caliper painting

  1. J99kom87

    What colour calipers?

    Really struggling to decide on what cool our to paint these callipers, please help
  2. Mr D

    Caliper covers

    Does anyone know the dimensions of both front and back of my brake calipers as I want to put covers on them but unable at this time to remove my wheels to measure
  3. L

    Painting brake caliper for bronze wheels - red or black ?

    Hi all Steve at crs is fitting some super metal cell 20 in bronze for me next week on my cherry red kombi I want the brake callipers painting either red or black Any tips or advice ? Black or red look the best ?
  4. Yzfr1

    Front brake calipers (manufacturer)

    Hi all, My front calipers are crusty to say the least. I can't make out the manufacturer of the caliper due to corrosion and was wondering if anyone knew who makes them. I have been looking at Auto Doc to purchase 2 new calipers that I will paint before fitting with a set of Brembo discs and...
  5. Loz

    Sold Brake Calipers for renovation/painting

    Free to collect; my Large brake caliper set I removed when I fitted my painted ones. These can be sent off for refurbishment/painting and then swapped over and then pass your old ones onwards etc. 340mm (large) front caliper standard rear caliper rear caliper carrier. Collection only (due to...
  6. DaveyB

    Removing front brake calipers

    Tried to remove the front callipers on my T32 at the weekend (big disc version), so that I can paint them (yes I know you can paint them without taking them off, but that would not satisfy my OCD), but it appears that I needed a fitting that was not in my toolbox. Can anyone confirm if it is a...
  7. Savgav1

    Are all T6 rear brake calipers the same?

    Are all t6 rear brake calipers the same part as wanna buy second hand and will have over hauled and powder coated...also has anyone fitted the front porsche brake kits. How do they rate them and any pics??
  8. R

    Does painting brake callipers affect warranty?

    Hi all ! If I were to paint my brake callipers would this affect my warranty should I need to make a claim for any work to be undertaken or should I wait until warranty expires as my van is on a 19 plate.
  9. Captain Backfire

    For Sale Brake Caliper Paint

    Neon orange, Brand new, unopened £10 Collection from my home in Hampshire or can post for £3 extra
  10. OllieGBR

    Removing callipers and brake bleeding

    Morning all I have some outlandish black paint for my callipers which I plan to apply whilst I have the shocks out. To make my life easier I’d like to remove the callipers, (I have a brake pipe clamp to reduce air ingress). How easy is it to bleed the T6? Should I worry about air into the ABS -...
  11. .50

    [Guide] Brake Caliper Refresh - a guide.

    I job I'd been wanting to do since I got the van a six months old. The brake calipers very quickly look tired on these Transporters, so I've started on the rear while the van is inside. I wanted to do a half decent job, so I removed the caliper, handbrake cable and actuater arm, but left the...
  12. Tezzzhead

    Making Brakes Look Pretty

    Hello How have you made your brakes look pretty, I'm after some pretty discs and brakes for front and rear. No point in spending 3k on forge brakes as shes not a racing van. However would really appreciate any help with pretty disc and pads for front and rear that dont cost thousands of pounds.
  13. Va6314_calibre_tourer_18_inch_matte_gunmetal_finish_alloy_wheel_1035_jb_d


  14. RyanGerry

    My Kombi Edition

    The first bits have started to arrive, looks like tomorrow will be a fun day. Carista and badges
  15. 20180927_155349


  16. Shaun Witts

    Brake Caliper Bolt Torque Value?

    I am wanting to paint my brake calipers while they are new and clean. To do this job I will want to remove the brake pads, Caliper & hanger (not as far as disconnecting the hose though). Can anyone tell me what the correct torque settings will be upon re-assembly? Thanks.
  17. Dellmassive

    Caliper/brake painting... how I done it.

    This one took a while to get around too, so there is some general chat and details below........ Then onto the the actual MOD, Plus Video near the bottom of the thread too =] Happy Watching ********************************************************************************** Any1 tried any...
  18. davmil

    Painting my brake callipers

    Hi, i want to paint the callipers on my T6 and would welcome any advice and tips, also not totally sure on the colour yet? The wheels are wolfrace assassins , Black with polished tips and the van is oryx white.
  19. Rich

    Brake caliper painting

    Hi All, Have seen a number of you now have painted the calipers. Most recently, @Amped you appear to have done it whilst detailing your van, I spotted a little tin of paint. I have seen spray cans of caliper paint available. How has everyone done it? Is it easy enough to do taking each wheel...