Vcds / Vagcom - How I Done It -

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    VCDS / VAGCOM - How I Done It -

    The current software version is :

    VCDS FULL Release V19.6

    VCDS-Lite Release V1.2

    VCDS-Beta V19.6.1

    Click HERE for More Details

    Ross-Tech: VCDS: Downloads: Current Release and Manual

    Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2/HEX-NET - Fixing a failed firmware update (see bottom of post)

    VCDS Or VAG-COM is a fantastic piece of windows based software and hardware created by Ross-Tech over in the states for VAG Group based motors.

    The great thing with this setup is that once you buy the GENIUNE Hardware cable the software and all future updates are free. =]

    Ive had the VAGCom setup since about 2010 and to be honest for the money its the closest thing to the dealer tool you can get.

    I have the older discontinued HEX-USB+CAN and have been using it for years, i have the software loaded onto a few different Windows laptops and even a Win10 based Tablet (must have a full size USB port!)


    It Is possible to run the software on a MAC,
    @kn0bby has done this: I use my Macbook Pro and just run Parallels to run a Windows 10 image with the VCDS software installed within in

    @Loz has done this:
    I run vcds on a virtual windows 7 pc running on vmware fusion on my MacBook Pro. Working perfectly.

    @andys advice was: I’m like you and Mac only, so when I got VCDS I tried using Windows in both Parallels and Virtual Box and couldn’t get the program to work properly. I object to chucking money at something I don’t need for anything else so I bought an older reconditioned Dell Win7 laptop from eBay for £120 and it’s been absolutely fine


    So what can it do? well most things really
    Read fault codes,
    clear fault codes,
    read long module coding,
    change module long coding,
    bi-directional communications,
    activate systems on the van,
    it can also activate the fuel lift pump (if you run out of derv like i did once!!)(you cant do this with Carista ! - so dont run out of fuel unless you want a call-out)

    basically anything you need to do on the van apart from programming some of the secure modules and flashing ECU`s etc.



    as always manufactures will and do upgrade the software in the BCM, ECM etc, The VCDS website shows that all vans are supported till current models,

    Though there have been some blips with the latest MY19 vans . . . .

    one interesting point may be the New "diagnostic firewall" . . .

    I read somewhere, not sure how true it was, that vw had introduced a security measure to stop wireless hacking, by needing the bonnet, (hood) to be open to accept coding. The other thing I changed was I reset all the previous attempts back to default, and then made the change through coding and not Adaptation. Bingo! Seems be working every time now . . . . . . . . . The "diagnostic firewall" with the hood shut is definitely something that exists on very new models. I'm not sure if it applies to your Transporter, though, and VCDS is also supposed to detect and inform you if the diagnostic firewall function is active.

    and @mmi - For details look into Autoscan in the link. For some modules in a MY19 T6 --- "Unsupported vehicle.Please upgrade to a current Ross-Tech interface."

    These blips are normally ironed out by RossTech with new software updates for VCDS in due course, so dont panic.



    There are other alternatives, but we can look at those later.


    Ross-Tech: Home
    Ross-Tech Wiki
    Ross-Tech: VCDS Tour
    Ross-Tech VCDS (VAG-COM) Packages :: Gendan Automotive Products
    Ross-Tech VCDS
    VCDS Module Coding List/Guide
    VCDS / VAGCOM Information & Requests


    The VCDS system has three hardware versions:

    HEX-USB+CAN (older original USB version - Discontinued)
    HEX-V2 USB (Newer USB Cable version - current version)
    Hex-Net (Newer cable USB + WIFI version - current version)

    (there are older versions of the hardware cable, but to old to mention for this write-up (KII-USB, KEY-COM, HEX-USB, KEY-USB, MICRO-CAN))

    the chart below details the main differences:




    The current software version is : VCDS Full-V18.9 & VCDS Lite V1.2 (March 2019)

    Ross-Tech: VCDS: Downloads: Current Release and Manual



    Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2

    HEX-V2 ProKit-500x500.jpg

    The HEX-V2 is available in 3 versions:

    • A "home user" version, with which use of advanced functions is limited to connection to 3 unique vehicles (3 VINs) - see VIN limits section below.
      Ideal for a household with one or two VAG cars to look after.
    • An "enthusiast" version, with which use of advanced functions is limited to connection to 10 unique vehicles (10 VINs) - see VIN limits section below.
      Ideal for hobbyists working on a number of VAG cars.
    • A "professional" unlimited version, which may be used on as many cars as you wish.
      If you are in the motor trade, you should consider this package or the HEX-NET.

