sportline splitter

  1. J

    Wanted T6 Sportline splitter, ideally starlight blue...

    Longshot, but just wondering if anyone has a sportline splitter they want rid of? Ideally in excellent nick and starlight blue so I don't have to mess about. Thanks.
  2. LambethBoy

    Wanted Front Sportline spoiler Indium grey

    As above please
  3. S

    Found Indium (would consider other colours) Sportline Spoiler front & rear. OEM if possible!

    Looking for the above for a tailgate of anyone has them lying about..
  4. P

    For Sale T6 front sportline genuine splitter in black. £450

    Bought for my t6 in black fresh paint by vw in droitwich brand new fog surrounds too. Could post but most prob best to collect. These are £670 new from vw. £500 plus postage Ono if interested
  5. Mikey2ooo

    My new money pit

    Had for a couple of weeks now, cost me a fortune for a 5yr old van from GoExplore, Swansea Swb highline 140 Pendle mapped to 175 lowered on 20” lots to buy for her, the list is growing
  6. RMWoody

    Sportine bumper + splitter indium grey and gloss black

    T6 Sportine bumper Indium grey and gloss black Gloss black add on spitter Based in Skipton North Yorkshire Collection only Open to sensible offers Very good condition just sticky pads from number plate to remove New to this page so please bare with me as this is my first sale on here
  7. Superowls

    Sold Sportline Splitter (eBay link)

    Not mine but this is for sale on Ebay at the moment, £30 starting bid. Oxfordshire. Could be a bargain for someone
  8. catfood12

    The Sportline front spoiler is truly a hideous piece of design

    There, I've said it. :oops: It's a carbuncle, a spoiler conceived by a 12 year old intern at Lego, a grisly aftermarket looking Halfords sale item. The thing sticks out like Jimmy Hill's chin, it looks like it's based on a mould created from a piece of 4 X 2, with Wickes pine half round wood...
  9. G

    Found Black Sportline front spoiler!

    Hi, has anyone got a black painted front Sportline spoiler. I have a black Sportline and just decided to rip the spoiler in two in a carpark!!!
  10. Wills

    Wanted T6 Sportline front spoiler

    Finished in Reflex Silver if possible but will consider other colours and any condition.
  11. andythom188

    For Sale New unused Sportline front splitter ,blackberry. £550

    Decided I'm not fitting the genuine sportline front splitter that i had painted in blacberry by vw van centre wrexham. All fitting kit with instruction and in excellent unmarked condition. £550 collection oswestry but do commute to picadiily manchester mon-fri if this helps
  12. The Van Cave

    Found T6 Sportline Front Spoiler/Splitter

    Hi All, I would like to get my hands on a sportline front spoiler/splitter to have a play around with. Condition isn't really important, nor is colour. It can be scratched, chipped, have minor damage such as small bumps or cracks, just so long as it isn't missing huge chunks etc then it would...
  13. J88arv

    Wanted Sportline Splitter screw/bolt

    evening all, I’ve managed to lose one of my splitter bolts that attaches it too the sport line bumper. can anybody help with a spare or point me where to get one from? thanks
  14. RyanT6

    Sold Sportline front splitter (indium grey) £250

    T6 sportline front splitter/bumper in indium grey with gloss black vents over fog lightsnever been fitted. professionally painted. Originally from transporter hq. Collection from Telford £250 will add pictures tomorrow as new condition
  15. J88arv

    Wanted Sport line front gloss black splitter

    As above please :)
  16. S

    Sold Sportline spoiler and lower splitter

    As title I have the sportline front spoiler and additional splitter for sale. These are the traveling lite versions and the spoiler is painted in deep black pearl. Unfortunately the osf corner has some damage from when my neighbour reversed into it and hence it will need some repairs to the...
  17. Jayjmac

    Found Sportline splitter

    I’m after a sportsline splitter if anyone has one kicking around.
  18. Generaljake

    Sold Blackberry sportline spoiler, oem Drls black roof bars

    Hi all been away awhile ... having a clear out t6 stuff still have a brand new VW OEM un-fitted sportline spoiler in Blackberry still in bubble wrap SOLD unused VW Oem Daytime running lights kit bought from forum shop still in box SOLD unused Gloss black LWB roof rails from veedub...
  19. G

    Sportline front splitter and parking sensor problem [Merge]

    I’ve got a t6 with the sportline front bumper fitted from new, since I bought it when I put it in reverse the front 2 middle sensors Go off. I think it must be picking up the bumper, anyone else had this or know how to resolve it? Thanks
  20. L

    Sportline splitter fitting diagram / instructions

    Hi all I recently fitted a sport line bumper to my t6 high line. I used all the fixings and followed instructions. However the bumper that wraps round the wheel arch moves slightly when pressure applied the brackets are attached correctly to the original wing/bumper and screws are tight. Anyone...