1. mopardave

    Engine Warning Light

    Evening ladies and gents well, it had to happen sooner or later! I was driving up a steep hill this morning when I sensed something wasn't right. I looked down and saw the amber heater plug symbol light up. I stopped and switched off the ignition and then re started and it's been fine the rest...
  2. A

    EML and AdBlue message. Advice please

    2017 150 DSG remapped last week. Just driven to overnight in Wales and these lights have appeared. Do you think I’m ok to drive back to London tomorrow? Is it remap related? Should it go to vw to resolve? Thank you very much
  3. D

    EML on. [Resolved]

    Guys can someone help me, I was driving earlier today and this light has come on. it’s only one month out of warranty, has anyone got any suggestions what it may be?? Also the cigarette lighter next to the gear stick doesn’t seem to work either but I haven’t got any idea where the fuses or...
  4. Y

    Engine Management Light - P20EE/31103 What to Do??

    Van is a 2017 T32 SWB 150, owned by me from new. Remapped at circa 4k miles by Pendle - now showing 26k miles. Van software was checked at last service in August 2020 and confirmed up to date. I have had several cycles of the engine management light coming on - each time there is no...
  5. J

    SOLVED - Glow plug & Engine Management lights on

    Went to go to work this morning and the glow plug light is flashing and the engine management light is on. The van has gone into limp mode so I’ve parked it back on the drive - any ideas ? Also suggestions of somewhere in the Glos area to take it please Thanks
  6. Leehoops

    Glowplug light flashing

    hi guys my van has been parked up for a few weeks and when I drove it yesterday and noticed that when driving the coil light was flashing ? I turned engine off and re started it but the light was still flashing ! Does anyone know what’s wrong ? The van started and drove fine tia
  7. A

    Twittering noise plus flashing coil light

    Hi anybody out there have anything like this strange twittering noise does not seem to be engine revs dependant runs and drives fine , but flashing coil light ...Help please
  8. Bear

    No 3 glow plug

    Hi all The engine management light is coming , after doing a diagnostic it appears that no 3 glow plug has given up. Has anyone experienced the same and changed the glow plug? Wondering what sort of job it was ? KR Bear
  9. B

    trouble starting after cambelt, water pump, aux belt change [Resolved]

    trouble starting 2.0tdi cambelt? waterpump , aux belt change...... Hi guys changed the belts and water pump, all good, drives great, no leaks! but now wont start until 7 or 8 turns of key, and glow plug flashing ? generic code04960 which is almost anything! but think its something to...
  10. James fitch

    Loss Of Power, Weird Brake Light Issue, Flashing Coil Light [Resolved]

    So, bear with me as a bit of a weird one and not sure whether these symptoms related! van went in for service mid dec and they did the adblue update. Noticed since then it regens ALOT more than it used too, and I do short journeys so the flipping fan seems to always be running. Couple of...
  11. DubiousEngineering

    Check Engine Light - Carista Report

    Long wet drive home from north england, check engine light came on. Pulled into service station, used carista to view problem. Anyone seen this before? - reset faults, hasn't appeared again since... IMG_1901 by DubiousEngineering posted 29 Sep 2019 at 14:07
  12. CRD

    AdBlue Discussion and Issues

    O.k, so as my Kombi has been upgraded from Euro 5 140 to Euro 6 150, I've now got Adblue to get my head around, so this is a question to those in the know- how long does the 12 litres last and what would happen if you run out of Adblue? Can the engine still run on diesel only? Bit of a noob...
  13. Stay Frosty

    Engine Light Of Doom... DPF

    As title really, was driving steadily through town here and aware that the engine was going through a regen as the revs stayed just under 1,000 rpm at the various traffic lights.What can you do though apart from grin and bear it as short of screaming the engine while slipping the clutch like a...
  14. B

    DPF Regen Frequency / Issues / Force discussion.

    Dear members, I'm about to collect a new Shuttle t6 from a main dealer on Saturday and I'm a bit worried about DPF...it's a 66plate with only 17k miles on the clock. When I looked at it last week the DPF light was on (yellow warning light). The salesman explained that it hadn't had a run for a...
  15. Bernie the Bolt

    Engine Management Light (EML) on - emissions control.

    Hi all, I bought a used Caravelle last week and I have just clocked up 400 miles in it since collecting. This light came on whilst on the M25 this afternoon, should I be concerned? Cheers Bernie
  16. P

    Engine Light And Flashing Coil

    hi the engine light and flashing coil light have appeared on the dash a friend plugged his snap on diagnostic tool in and got this code 5d5e00h/611892 any help is appreciated