I saw that last picture somewhere else the other day, with a comment taking the P out of your parking skills :whistle:

There's something about the Edition that really floats my boat, class mate.
I love it, the picture would of been outside the parents house as I was visiting and couldn’t fit on the drive so I have dump it on the grass.
Looks great, I’m picking up my Edition in 2 weeks and wasn’t sure on the black spoiler but think you’ve made my mind up, looks mint
Decided to switch from the van to the Audi today, after 4 months I’ve decided to treat her to a wash.
Best €100 I have ever spent buying a car, 200k on the clock and still going strong? God bless the Germans for their quality!

Plates are ready for next years move back to the UK! Due to laws over here in Germany for us Armed Forces we can’t have private plates!

One is correctly spaced the other not so keep them both incase I get stopped by the fuzz and swap them over......