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  1. Stay Frosty

    Stay Frosty Senior Member T6 Pro

    As title really, was driving steadily through town here and aware that the engine was going through a regen as the revs stayed just under 1,000 rpm at the various traffic lights.What can you do though apart from grin and bear it as short of screaming the engine while slipping the clutch like a pensioners Micra in a Waitrose car park it's difficult to get the exhaust hot enough to cremate soot?

    At this point things improved massively when the orange engine shaped icon popped up on the dashboard to tell me that a run up the Autobahn at 150 mph might make the DPF happy but wasn't going to stop the tell tale light hounding me to an early grave.

    Got back home, read the handbook and apparently this engine shaped icon is to do with the exhaust but not specifically the DPF bringing myself to ask does the team think it's about time I got some sort of ECU reading device to find out what has happened or do I just throw myself off the top of the van and end it all?

    Van's running fine BTW no limp home nonsense just this latest sodding light after a week of driving around with an Adblu message which finally went away yesterday... there's plenty of Adblu onboard BTW.

    VW assist or do I have to bend over at the local dealership, cheers?:unsure:
  2. Dellmassive

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    Carista or VCDS will give you an idea what the van is moaning about . . . (it will most likely be emissions related (EGR/DPF/AdBlu))

    Carista - How I Done It -

    Vcds / Vagcom - How I Done It -

    heres a list of VW warnings : Car Warning Lights | Volkswagen UK

    all that aside just call out VW assist first, if the light stays on . . . they can scan it for you at your leisure/work/home.

    Roadside assistance: 0870 333 0475
    1. Does the lamp flash or light permanently?

    Permanently: Remove the key for 30 seconds then refit and start the engine. Go to step 2.

    Flash: Go to step 2.

    2. Is the vehicle vibrating and down on power?
    Yes: Contact roadside assistance.

    No: Go to step 3.

    3. Can you take it to an authorised repairer safely?
    Yes: Take caution while driving to an authorised repairer.

    No: Please contact roadside assistance on 0870 333 0475

    Volkswagen Roadside Assistance | VW Vans


  3. Loz

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    The engine lamp in my case was a faulty DPF pressure sensor.
    I called out VW Assist who initially offered an AA man but I declined the offer and said I would be happy to wait for a VW man, he came and fixed the sensor at home and performed a forced regen to clear the flashing coil light as well.

    Very happy as it would have been 3 weeks before the dealer could take it.
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  4. Stay Frosty

    Stay Frosty Senior Member T6 Pro

    Cheers gents, as a practising coward I've passed this one on to the boss and she's going to call VW Assistance in the morning, they replaced the Moll battery back in May so we might be lucky.

    Cheers, Dave.

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