1. Neil Nicholls

    Glow plug light after standing

    So, i`ve been away for around 3 weeks, and started the van today. Didn`t think it was going to start, but just about did. I have the glow plug light flashing, and its in limp. Would that be anything to do with low battery ? Or something else ? Thanks
  2. DavidS

    Engine light, Ad Blue Light+Spanner & Ad Blue range..aarrgghh!!

    Hi Guru's, Need some thoughts, help, advice. Took possession of Vincent (Asbo Orange, 150bhp, DSG), and Ad Blue range was 5000miles. The engine light came on (no loss of power), parked up until next day. Jumped in stated up ..Ad Blue dropped to 650 miles and the Ad Blue +Spanner light came...
  3. P


    After a great weekend in the peak district, I got the engine warning light appear...so i called vw assist, turns out my ad blue pump is faulty...van is 6 months old with 4500 miles on the clock...now have to wait till 11th nov,for next availability for it to be looked at as not classed as...
  4. KombiKommando


    Bonjour..... Can anyone recommend a budget reader for the EML please? I've had a look on t'internet but I'm not sure what I'm looking for really....... I'd like to see what the fault is, and/or reset it. My EML has come on, gone off, come on, gone off over the last 500 miles, weirdly after...
  5. T

    engine light - T6

    Hi all. Bilbo's a 2019 T6 DSG. Had the dreaded engine light come on on about an hour in when driving back from Norfolk yesterday. In the last 2 weeks its done about 2000 miles so its not short stop start trips causing it. A mate plugged his ODB thing in and cleared it but is it an issue i...
  6. J

    Repetetive engine management fault, eml comes on during most medium length journeys.

    Fault clears okay when plugged in to VCDS. Can anyone help out ?. Wednesday,07,September,2022,09:16:27:21591 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4623.4 Data version: 20220830 DS341.0 www.Ross-Tech.com VIN...
  7. N

    Engine management light after removing passenger seat

    I removed the passenger double seat and disconnected the electrics along with those that were plugged into the drivers seat in order to remove the remainder of the bulkhead. I connected everything back up and the van has not been driven since. When I started it this morning the engine...
  8. A&A

    Emissions/exhaust light in dash

    After. Long trip to Scotland 1200ish miles I have had the following dashboard light issues: Emissions light came in first thing in the morning after stopping overnight. The following day the light was off. On the trip back the adblue warning came on showing 650miles left & said engine would...
  9. S

    EGR fault codes

    Egr valve problems Euro 6 102 Had an oil sensor go on the van the other week which through up a start stop error on the mfd called roadside assist and thay sent the AA out to me, as the AA can read the codes numbers but cant tell what they are related too, iwas then told to book the van in...
  10. K

    Advice needed: coil light

    Recently coil image came on dashboard flashing orange, soon after starting, along with "stop start error". Stopped and restarted, dashboard and message disappeared. Because I due to travel to Northumberland from sth Yorkshire 2 days later I rang people who service it to check out the issue. Took...
  11. chris5802

    Engine management light

    Hi I’ve got a 2015 t5.1 Sportline with 64k miles the engine management light keeps coming on every 1000miles or so and when checked it points to the DPF but everything is within limits.When I look at the tail pipes they are full of soot could it be the dpf breaking down
  12. R

    EML Warranty saga

    Anyone with warranty experience from a legal standpoint here who may know whether I have any options here? The EML on my 2017 T6 kombi van keeps coming on. Its a warranty issue and Breeze in Southampton have been trying to fix it under warranty but so far have been unable to - they replace a...
  13. Pablomez

    Hello from wolves. EML on after EGR valve replaced.

    Hi all just joined tonight. I've got a t6 and I'm having lots of problems with the blasted engine management light. Just had a new egr valve but light still on. Does this mean I probably need a new pdf. Doing me head in lol. Cheers.
  14. simonnwt6

    Fault 04807 and EGR :/

    So had the dreaded EML and Carista says P0401 2016 102. Euro5 55k. Pendle map. Always use vpo Anyone know what 04807 is though? See a lot of post people saying cleared code etc… Got 120 mile trip this weekend and unsure what to do. Can’t get it even seen till week after. Obv then due to go...
  15. D

    AdBlue range & yellow EML following service

    A quick query in case anyone has experienced. I had my T6 in for a service and they said they would top up the AdBlue. When it came back the AdBlue message on the display was saying a range of 6500 miles. I thought this odd as it’s normally about 4-4500 miles when filled up. I‘ve driven about...
  16. W

    Shuttle EML

    EML light. T6 150 DSG shuttle. 2019 3500 miles. Had EML come on twice now. Lost steering and engine turn off. Plugged in Calista 2 and reset. Happened again last night and same codes came up again 01838 Radar Interior Monitoring Control Module2(G305) 13180 13181 PO 341camshaft position A sensor...
  17. osman

    Intermittent engine management system fault - EML on

    Hi I did a bit of a drive on Saturday around 700 miles and this morning another 250 on the way home. After around 10 miles I had the flashing yellow coil indicator lamp that the manual refers to as an engine management fault . I then realised the van had lost power, had become spongey and lacked...
  18. mopardave

    Engine Warning Light

    Evening ladies and gents well, it had to happen sooner or later! I was driving up a steep hill this morning when I sensed something wasn't right. I looked down and saw the amber heater plug symbol light up. I stopped and switched off the ignition and then re started and it's been fine the rest...
  19. A

    EML and AdBlue message. Advice please

    2017 150 DSG remapped last week. Just driven to overnight in Wales and these lights have appeared. Do you think I’m ok to drive back to London tomorrow? Is it remap related? Should it go to vw to resolve? Thank you very much
  20. dandan88

    EML on. [Resolved]

    Guys can someone help me, I was driving earlier today and this light has come on. it’s only one month out of warranty, has anyone got any suggestions what it may be?? Also the cigarette lighter next to the gear stick doesn’t seem to work either but I haven’t got any idea where the fuses or...