1. dave_b

    Costs for new EGR plus fitting

    I’ve had a series of engine faults, ranging from glow plug errors to EGR related errors. Having an investigation done this week, I hope it’s just a new set of glow plugs, but just so I know, what would the cost be for supply (VW OEM part) and fitting of new EGR? (It’s an independent dealer, not...
  2. S

    Crafter /Man egr problems ?

    Hi folks anyone had the same Egr problems , as the T6 ? we are thinking of a new 140 mwb for the business , thought I would ask before we do the deal
  3. 109LWB

    Egr and overboost faults. Will dealer fix?

    So I bought my van on the 27th August from a big used van dealer. I've had a few small niggles that I've just sorted myself, after all it's a 2016 van and will have some, however recently I've been getting the EML light on after a long drive and the egr flow insufficient and overboost codes...
  4. dave_b

    My engine error codes

    Recently had the MAF sensor replaced. Recently had an EGR error that was reset a few weeks ago and not come on again since. Still getting some lights on the dash. These are my codes. Looks like a need a new glow plug?
  5. C

    EGR light came on before I’d left the forecourt!!!

    Hi all. I am pretty sure your sick of hearing of EGR faults etc, but anyone still wanting to give advice would be much appreciated. So… Last week we travelled to Essex to purchased a Vw approved used t6 2017 204 dsg. All was well just about to leave for the 3.5hr journey home and the vans...
  6. J

    Recently mapped, now stalling

    Hi, I've got a 2016 t6 that's just been mapped due to EGR and adblue issues. I now have an issue with stalling the van, it seems like I can't coast along anymore. If the revs drop too low it just cuts out. I have very little knowledge of engines, so after remapping do I have to drive it...
  7. djg87

    Possible egr failure after 100 miles ?!?!

    Picked up the van from darkside yesterday. Things didn’t really go to plan while the van was there. But that’s another story. One job that did go right appeared to be the installation of a new erg cooler……. Until 80 miles up the road the vans coil light came on and eml then limp mode. Had to...
  8. D

    Diagnostics Query

    Hello I posted yesterday about a breakdown I had at traffic lights. Essentially, my engine had stopped on auto-stop and then failed to restart when I took my foot off the brake - it turned over and coughed a little but failed to run. A couple of technicians were passing and were kind enough to...
  9. C

    EGR insufficient flow

    Hi All, I've got the dreaded EGR insufficient flow fault. I've had the EML on for a month or so now. One issue was NOx and the sensor has been changed which has cured that, I now can't afford to change the EGR just yet. I know this is a string length question, but has any one out there driven...
  10. JoelSinj

    EGR, intake, turbo clean - WITHOUT REMOVAL

    Morning peeps, I was wondering if anyone has has a go with Cleaning with DFP fluid without the agony of dismantling all the components in their T6? Even removing the EGR pipe to inspect deposits in my 2017 T6 is a pig. The video on the hyperlink seems nice and straightforward and the...
  11. Steve1978

    Has anyone done an EGR delete on a Eu5?

    Curious to know if anyone has actually done this on their T6? Mine is the euro5 model. I’m tempted to do it as my light is on. Looking for people that have done it and what are their thoughts? Thanks
  12. Pembo

    For Sale EGR PIPES

    Selling two items and open to offers for either. EGR REAR FLEXI PART NUMBER 04L 131 521 BF EGR FRONT FLEXI PART NUMBER 04L 131 521 BH Small flex is brand new, never fitted as I ordered the wrong part number and seller wants 50% return fee! Large flex same as above but I did install and...
  13. C

    Power issue, 205bhp bi turbo

    Right guys, badly stuck, mechanics head is boggled. Van had recently got a head gasket replacement, and reconditioned injectors, bad diesel i think.. but now, van went great for few days after work, then apparently lost all power, black smoke, hasnt went right since. Hes checked turbo, egr, all...
  14. S

    Air Intake Issue

    Hi all, the P2279 fault - should any reputable garage be able to diagnose this fault? Air intake leak, is it relatively straightforward to find the issue? How many possible points of failure could there be? Thanks in advance.
  15. Gareth Edmondson

    EGR Delete - Wales

    Good afternoon, I've been reading a lot on here about the EGR and the costs. My Carista has shown an issue for a few weeks now and I don't have the funds to get it replaced etc. So when I discovered the term 'egr delete' and read up about it I thought this may be the the way forward. So does...
  16. S

    EGR fault codes

    Egr valve problems Euro 6 102 Had an oil sensor go on the van the other week which through up a start stop error on the mfd called roadside assist and thay sent the AA out to me, as the AA can read the codes numbers but cant tell what they are related too, iwas then told to book the van in...
  17. V

    2016 180 Bi turbo CFCA engine failure is the EGR valve corrosion the cause of the scored and worn out bores

    Hi all Just stripped down and rebuilt the engine on a 2016 T6 180 bi-turbo CFCA engine after it failed on the A557 heading for Widnes originally had the van recovered to VW van center Liverpool for repair as I thought it was just a failed injector. After a couple of weeks, they said it had no...
  18. K

    AdBlue & EGR delete - possible?

    Evening all is it possible to map out the egr and adblue on my 2016 102hp getting a bit prepared for it as a possibility rather than replacing every single part on it ?
  19. R

    EGR easy to remove and clean?

    Engine management light popped up saying about insufficient egr flow. Deleted fault and not come back on but I'm looking to take it off and clean it. Is it easy enough?
  20. Magpie1832

    Egr rubber pipe

    Hi all. Having a nightmare. I stripped egr off other day then get the new one from TPS. It doesn't come with the rubber/metal tube that joins the egr to the housing on the block. Mine stuck in old egr and getting it out damaged the rubber. According to TPS you have to buy the whole housing at...