team steel

  1. Baz..SVT

    Newbie.. Introducing Myself

    Hi all This is my van iv been building for the last 4 months now.. Sorry no colour coded bumpers here..
  2. Tourershine

    Team Banded Brothers.

    I cannot take the credit for the title, this inspirational name came from the brain of @fezza68, but, I can kick off the team. Pictures of your Banded Steels are a must to join this hard metal team. I will kick off with mine wearing the King and Queen of the banded world, I will let the reader...
  3. DWS

    First Picture Post Now With New Boots!

    here’s a couple of pics of my T6, I got it in the summer, it’s a T32 Sportline Kombi SWB. It came with 19” ABT DR’s but I’d always liked the idea of some banded steels, so when @Tourershine posted his up for sale I jumped on them.... so here’s a few pics! And massive thanks to Paul as he...
  4. minmax89

    Hello Everyone! Finally Got A T6!

    Hello all, Just thought I'd introduce myself as I've been reading this Forum for months now.... I'm a small builder here in Ireland and I was running around in a very reliable Trafic for years. It was solid and never had any grief with it at all, but it was a short wheelbase and the common 8 x...
  5. Cupajoe

    Range Rover Space Savers What Wheel Bolts

    Hi all I have just received some banded 19 inch Range Rover steels can anyone advise on what wheel bolts I need? Will my original bolts work from the factory highline alloy wheels? I also need the correct spigot anyone have any links? Thanks Ash
  6. F2JON

    18” Amaroks Wanted

    Anyone know where I can get some amorak steels ? No one seems to have stock?? Cheers
  7. RyanGerry

    Found These Steelies On Fleebay

    Any used this company?
  8. T6Paul

    My New Steels

    Arrived home from my holiday today to be greeted by my new steel smoothies! They will be going on the van next week when the tyres arrive :)
  9. RyanGerry

    Kombi Edition

    The first bits have started to arrive, looks like tomorrow will be a fun day. Carista and badges
  10. C

    California And Banded Steels

    Finally decided on some wheels for my Cali MY18. Gone with some 18" banded steels in light anthracite (Van is Reflex Silver) from Duchy banded steels. I think I'm settled on 9/9.5 front/rear and am having B14s and ARBs fitted in the next few weeks so all in all I'm hoping to achieve a better...
  11. andythom188

    Banded Steels Question

    Messaged the company that do the banding for the 19" range rover space savers I've acquired, asked him to future proof them if eventually go air this is his reply . Don't want to get this wrong only want to do this once so what can I get away with on fronts and back with air Hi Andy, what your...
  12. T6180

    18" Banded Amaroks - Finally Fitted

    8.5x18 front 9x18 rears.....Not sure about the look but it might grow on me.
  13. Ed Webb

    Design Steel Wheels

    Show me your design steel wheels that look like the one below. I'm debating dropping my alloys in favour of these and would like to see them fitted to a variety of vans. I was a steelies fan on my old T4