team white

  1. Baloo

    Sold 2019 T6 Edition. Speculative sale post.

    Afternoon, I’m collecting a T6.1 this week so will likely be selling my 2019 Edition (150 DSG, twin power latching sliders, carpet lined, lower comfort dash - fitted by me - Captains seats and split rear seat) 52k miles (But increasing) It has all the usual Edition extras, CarPlay, LED’s etc...
  2. lebb2017

    Leanne’s build thread

    Just picked up my van on Saturday. Eventual plan is to fit windows all around, a pop top, some sort of bench/sliding bed and some storage cubes. I have never done anything like this, have a very basic set of tools, and mostly no clue what I’m doing! However, I plan to learn. And I’ll be taking...
  3. Dkdaz

    Black rear spoiler on white van?

    Hi all, as above I have a white van and i cant decide on the rear spoiler colour. I'm thinking gloss black spoiler to match the wheels and grilles, or do I play it safe and stick with a white spoiler? Any black on white spoiler pictures would be appreciated, either barn door or tailgate. Thanks
  4. Bobbych

    Show us your T6.1 then..
  5. J

    What colour wheel? Team White

    Hi all, I am looking at getting either 19s or 20s but not sure what colour will look the best on my white van, please help as I don't want to get it wrong. Thanks all.
  6. TinyKaris

    Picked this beaut up yesterday...

    Bit the bullet a few months ago and picked up a 9 month old 19 plate T6 Edition - had her converted by the guys at North West Dubs in Liverpool. Delighted with her... head off on our first trip away today! Here’s to a whole new way of living, enjoying life and making the most of weekends!!
  7. S

    Two tone T6 - Candy White & ??... Ideas??

    So.... we’ve got a Candy White T6 and tiring up of being mistaken for a white van man!! (Or woman in my case!!!) looking for ideas for two tone (leaning towards spraying)... thinking of retro Dove blue (looks like it can still be sourced??) or more modern Indium grey.... Thoughts / ideas / pics...
  8. Wango

    Sold Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 Edition 150 SWB 2018. £26k

    Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 Edition 150 SWB 2018 + £6k worth of upgrades An excellent example of this VW Transporter Kombi Edition. Never used as a work van or carried loads only used for outdoor adventures with the family. Beautiful van begrudgingly selling packed full VW factory extras...
  9. iawnski

    week before lockdown

  10. W

    Who in their right minds would buy a white van?

    I thought I’d wash the van today - ALL day. Small black spots all over it, interspersed with the odd yellow or brown. So I introduced it to some Farécla G3, then some lighter fluid and finally a revelation - A clay bar ! Never used one before, but the results are amazing. Tailgate, passenger...
  11. nobbyq

    anyone running grey wheels on white van ?

    lets see some pics for inspiration !
  12. IMG_8509.jpg


    My Base van - 2019 Edition Kombi 150 DSG Wanting to achieve Caravelle ride quality and rear interior seating , a bit of VEE DUB style and a bit of extra storage space in the voids.
  13. cgw

    My T6 - white swamper with pop-top

    Thought I’d put a few pics up now that I’m nearly done :)
  14. rio

    T6 Multivan Lowered Daily Campervan 2019

    Hi Mates My name is Maciek, from Poland. (Sorry for my english ;) ) Last year I bought a Vw T6 Multivan (Caravelle in UK) 2.0 TDI 150HP 4 motion It looked like this after the purchase: I made several modifications and conversion to daily campervan. - A box with drawers with a stove, sink...
  15. Pedro

    My new one, this time in candy white.....

    Picked her up a week ago, since then had few bits done to her, now just for refrigeration as she is my work van. loving every minute with her at the moment, just waiting for leather, carbon steering wheel and new abt rear diffuser, then she is done......I think !!!!
  16. snowdrop

    Polished to death

    Well, a lockdown polish, took me a day to do inside out, all ready for post lockdown adventures. Stir crazy now...
  17. S

    Black and White T6 or is it White and Black

    Hi, Slowly transforming my T6 thought id share some pics. Lots to do yet and money to spend !!!
  18. T6Sunshine

    My T6

    Hi there, Only just joined the forum so this is my 1st post, couple of pics of the T6 I brought 2 weeks ago.
  19. Samalang

    Day 1

    We bought out T6 home today! After convincing the better half weekends away in the van where a good idea in our T4 we have upgraded to a T6. This forum is a great place and you guys put so much info out there that you make this hobby genuinely exciting and open to all ( even if financially...
  20. KombiKommando

    Show us your Swamper

    I love the old Syncro vans. Lifted and with A/T tyres on.... the look of the 'Rockton' and 'MultiCamper' T6 vans really appeal to me and are much more suitable for my needs in a campervan. My conversion is pretty much done ( I will put a load more pictures up in my converion post....) and I...