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  1. foggy3061

    H&R rear ARB level sensor bracket

    So, I find myself in need of the H&R rear ARB level sensor bracket for an upcoming retrofit. Has anyone ever had any success in sourcing that single bracket alone…….if so who/where from? Said bracket circles in the images below to show what I’m harping on about!
  2. Eli

    Sold H & R ARB's T6.1

    Having sold my caravelle, I have a full Koni / H & R suspension coilover kit. Fitted on the 10th April by Steve @CRS Performance and removed today by Steve having only done about 500 miles. Excellent condition £350
  3. T

    Getting the Cali to handle like a car

    I have a Cali Ocean DSG, 4 motion, not light with the family and a bit of stuff on board very close to 3 tons. My driving style is probably quicker than average without being stupid. Bought it second hand with standard everything and pretty quickly knew I needed to do something with the...
  4. J

    Will ARB move towards CAK tank when lowering T6.1?

    Hi, I am new to Transporters, all of my questions have been answered here without me having to create any post, thread on T32 20" wheels/tyres was very informative. Now I'm looking to lower my 6.1 T32 Kombi 30mm, looks like I need the Eibach 6.1 comfort 30mm springs though I am concerned about...
  5. BiTurbo

    H&R antiroll bars fitted

    Can’t thank Steve Hurley at CRS Performance enough H&R antiroll bar kit fitted Saturday just to complement the Koni shocks. absolutely over the moon ! too job guys Thankyou
  6. minmax89

    Attempting to fit coilovers and H&R ARB's myself

    Hi all, I've just bought a new set of coilovers and H&R anti roll bars. Would really like to have ago at fitting myself. How hard can it be?? I've watched a few videos on youtube... I will of course be getting it four wheel alighned straight after. I'm looking for tips and advice. But also...
  7. GONA66

    Sold H&R Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars - new SOLD...SOLD......

    As i have recently sold my T6 I now have no need for these. They are the correct ones for self leveling headlights. BRAND NEW! Still in the wrapping, not even unwrapped to drool over. I paid £471 so make me a decent offer, not desperate to sell as i can put them on my next one ! (which won't...
  8. Jason Stancliffe

    ARB problem

    Hi Recently fitted H and R ARB’s I must say the handling is much improved, hardly any roll in the corners and the van seems more planted and firmer ride which I like ( have 40 mm h r springs) The problem I have it is a bit crashy / harsh and noisy now over small bumps on the road , not so...
  9. goldeneye243

    Coil Over And Arb Fitting

    I'm getting my coil overs and ARBs fitted today - The mechanic has asked if I had any shorter ant roll bar links. I wasn't sure - Have I missed a part??? I'm having Stance+ Ultra coil overs and H&R ARBs fitted...
  10. Stay Frosty

    Going Faster Around Corners...

    Right, I've had the B14s and 18" wheels (Momo Revenge 8.5 x 18" std ET) then H&R ARBs so now go round bends to the point where all of the campervan accessories ie. pots, pans, kettle and cutlery are turning into debris in their respective cupboards, thing is after a couple of thousand miles it's...
  11. KernowMax

    B14s And H&r Arbs. Just Fitted.

    Hi all, I’ve just had this set up fitted. I had B14s on my old T5 and really liked them. So, when it came to getting my T6 closer to the ground, I ‘Mmm’ed and Rrrr’ed’ quite a bit. I felt like I’d tried Bilstein, and maybe should go for something different. I seriously considered the SoLow...
  12. Skyliner33

    Drop Links. When And Why To Use Longer.

    There is loads of information on this site about lowering springs or coilovers and a bit about air. As well as H&R anti roll bars. However I can find very little about drop links. So you guys who have lowered how did you know if it was necessary to install longer drop links, if it is even...
  13. PhilBob

    B14+arbs Vs Sportline Springs

    I've owed the van for ~6months and have always found the sportline springs it came with a harsh ride. After reading the reviews on this forum, I finally took the plunge and visited @BognorMotors to have B14s and ARBs fitted. (Big thanks to Oli and Simon for the great service). All the posts...
  14. catfood12

    Lowering The Front Suspension - Surely I Need Longer Arb Drop Links ?

    Mates Just installed an H & R ARB set. My van is running lowered VMaxx adjustable coilovers. Bought a set of shorter drop links to avoid any binding and keep the ARB attitude stock at the lowered level. It made sense at the point of purchase, I assumed the ARB was higher up and had links down...
  15. S

    Up-rated Whiteline Arb's On A Sw T6 Kombi

    I've noticed quite a few people fit up-rated ARB's to their vans to reduce roll in corners and generally tighten things up a bit and it seems that H&R are the bars of choice. Last time I had a modified vehicle (many moons ago) Whiteline had just come on the scene in the UK and I fitted front...
  16. kiter

    [Guide] Fitting H&R Anti-Roll Bars

    Plan is to tackle this job over the weekend, if I can get on my neighbours ramp. There are no instructions with mine and I'm wondering if anyone has these around that they could scan in or even just give me some pointers. I tried to call Vanstyle at lunchtime today but gave up after 15 mins in a...
  17. M

    Lower My T6 Combi T32

    Hi , i am looking to lower my t6 t32 combi and possibly fit some spacers. I have 20 inch alloys fitted and not sure how far to lower it by and how thick the spacers need to be . Any advice would be welcome !
  18. A

    [Guide] Adjusting B14 Ride Height With H&R ARBs

    Breaking this out into a separate thread as I was polluting other non/vaguely related threads, and with thanks to @foggy3061 and @Grim Reaper for their contributions on thse threads. The gist of it is that I can only get access to one side at a time at the back due to being in a garage, and the...
  19. P

    More B14's! Sorry But Can't Not Post!!!

    Hi All Just had B14's fitted by Ian @Eclipse Campers and what a difference it has made to the van!!!!! One thing I will say and I think Oli @BognorMotors has said this before that the two things I would do to a van are 1. Revvo map and 2. B14's! My van has had a fair amount of work to it but...
  20. S

    B14 and BBS SV 20’s

    :thumbsup:Loving the ride !!!