1. DreamingT6s

    Common issues to look for on test drive

    After hiring a few times I have finally scraped the funds to jump into ownership. I’ve agreed a deal (subject to satisfactory test drive) on a 2019 T6 Highline 150bhp manual SWB with reimo 3000 and reimo Poptop. Full VW service history with no gaps. Van seems straight and proper for an 80k...
  2. M

    Surfer looking for help - Kombi or Panel Van?

    Hi, this is a bit of a long one, sorry it's my OCD, but I'd really appreciate any thoughts/opinions re my cry for help! Background I currently have a large estate car, it has served me very well over the years, however, I'm fast running out of space and so now looking for a van to replace...
  3. Sibo468

    Looking to buy T6 kombi, will it smell like dog?

    I have been looking for a T6 for almost a year now, found one that meets my criteria and I can actually afford. Only problem is, the owner has a dog. They have said it’s not a smell van. It’s the other side of the county so I can’t pop round and give it a sniff. My question is, can dog smell...
  4. L

    Any red flags? Buying advice

    Hello everyone, I've been bitten before when buying a T5 and to be honest I'm so nervous about purchasing vans after that experience, as it rooked me financially when I was in my early 20's. Would anyone be up for reviewing some footage that I've been sent by the dealer? and seeing if there is...
  5. Wiltshirejay

    Hello from Wiltshire. Advice needed please

    Hello First post on this forum, first post on any Internet forum actually which is strange as I’m only 32. I’m based in Wiltshire (SN11) and are currently about to sell our family car and buying a T6 as our daily school / leisure ride. We are looking at 8 seats (7 as a minimum) and have...
  6. P

    Looking to buy a DSG

    Hi everyone. I’m finally, after many years of drooling over T5’s, 6’s and now 6.1’s, am about to take the plunge and order a T30 Highline Kombi 150 DSG!!!! Ultimately this van will be gradually converted to a full camper and also used as my daily driver. I‘m looking for advice with regards the...
  7. M

    Newbie on the lookout, what's too much?

    Hey folks, newbie here. Relatively new to the world of vans but completely new to (one day) owning one. I've sold my car to fund a self-build van, semi-conversion for now as I want to have space for MTB and pulling over and camping for long weekends. Ideally after a T6 Highline but trendline...
  8. A Bridge Too Far

    Buying Second Hand - Check List.

    Hi All, It's been a few years since I've looked this closely when buying a car as most have been company cars. In my younger days I would research common things to check on a car when buying it (like sterring wheel play on a MKII golf and if the engine had manual or automatic points). I am...
  9. T

    Hi from Norfolk

    Hello all, Great forum! Yet to buy & convert or buy already converted campervan!? Lifes been busy but hopefully get time this winter to sort... any recommendations welcomed Thanks Tom
  10. goldeneye243

    Looking At A T6 Today- What Do I Look For?

    I'm looking at a 2016 T6 highline kombi with tailgate today - 75k miles on the clock. Quite excited!! Are there any things that I need to look for particularly and any service items that I need to check? Thanks in advance :)
  11. K

    Buying A T6

    Hi all Im hopefully looking to buy a 16 plate t6 does anyone have any recommendations or things i should lookout for when purchasing one Regards
  12. Bernie the Bolt

    New To The Caravelle And I Need Some Guidance Please

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to take the step into the VW world and purchase a Caravelle as a family vehicle as we’ve outgrown everything else we've had. I’ve seen two that I like, both Exec spec, but one has been pimped a little to give it a slightly different look and lowered by 30mm and put on...
  13. Gazzarn

    Wish List

    Here's a wish list of items I didn't even know existed before joining this forum a few weeks back and now I want them all, is it just me or is the list never ending {GULP}. As lots have already said the wealth of knowledge on this site is unreal so thanks for making me happy (and about to be...
  14. S

    Looking To Buy, Help Needed

    After much research and lurking around this forum, I`ve taken the plunge and will be going for a T6 (over a T5). Slight problem with funding, well not a problem as such I have £21k (and a bit) burning a hole in my pocket. Which is gets a very good t5 and well....just short of the T6 spec I would...
  15. Saracen21

    Looking To Buy A T6, What To Look Out For?

    I'm looking to buy a T6 Highline spec 66 plate, 2l Tdi, 102ps, T28, 34,000 miles When checking round the vehicle is there any specific areas or things I need to listen out for when test driving/checking the vehicle over? Looking to get a solid base vehicle ready for conversion, Thanks in...
  16. P

    Newbie Needing Your Help

    Hello lovely T6 forum peeps, I’m after buying my first... big step for me, gona sell my Honda CRV (4yr old from new) and I’ve some money to put too... Where do you suggest I go? Don’t want finance, looking at £10.5 / £11k for my car... after a 3 /4 yr + old T6 . Ultimate aim is to use daily...
  17. B

    Wish List or Necessity?

    So its time to replace our T5 and below is what we have specified so far T32 Kombi Highline LWB 204 DSG in Indium Grey 2&1 Rear Seat Combo 4 Remote Keys Comfort Dash Twin Electric Sliding Doors Electric Sunroof Electric Folding and Adjustable Mirrors Front & Rear Parking Sensors with Camera...
  18. Dickie

    What to ask and look for?

    hello all, it's the usual here, I am a newbie just about to buy a T6, not in the brand new gang, I've done the usual I started of with a budget then saw a nice van so upped the budget, then saw a nicer van so upped the budget, then saw a nicer van so upped the budget. Even started looking as a...
  19. N

    Looking to buy my first Transporter Kombi, too many options !!!

    Hi all, looking for some guidance please. Been looking for a T6 kombi with decent spec, sportline or highline. Not sure which way to turn although the prices in getting quoted are quite high, as I suppose is to be expected. Can anyone offer me any help or suggest good suppliers of vehicles...
  20. B

    Hi , looking to buy a t6 kombi

    I purchased a t6 highline t32 180 4motion LWB panel in metallic black for work last yr to replace my old t5 . My wife loves it so much we are now loooking for a kombi for her daily vehicle that we want to convert into a day van or a full camper. So my next job is to do some research on what...