1. A

    P2084 and P242B DTC

    hi, have error code P2084 & P242B on a T6 mulivan 2016 can any one help me out? thanks!
  2. Jongall

    Crying! DPF light

    Just listed for sale and this light has just come up! Garage job?
  3. mmi

    [T6_measured] DPF regeneration vs. short journeys

    Got curious how T6 copes with doing short journeys. And how short would be too short for successful DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration. The graphs below are result of doing short journeys - the plotted one is number 3, thus two interrupted DPF regens before this. At this stage the...
  4. Steve Hales

    Carista app DPF regen

    Had an email from Carista support today regarding beta testing a new feature - DPF regen on my T6.1. I've not had chance to try it yet but could be very useful for the those who mainly do short journeys. Will give it a try tomorrow and report back.
  5. Tsixty

    Best DPF Monitoring App?

    I have Carista (because it does all that I need and is inexpensive). I notice that there are several specific apps for monitoring the status of the DPF and regens etc. What (Android) apps are people using specifically to monitor the DPF?
  6. ddktm

    Just thought i would post this DPF clean

    Not sure if anyone has ever had this done, just thought I would post it. DPF chemical clean https://fb.watch/1D-UWMYWtf/
  7. R

    Loss of power after DPF removal

    wonder if anyone can help, my van came up a dpf fault I’ve had the dog taken out of my t6 had it mapped an there’s still loss of power but now showing no faults or codes. Has anyone seen this at all an could anyone point me in the direction the problem could be, I’ve been told egr valve or mane...
  8. RattyMcClelland

    Is there a way to turn off regen without a map after DPF delete?

    I'm getting sick of 27mpg. After 65k miles I can get 35mpg easily but as soon as it starts regens the fuel level drops and mpg drops off a cliff and it lasts for a good 35miles 3 times per tank. VW cannot find anything wrong. Don't get me started on the lumpy throttle driving during a regen...
  9. Chris J

    EGR Blanking

    I've just seen and ad for a egr blanking plate which simply fits between the egr valve and the exhaust , claims are better fuel consumption increased performance and smoother acceleration, tho it states that none of this is guaranteed . Worth a punt ? only a few quid , any thoughts ?
  10. S

    Engine Fan After Short Journeys

    Hi Guys Just a quick question, is it normal for the fan to come on when you stop after short journeys? Just driven 6 miles and when i parked up the fan came on for about 5 mins and it seems to be doing this all the time just recently. T6 18 plate. Thanks for your help in advance
  11. L

    Replace Dpf Filter

    So we’ve been told we need to replace the DPF filter on our 2015 T6 (we are currently touring Germany when the fault occurred) the engine management light / diesel particulate filter and flashing Emmission control lights came on. We’ve pulled over and are in a VW garage who are saying we need a...
  12. Stay Frosty

    Engine Light Of Doom... DPF

    As title really, was driving steadily through town here and aware that the engine was going through a regen as the revs stayed just under 1,000 rpm at the various traffic lights.What can you do though apart from grin and bear it as short of screaming the engine while slipping the clutch like a...
  13. Mick

    Warranty Work.

    So I had a loud pitched squeal when the van was warm. We diagnosed it at Rutland a fan belt issue and it’s taken 3 weeks to get an appoint Took it in to Listers of coventry cos I’m not happy with Leicester parkway. Also due an oil change. They sent me a vid of the van state whilst I was...
  14. Minkey

    Carista Dpf?

    Hi all, Got a Carista with paid app. It doesn't have an option to show DPF filter percentage. Anyone know an app that does? No motorways or dual carriageways near me so good to know when I could do with a long drive... Cheers...
  15. W

    Caravelle Dpf

    Hi. I know that ours is a T5 face-lift model but I'm looking for engine help and I think there's a crossover. Also I can't get onto T5 forums for help. Does anyone know of a reliable VAG specialist garage which can do commercial VWs near Banbury? We had the Caravelle for a couple of weeks...
  16. Dellmassive

    DPF Regen, Yellow Light & Adblue - Whats It All About? -

    DPF Regen, Yellow light & AdBlue - Whats it all about? - The DFP light is becoming a more apparent issue with modern diesel vans, unfortunately, it’s a fact of modern diesel life. what is a DPF? Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are very effective in cutting emissions, trapping even the...
  17. Westy78

    Dpf Regen & Dsg Coasting

    I’ve started to use the coasting function to try and get a few more mpg. However with the engine dropping to idle every time I’m off the throttle will this interfere with the regen? Surely a good blat at a constant of over 2000rpm will favour a complete regen cycle over interruptions from...
  18. B

    DPF Regen Frequency / Issues / Force discussion.

    Dear members, I'm about to collect a new Shuttle t6 from a main dealer on Saturday and I'm a bit worried about DPF...it's a 66plate with only 17k miles on the clock. When I looked at it last week the DPF light was on (yellow warning light). The salesman explained that it hadn't had a run for a...
  19. S

    Re-map, And Improved Mpg?

    Now all the companies who other re-mapping, claim improved mpg, but has anyone experienced it? Come on, be honest.
  20. superchargedpolo

    For Sale 2015 Vw Transporter Diesel Particulate Filter (dpf). 7e0254700j. Euro 5 Common Rail 2.0tdi

    This DPF should fit any euro 5, single turbo, common rail diesel engine for the VW transporter 2010-2015, i.e. 84bhp, 102bhp, 114bhp and 140bhp. Please check your part number before agreeing to purchase. It was removed from a low mileage 140bhp 2015 van. I was going to fit it on my van, as...