h&r arb

  1. AndyParsons

    Arb... Which Hole??

    Morning all, I've tried a search but can't find anything definitive. Going to be fitting H&R ARBs to my 'velle in the next few weeks. On the front I see there's two hole options And I'm guessing is all about the stiffness. Can anybody help with views on which hole would be best? Cheers in...
  2. highwaycollective

    First Time Van Owner (no Idea Why I Waited So Long).

    I have been lurking on the forum for a few months, and I have to say it has been an invaluable help as I get going with my first van. I have owned VW's my whole life, and have done loved owning and driving everything from a MK1 Caddy, to various generations of the GTI. I have wanted a Van for...
  3. TeresaE

    Help! Body Roll

    Hi, Any of you guys have advice on how I can deal with the feeling of our van seeming to be leaning over when I drive. It’s getting to the point where I dread driving the van. Hubby doesn’t have a problem with it and thinks if I drive the van enough I will get used to it...... Please....sensible...
  4. Dory

    Fitting H&R Anti-Roll Bars

    Well today it was time to fit these H&R anti roll bars to see if it stiffened the ride 1st I attacked the rear, now I have the LED headlights which means I have the levelling sensor mount to the rear arb, make sure you get the correct kit ie xenon arb otherwise it won’t work
  5. Vkerr

    B14's Ordered

    So bit the bullet and ordered B14's getting them fitted start of Dec, can't wait to get rid of that huge wheel arch gap. Going to keep devonports on for now as they've got all season tyres on, so what's the best drop, I was thinking of leaving 10mm on the coilover which would be around 60mm...
  6. N


    Can anyone recommend somewhere to supply and fit some b14’s to my t6 kombi ?? West Midlands area please !! Or close to. Thanks guys.
  7. F

    Newbie after suspension advice

    Hi I'm having my LWB 150 dsg t30 fully converted in the coming months. Currently it's a stock highline vehicle in deep black. In time I want some nice alloys probably 18" to keep a nice comfy ride and not too much noise. To go with this I'd like some new springs to enhance the handling a bit...
  8. X

    H&R Anti Holl Bars (ARB) Front + Rear

    Hi Guys, First post after getting my 2016 SWB T6 Highline 102PS so hi to all. I have come from 18 years of T4 ownership and I am a little surprised just how much roll the new van has when corning. On the T4 I fitted aftermarket ARBs and was fantastic with no under steer and was amazingly...
  9. K

    B14's and h&r arb

    i had b14's on my t5.1 so they are a no brainer, anyone had the b14's and then fitted the arb at a later date so can say what difference it makes and is it worth the money?
  10. Y

    H&R Anti Roll Bars

    Just back home after having H&R anti roll bars fitted. Have to say that I am very pleased with the difference that they have made. I think they've knocked the B14 ride quality back a tiny amount (really do need to drive it more to be sure) but the handling now feels very neutral. Time and more...
  11. DaveyB

    Operation B14 has commenced

    Van safely dropped off with Andy aka @roscoetraildog at TransporterHQ near Lutterworth in Leicestershire to have a set of Bilstein B14's fitted. Now the agonising wait to see it roll out the workshop on it's new haunches, and the hour drive back home to make sure i have made the right decision...