    This product is the home user (3-VIN) version and may only be used for advanced functions on 3 cars.

    For enthusiast use, please see the 10-VIN package.

    For professional use, please see the Unlimited package.

    VIN Limits:
    Only some VCDS functions are restricted to use on a specific number of cars on the 3 and 10-VIN limited interfaces. Basic functions may be used on as many cars as you wish:

    Unlimited functions:
    A VIN-Limited interface can do Auto-Scans, Clear DTCs, and look at Measuring Values on an unlimited number of cars.

    If you directly connect to a control module (e.g. Select > 01. Engine), VCDS will ask if you wish to store the VIN, but selecting No will still allow the connection to continue.

    Limited functions:
    Essentially functions that actually change things in the car are VIN-limited:
    VCDS will never count a VIN toward the license limit without the user's explicit permission.

    It will always ask you first, thereby giving you the opportunity to decline to "register" a VIN in the interface.
    For more information on VIN limits please see this VIN FAQ on the Ross-Tech forums.

    VCDS Software Information:

    Using VCDS on a Windows PC, you can:

    • read and clear fault codes from all systems within the car, e.g. engine, airbag, ABS, instruments, parking sensors etc.
    • view live data from the sensors within the car
    • reset service lights (both fixed and variable service intervals)
    • read stored and intermittent fault codes
    • graph and log live data with the car running
    • automatically read fault codes from all car systems in a single search
    • perform basic setting functions, adaptations and soft coding
    • activate service functions, such as Electronic Park Brake (EPB) to allow brake pad changes
    • supports bi-directional output test and component actuation
    VCDS software features:

    • over 20,820 fault code definitions
    • free software updates
    HEX-V2 Interface Information

    Official VCDS HEX-V2 interfaces from Ross Tech LLC, that work with:

    • VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda cars with the 16-pin diagnostic socket including models using CAN and UDS/ODX protocols (i.e. almost all from 1995 to Current Model Year)
    • Pre-1995 VW/Audi cars, when used with an additional 2x2 adapter (not included)
    Coverage Notes:

    The HEX-V2 packages do NOT offer Lamborghini coverage, which is only available with the HEX-NET.

    Also please note coverage for the Volkswagen Crafter / LT3 is not as comprehensive as other VAG models, as the diagnostics systems are based on the Mercedes Sprinter.

    Ross-Tech have some function information on this page, but if you require coverage for a specific function we would recommend posting a question on the Ross-Tech forums (including the VIN of the vehicle) before purchasing to check support.

    Package contents

    Packages include:

    • Genuine Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2 interface
    • USB link cable
    • VCDS HEX-V2 'Quick Start' Guide
    • VCDS Software updates at no additional charge
    Please note that the HEX-V2 interface does not ship with software on CD - the full, licensed version of the software can be downloaded on receipt of the interface (full details provided with interface)

    PC requirements

    The minimum system requirements for the VCDS software are:

    • Desktop, laptop or notebook PC
    • 1 GHz dual-core processor
    • 1 GB RAM
    • Windows Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit editions)
    • Approx. 100MB of hard disk space
    • USB port
    Slower computers or Windows 2000, XP and Vista may work but are not officially supported.


    Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-NET

    HEX-NET ProKit-500x500.jpg

    The HEX-NET is available in 2 versions:


    • An "enthusiast" version, with which use of advanced functions is limited to connection to 10 unique vehicles (10 VINs) - see VIN limits section below.
      Ideal for hobbyists working on a number of VAG cars.
    • A
    • "professional" unlimited version
    • , which may be used on as many cars as you wish.

    • If you are in the motor trade, you should consider this package.

    HEX-NET ProKit-500x500.jpg


    That all very nice, but what else could i use?

