1. Wango

    Sold Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 Edition 150 SWB 2018

    Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 Edition 150 SWB 2018 + £6k worth of upgrades An excellent example of this VW Transporter Kombi Edition. Never used as a work van or carried loads only used for outdoor adventures with the family. Beautiful van begrudgingly selling packed full VW factory extras...
  2. Katoof

    Edition sticker replacement

    Hi Guys, does anyone know how easy it is to get hold of WV Edition stickers and the cost of them? The side of out Edition T6 have got a scratch running across it and if the panels need to be re sprayed the stickers will need replacing.
  3. T6Kombi-exec

    Kombi Edition conversion upgrade and learning curve.

    After admiring so many and saying one day for a couple of decades I decided now was the right time. I needed to buy a vehicle that was TAX efficient. Although my ideal, Caravelles were out as they could not be classed as commercial, at least for my purpose. I knew it was only weeks before the...
  4. IMG_8509.jpg


    My Base van - 2019 Edition Kombi 150 DSG Wanting to achieve Caravelle ride quality and rear interior seating , a bit of VEE DUB style and a bit of extra storage space in the voids.
  5. O

    Edition Spare Wheel

    I have a 2019 Edition which does not come with a spare wheel, Is it possible to get a carrier etc to hold one. How much and where from? Thanks
  6. W

    Team Kombi Edition.

    Just bought a white Edition, 8500 miles on the clock. Good things ? Lots and lots. Bad things ? No passenger seat armrests and it’ll be in for another rear bumper protector, because it’s touching on the offside. On the way back from the dealer, I popped into Asda for a bite to eat. Parked it...
  7. IMG_20191001_151438_745


  8. fezza68

    Show Me Your Lowered Van on 18" Wheels

    As the title says im looking for pics of lwb t32 running B14s on 18" rims.
  9. A

    Edition decals sought

    I'm looking for genuine edition decals for my red t6..... or very good replicas.... got some off Ebay but not right
  10. rtg1200

    White Edition Panel Van

    Hello, just introducing myself Rob from Bolton with a white Edition Panel, low on mods at the minute but looking to make it comfier in the back ply and carpet etc for now, enjoying it as it is great van. Some great posts on here too very helpful, cheers 20180615_153042 by rtg1200 posted 10 Jan...
  11. PetroHeed

    Sold Rare- 2018 Vw T6 'edition' Kombi, 7k Miles, Leds, Nav, With Upgrades.

    Id consider selling my 2018 T6 Kombi Edition, I bought this a few months back from VW Van Centre as an ex demonstrator. Immaculate condition with many upgrades. I have a project thread on here you can see. 2018 (18 reg) 150bhp 6 speed manual 7k miles (but in daily use) As new condition Being...
  12. RyanGerry

    Kombi Edition

    The first bits have started to arrive, looks like tomorrow will be a fun day. Carista and badges
  13. dennismo

    T6 Edition - Indium Grey

    I've finally joined the club! I purchased an ex-demo Indium Grey T6 Edition last week. I took it down to Leighton Vans for them to do a few of their standard mods from their LV Sportline pack... most important thing for me being insulation inside of the vehicle to make it more of a 'day van'...
  14. RyanGerry

    Kombi Edition T30 805kg Load Rated Wheels

    Am I right in saying that my Kombi Edition T30 will need to have wheels rated to 805kg if the axle load is 1610kg? My plan is to purchase Axe Ex 30 staggered 8.5” (et40) 10” (et42) Front tyres 255/40/20 101 XL Rear tyres 275/40/20 106 XL I believe they are 850kg rated? I wanted bronze but...
  15. M

    Cherry Red Edition Wheel Choice Help Needed!

    Hi guys Newbie question so go easy on me lol Just picking up a cherry red “edition” with the black roof, mirrors and graphics and I’m really struggling to choose a set of wheels, I’m not a fan of the stock 17’s so want to go with 18’s as I like the look and how they drive. I had always...
  16. PetroHeed

    My T6 “edition” Kombi !

    Some of you may have seen my post in the new memebers area a few weeks ago. Now I've done a fair few things to the Transporter I thought Id put up a sort of progress thread! Its a 2018 150 manual “Edition” model and here it is standard as purchased; First of all it got genuine VW (Eibach)...
  17. PetroHeed

    New T6 Edition Kombi Owner!

    Thought I better put my first post up after browsing the last few days! Some lovely vans on here! Having owned a T4 and T5 many years ago, then running Merc Vitos- I've just bought a 2018 T6 Edition Kombi and having come from a new Vito one thing Im loving (my bank balance isnt) is the following...
  18. M1TCH

    Edition 25 Wheels Wanted

    Anyone got a set of Edition 25 wheels they want to sell, any condition considered as long as they can be refurbished. They are the satin black ones 8.5x18 ET 50. Thanks.
  19. dennismo

    Buying A T6... Pre-registered / New With Discount?

    Hi guys! I've been wanting to buy a transporter for years now, and have finally decided to go for it!! I'm basically ready to take the plunge, but wanted to get opinions about how to go about it! I've been REALLY helped by the guys at Leighton Vans (they're local to me). I'd love to buy from...
  20. 20180209_121504