1. Andyman


    I had an engine warning light come on (Amber) roadside assistance said it was DPF sensor and vw should change under warranty Got to VW who agreed and booked it in Turns out it was not the sensor at all! The entire DPF FILTER was hanging down minus its sleeve, the theory is someone was...
  2. K

    DPF - Regeneration duration error

    Hi. Got a faultcode on my car today. 23967 - diesel particulate filter P2458 00 - Regeneration duration. have just changed the engine over for a new one, and only driven about 150km. i have tried a service regeneration, it goes like normal, revs up and keeps revving while it says running in...
  3. Steve1978

    Has anyone done an EGR delete on a Eu5?

    Curious to know if anyone has actually done this on their T6? Mine is the euro5 model. I’m tempted to do it as my light is on. Looking for people that have done it and what are their thoughts? Thanks
  4. R

    T6.1 catalytic converter protection

    While under the van today applying lanoguard I noticed it appears to have 2 catalytic converters? Can anyone confirm that both are and also would anyone recommend getting some sort of protection for them? Years ago we have a catalytic converter stolen from our sprinter van and of course...
  5. Morg

    Multiple electronic faults, codes warning lights all at once & garage discovered this!

    Anybody got the foggiest about what has happened here? 2019 T6 150 DSG 37,000miles 99% motorway Luckily still under warranty Notable Carista fault codes before it went into limp mode & then came out of limp mode & all faults disappeared, then back into limp mode with same faults & some new...
  6. O

    VW T6 Custom PID codes for DPF

    Hi, you know we cannot read DPF measurements by regular way. Only if you can see it with compatible OBD and the app called VAGDPF on Android based Head Units/Phones/Tablets. So, i want to share these Custom PID codes for using another apps like Torque OBD. You can use these codes for on any app...
  7. Raul a/3

    VCDS help with DPF.

    Hi guys, I’m in Germany, my crafter decided had enough, a damaged Dpf. I ordered a new one, today has arrived and fitted the new one. I have vcds with me, and I’m after guidance to run adaptation I think on the relevant values for a new dpf. I have used vcds a couple of times for scanning and...
  8. X

    2017 204 - DPF Filter at 60g soot above 50g forced regen limit

    I have just purchased a 2017 transporter 204 t32 with 45k miles on it The engine light is on and the coil light is flashing when i purchased it, i was aware there are issues to fix on it, so got is for a good deal I did scan it before purchase and it came back DPF issues and EGR issues as...
  9. osman

    Idle speed randomly increased to 1000 for no apparent reason

    Hi my van has suddenly decided to increase idle speed warm (up to temperature )or cold after a a lot of miles and even when first started there is no pattern .. but it’s increased to around 1000 often restarting the engine cures it but not always . Any ideas ?
  10. U

    Engine light glow plug light

    Hi I have a 2007 Vw crafter the engine light on when am driving glow plug light come on and it goes to limp mood each time I clear it come back on is there anyone can help Thanks
  11. Matchyt30

    150PS Remap done - what are your opinions?

    I had my van remapped yesterday and would just like to know people options on the results. I’m no expert at all in this area but from research I have done the gains I got compared to others with same engine seem quite low. Also the after graph doesn’t look a lot different to the before. The...
  12. A

    Clear advice for non-mechanic to help look after DPF health

    As a newbie non-mechanic owner of a 2019 T6, can anyone describe to me a simple schedule for keeping my DPF in good health? I have been trying to understand various posts on the subject but can’t seem to get a handle on how often / how far / how fast I need to drive to be getting a passive regen...
  13. Ben100

    DPF warning lamp with poor fuel economy

    Hi there. New owner and first post, sadly problems already. DPFs and fuel economy have been covered in separate posts but I can't see them related on the same thread so here goes.. At the end of Aug I bought a LWB T32 150 4M Kombi with a manual box. 68 reg with 66k. V smart in grey, twin...
  14. A

    P2084 and P242B DTC

    hi, have error code P2084 & P242B on a T6 mulivan 2016 can any one help me out? thanks!
  15. Florry66

    T6.1 Carista for DPF monitoring?

    Hi all, appreciate any feedback. So, I purchased Carista for my new 150 manual 6.1 as I’m doing short journeys until it goes off to be converted and like the idea of monitoring soot levels in the DPF and being able to regen if necessary. I’ve tried both the std App and Beta version but can find...
  16. Jongall

    Crying! DPF light

    Just listed for sale and this light has just come up! Garage job?
  17. mmi

    [T6_measured] DPF regeneration vs. short journeys

    Got curious how T6 copes with doing short journeys. And how short would be too short for successful DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration. The graphs below are result of doing short journeys - the plotted one is number 3, thus two interrupted DPF regens before this. At this stage the...
  18. Steve Hales

    Carista app DPF regen

    Had an email from Carista support today regarding beta testing a new feature - DPF regen on my T6.1. I've not had chance to try it yet but could be very useful for the those who mainly do short journeys. Will give it a try tomorrow and report back.
  19. Tsixty

    Best DPF Monitoring App?

    I have Carista (because it does all that I need and is inexpensive). I notice that there are several specific apps for monitoring the status of the DPF and regens etc. What (Android) apps are people using specifically to monitor the DPF?
  20. ddktm

    Just thought i would post this DPF clean

    Not sure if anyone has ever had this done, just thought I would post it. DPF chemical clean https://fb.watch/1D-UWMYWtf/