    Carista : Carista - How I Done It -

    OBD11 :

    VCP : VCP System :: official

    Snapon Verus Pro D10 : VERUS PRO Information & Diagnostic System | Snap-on Diagnostics

    Autel Maxisys MS908P :

    ELM317 bluetooth tool


    Popular VCDS Tweeks:

    Auto-Lock 9-00-4
    Auto unlock 9-00-3
    High beam assist at lower speed (Module 20 then adaption from list)
    MPH Digital display 17-00-4
    Tear drop wipe 9-14-4

    Byte 23 bit 1 - when ticked deactivates rear fog lights while high beam is ON
    Byte 23 bit 2 - when ticked fog lights work as DRLs
    Byte 23 bit 3 - when ticked low beam works as DRLs
    Byte 23 bit 4 - when ticked DRLs turn OFF when hand brake is ON
    Byte 23 bit 7 - when ticked DRL/DRLs turn OFF when blinker or emergency lights are activated

    Byte 12 bit 6 when ticked corresponding fog light switches ON when steering wheel is turned approx. 90°
    Byte 21 bit 2 when ticked corresponding fog light switches ON when indicator is ON and speed is below approx. 25mph

    Leaving Home & Coming Home
    Byte 10 bit 1 - when ticked activates LH
    Byte 10 bit 2 - when ticked activates CH
    Byte 13 bit 6 - when ticked LH & CH work with low beam and when unticked LH & CH work with fog lights

    Another few for 09 BCM/CEM:

    Byte 03 bit 6 when ticked mirrors fold only when vehicle is stationary
    Byte 05 bit 3 when ticked audible confirmation tone is shortened by half from 40ms to 20ms
    Byte 12 bit 7 when ticked activates emergency brake warning lights for trailer
    Byte 19 bit 0 when ticked fog/cornering lights can be activated via PWM
    Byte 21 bit 3 when ticked both fog lights switch ON when reverse gear is ON
    Byte 23 bit 5 when unticked DRLs switch OFF when parking lights are ON

    Changing the Speed Display on VW T5 California Dash Insert

    Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2/HEX-NET - Fixing a failed firmware update



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    - - - - - - - Dellmassive video coming soon - - - - - - - - -

    Heres a quick look at the VCDS NEX-NET

    That was nice of to include some sweeties . . . . (the kids very very great-full)

    The HEX-NET has a USB or WIFI connection to VCDS,

    it looks like they have now got a V2 hardware device where the USB cable can be screwed into the device like the cabled version. Also a nice corner pin so you can attach a lanyard to it so you dont forget and leave it in a customers car, . . . . Good move RossTech =]


    Its slightly larger that the Cabled version,

    20190314_125705.jpg 20190314_133448.jpg
    First new scan brings up a 31103 code, no surprise there then . . . . . .

    And a 9456128 - a common occurrence if you have a Ghost imob fitted and forget to punch the code in !



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    It seems that MY19 and onwards will require new/latest generation VCDS interface eventually – HEX-V2 or HEX-NET.

    Still is partially unclear if using "old" interface the tweaking functionalities are still available on “old” modules installed on T6. A sample Auto-Scan in the link ---> VCDS & T6 MY19 suggests that the following modules possibly still could be coded using older interface (as not reported "unsupported"):
    Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) - where most of the tweaks reside,
    Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533),
    Address 61: Battery Regul. (J840),
    Address 69: Trailer (J345)​

    But then Ross-Tech Forum thread ---> MY19 unsupported suggests that even those might be gone (with updated software???)

    T6 MY19 VIN has identifier “K”: WV1ZZZ7HZKHxxxxxx
    Other model years are identified as follows: MY18=“J”; MY17=“H”; MY16=“G”
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    I connected my lead to an MY19 a couple weeks back and had this issue, I appeared to have all adaption/coding options available (I didn’t go through many modules though) but troubleshooting was limited and the stored fault codes were only showing me a very basic description with no more info available
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    Very informative. I've been looking to get hold of a VCDS or similar as I've just carried out first of my upgrades, OPS system and need to set it up.
    There's so many options but looking at it, the official Ross-Tech seems the safest route.

    Do you know if any of the distributors are offering any sort of discount to forum members?

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    just updated the HEX-NET for the beta builds (5/4/19) . . . .

    VCDS Beta 19.1.2


    20190405_095813.jpg 20190405_100808.jpg 20190405_101548.jpg 20190405_101610.jpg 20190405_101640.jpg
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    Being obsessed of tracking how things progress under the hood :sick:– now I can take a snapshot of all available measurement values and adaptations of all the modules in the vehicle with just one click. ---> Ross-Tech: VCDS: Current Beta
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    V19.6.0 released.

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    VCDS Release 19.6.2
    Data Version 20190930 / DS308.0
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