sportline splitter

  1. B

    For Sale T6 Sportline splitter/spoiler in Reflex Silver

    I’m selling a sportline front bumper that has been taken off my Kombi Highline. Colour coded to Reflex Silver. £100. Collection only Bourn End, Bucks. Pictures available shortly, just giving it a clean.
  2. General-Monty

    Exhausted from researching Sportline bumpers, and still none the wiser !! A little help please ?

    I’ve spent most of this weekend, searching this forum, researching online, visiting sites, and the outcome is I am virtually no more informed than when I started. I’m feeling a bit fed up if I’m honest. I would like some answers to simple questions, if anyone feels they can spare the time to...
  3. Lee540

    For Sale Brand New T6 Sportline Lower Splitter - £40

    Purchased by accident but don't want to pay the postage to return it. Splitter for a sportline T6 front spoiler only. Gloss black ABS plastic, brand new in box/packaging. £40 Collection in Cornwall or I'm in Farnborough on Thursday and don't mind to have it in the back of the van.
  4. Sportline_wheels_OSF_Scotland_zoom.jpeg


  5. saxoboy

    For Sale Sportline Front Spoiler - Bamboo Green….slight crack…not seen when on van - £100

    Hi guys, I have taken my sportline spoiler off to be painted as the lacquer has started to peal in places and have found a slight crack in the plastics as shown in the photos, it’s not seen when the spoilers on the van but I want it to look new if I’m painting it….so I’m getting a new one to...
  6. j4ckal

    Wanted Wtd: T6 splitter or bumper add on of some sort, what have you got? Maybe VW carbon, Sportline, ABT etc...

    I'm thinking of going back to a front splitter (for t6), unsure of what style I want yet so just wondering if anyone had one, unfitted and unloved, in the garage going spare? I'd consider any style, even full bumper add ons such as the sportline and ABT etc. Previously had a sportline and vw...
  7. MikeT6

    Sportline Front Bumper Lower Middle Part?

    Hi All, Unfortunately I hit a stray tree branch in the road earlier and it wiped out my splitter and lower middle part from the Sportline bumper….. (part circled below) Splitter is easy to replace, but does anyone know where I could get the middle part without replacing the whole Sportline...
  8. T

    T6 Sportline lower bumper/splitter fixings [Resolved]

    Can anybody tell me what these are and where they are supposed to be used when fitting the lower sportline splitter/ bumper piece? They look like riv-nuts or nut-serts to me but open to correction. Where are we supposed to put them? I bought the lower bumper off transporter and it came...
  9. N

    Insert needed for Sportline splitter

    Looking for a piece that fits in here what's it called and where can i get one,drivers side
  10. chrissielesmore

    Help! What is my lower bumper please?!

    Hi - I’ve got a T6.1 (2016). The lower bumper (if that is the correct word) has seen better days and needs replacing (I’ve hit one too many kerbs with it!) Can anyone please help me out and tell me which one it is? Of note - it doesn’t have the recesses that are (I think) front bumper sensors...
  11. zebra

    Fog-Light retrofit guide

    When I got the fog light bits off @Pauly, he said ‘take some photos’, so I’ve finally got around to writing up the fog light install for my Beach. I’ve put links to other videos and threads which explain things better than I can. Bumper removal Described many times on the forum and best shown...
  12. P

    Wanted Vw t6 sportline splitter fog surround

    In need of the left side fog surround for my t6 sportline splitter the one broke on me and need a replacement. Does anyone have a new one at all for a genuine splitter. Vw and travellinglight are out of stoke.. Thanks
  13. Eli

    Sold OEM Sportline Front Spoiler Starlight Blue. £250

    I have just removed my OEM sportline front spoiler in Starlight Blue, never been cracked or scuffed, great condition £300. Not able to post so collection only
  14. Adam_T6

    Tow extension for Sportline front splitter

    Hi all, Has anyone got the VW part number for the spacer for the screw in tow eye, used when fitted with a Sportline splitter? Q16959..
  15. chafey69

    Wanted T6 Sportline spoiler/splitter

    Hi, I'm After a Sportline lower front bumper to fit my T6, preferably in Candy White. Located in the Midlands, can collect
  16. P

    WANTED Sportline fog surround.

    Hi looking for the passager side fog surround for a genuine sportline front splitter. If you have a spair would be amazing Thanks
  17. AndyP68

    Sold Candy White Sportline Front Bumper Sold and collected.

    Sportine Front Bumper, it does have marks and has been repaired. Does come with brackets but no fixings. Collection from Gloucester. £100 ono. Cheers Andy.
  18. Bondyt6

    Sportline front bumper from Vee-Dubs Transporters

    Hi all Just wondering if anybody has fitted a sportline front bumper to t6 from Vee dubs, wondering what the quality is like compared to the Vw one which is a twice the price. Any pictures would be great Thanks
  19. B

    Sold T6 Front Bumper with Sportline Splitter - Indium Grey

    Just taken off a 2018 T6. Immaculate condition. Location: KY5 £350
  20. B

    What bumper addition is this?

    Apologies as this is probably a stupid questions. But what’s the name of this bumper? I’m going to be taking it off to hopefully fit a genuine commercial style one, so need to know what to name it when I come to list it for sale. Cheers guys