1. B

    T6.1 199PS brake pads

    Hi can anyone help me please, I need Front brake pads for T6.1 2020 199ps Vw say they have none and out of supply. can't even get after market.
  2. G

    T6.1 T32 - big brakes?

    Just bought a t6.1 kombi and these are the front brakes, are these standard on all t32’s?
  3. T6180

    Sold 2020 T6.1 199ps Factory Kombi - Huge Spec. £45k

    Before I start, let's get this bit out of the way, and it's meant with the best respect to anyone reading this. Please only message me if you're genuinely in the market for a T6.1 The price I want is a fair price for the current market and I won't be giving my van away for thousands below this...
  4. Andy Power

    MPG - 4Motion

    on my average mph I have a button on the steering wheel to show 1 and 2 for a adage mpg, which is the one I get my mpg reading from as they are both very different readings - yesterday on a trip the 1 said average 28 and the 2 said 38 mpg. I have noticed a massive difference in fuel consumption...
  5. Bumble

    Which engine output to go for?

    Hi All, Newbie question. I looking at getting my first VW transporter to convert. Which engine should I go for 102ps or the 150? Can anyone point me in the right direction for which van to go for? I' thinking of nearly new with mileage under 10k Can you recommend any dealers? Thanks, Martin.
  6. Arrow

    Does a new T6.1 have a breaking in period? Feeling sluggish, possibly a Restriction?

    Got a new T6.1 199 DSG 4Motion... Very nice however.... Do they have some sort of de-powering programme on them for the first 1200 miles or something? Or possibly just because the vehicles new and everything tight as a belt on xmas day? Reason I'm asking is because It seems a little...
  7. DarrenTT

    Which oil? 199PS diesel

    Hi all, I’m normally quite good when it comes to finding info on google etc but drawn a blank on this one. Took ownership of Burt last Friday. 199ps 4 motion dsg. I’m wanting to buy a litre of oil to carry in van just in case but do not want to pay dealer price. Can anyone tell me which oil I...
  8. huw169

    150 DSG or 199 DSG???

    Hi All I had my head set on a 150 DSG as the best option for me due to servicing costs, fuel costs and power needed. BUT..... A 199 DSG has come up locally to me that ticks a lot of boxes. I've heard all the issues of the previous gen 180 BHP engine have been resolved, but what about the...
  9. Steve Hales

    T6.1 MPG

    Just wondering what people are getting? I have a T6.1 199bhp dsg and I’m getting around 35-38 mpg and over 500 miles between fill ups, mainly A-roads and motorway driving.
  10. V

    199 vs 204

    Hi, looking to buy a caravelle, a local dealer recommends the 199 as it’s a better, newer generation engine and allegedly the 204 can suffer with reliability issues... any of it true? He’s got both a 199 and a 204 DSG vans for sale , roughly same spec and same money. thank you
  11. sportsman

    150 Bhp Or 199 BhP

    Good afternoon all I have a bit of a dilemma I am unsure weather to go for a 150bhp or a 199bhp T6.1 and I was just wondering would there be a big difference in fuel economy will be both dsg , I am not expecting big mpg anyway I am just wondering if there is a big difference between the two...
  12. czmate1999

    199 Replaced The 204 On The Vw Config...

    just wondered what people’s thoughts were on the new 199 engine spec...
  13. Californiaman

    No 204/199ps Option On Configurator?

    Hi all I've been away from here for a couple of years as I sold my T6 and went to a Crafter, but I might be changing back to a Transporter due to a lack of parking space at home. I've just been playing around on the VW configurator and there is no sign of the 204 engine (or 199 I think it is...