1. B

    SOLVED: trouble starting 2.0tdi after cambelt, water pump, aux belt change

    trouble starting 2.0tdi cambelt? waterpump , aux belt change...... Hi guys changed the belts and water pump, all good, drives great, no leaks! but now wont start until 7 or 8 turns of key, and glow plug flashing ? generic code04960 which is almost anything! but think its something to...
  2. Fozlancs

    Warning Light

    can anyone tell me what this light means? Is it emissions or engine management? Is there anything I can do? Only bought my t6 the other week!
  3. G

    Coil Light Flashing

    Not used van for a couple of weeks so decided to run it yesterday. Driven about 40 miles half rural half city. Also filled up with premium diesel from a rural filling station. This morning set of again in van and coil light was flashing. Drove 30 mile to work mixture city and rural, light...
  4. DubiousEngineering

    Check Engine Light - Carista Report

    Long wet drive home from north england, check engine light came on. Pulled into service station, used carista to view problem. Anyone seen this before? - reset faults, hasn't appeared again since... IMG_1901 by DubiousEngineering posted 29 Sep 2019 at 14:07
  5. T

    Adblue Fault

    Hi all this is my first post. Collected my 18 month old T6 150 from Marshalls Bridgwater Van centre on 09-06-19. I live in Nottingham but didn't mind driving down to collect the van as they did me a very good deal and the van is immaculate. The day after collecting the van the Adblue range...
  6. X

    Engine Warning Light - Is This A Common Thing?

    Hi I have been trawling through this site and I keep seeing references to the MIL light going on and generally regarding DPF, adblue or similar. Are the T6 engines and issue, I will be picking up my EU6 150 next week so I would like to know if I am going to get any regular issues. Thanks
  7. Stay Frosty

    Engine Light Of Doom...

    As title really, was driving steadily through town here and aware that the engine was going through a regen as the revs stayed just under 1,000 rpm at the various traffic lights.What can you do though apart from grin and bear it as short of screaming the engine while slipping the clutch like a...
  8. Leehoops

    Coil Light Flashing

    hi guys my van has been parked up for a few weeks and when I drove it yesterday and noticed that when driving the coil light was flashing ? I turned engine off and re started it but the light was still flashing ! Does anyone know what’s wrong ? The van started and drove fine tia
  9. KevinW

    Yellow Engine Management Light?

    Afternoon all, currently heading south bound on the M5, 2hrs into a 5hr drive, Mrs driving, yellow engine light has come on? Any thoughts? It's a 2016 euro 5 so no adblue 70k miles, been on cruise pretty much the whole journey, should I be concerned about it? As we're away all weekend now...
  10. V

    Engine Management Light On

    Hi Can anyone help re the below on our 2018 edition 150bhp? Driving on the motorway today and the engine management light came on. We have a Carista and it's showing the following. The van has only done 8k miles
  11. Higgidav

    Engine Management Lamp

    I’ve had my van for 3 weeks - this morning the Engine Management Lamp was flashing on first start up. I pulled over and switched off the ignition and then restarted after which the warning light did not reappear. The van has done 6000 miles. It is worth taking it back to the dealer for...