienced tyrefitters

    I thought that I would post a general alert to keep an eye on your van when having new tyres fitted. I had my recently purchased Kombi on the a ramp yesterday to drop the fuel tank for the feed to a diesel heater and noticed a dent the nearside sill about 600 mm behind the front wheel. I then...
  10. T

    Side Bars and jacking-up

    Hi .can someone please help,I have a 18 plate t6 ,I put long side bars on and they cover all the jacking up points ,can anyone tell me if I am better with a bottle jack or a trolley jack .thanks hope someone can help as we are going on holiday soon. Thanks again .john
  11. S

    How to prevent van body roll when stationary?

    I have a 2012 VW T5 Shuttle lwb, with original factory suspension setup on 17" Devonports. When in it, and the van is stationary, if I move slightly, the van rolls ever so slightly on the suspension, and then corrects itself. Totally normal behaviour. If it were just me in the van, it...
  12. G

    DSG Oil And Filter Change T6

    Hi, looking to do this soon. I gather vehicle has to be level, wondering where to position jack stands, or sissor jacks. Also wondering about filter change manual information. Seems I have 2 drain points for DSG. I have an infrared gun to measure gearbox temperature at the surface. I don't have...
  13. surf-report

    Jacking Points And Axle Stands

    Can anyone tell me what points they jack their van up with when using a trolley jack please?
  14. Sjacko20

    Cill Protection.

    Whilst trying to change a wheel the van shifted on the useless VW jack and scraped the underseal off the cill down to the metal. Looking for advice on what to do about it to ensure rust protection please (and recommendations for a jack) Damage is visible in picture Needless to say, I dropped...
  15. T

    Vw Wheel Brace Is Utter Pony!

    As above really. What a piece of junk!! How they think that it’s acceptable to put something of such poor quality into a vehicle with a 40k price tag is beyond me. (I realise life’s to short to worry about such things but.. well... it gripped my s...)
  16. X

    H&R Anti Holl Bars (ARB) Front + Rear

    Hi Guys, First post after getting my 2016 SWB T6 Highline 102PS so hi to all. I have come from 18 years of T4 ownership and I am a little surprised just how much roll the new van has when corning. On the T4 I fitted aftermarket ARBs and was fantastic with no under steer and was amazingly...
  17. gmaster

    Bottle Jack -

    Hi All, Would a 2 ton bottle jack and 4 ton axel stands be enough to work on the front end of my T32, T6, Kombi? 2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack with 4 Ton Axle Stands