1. BlayneKinley

    EGR DIY replacement advice

    Evening all, I have done a search on the forum but haven’t uncovered some advice I MIGHT require. Firstly, I own a 2015 VW T5.1 140bhp 6 speed manual that has covered 38,000 miles. I’ve had my local garage scan the error codes and reset a few times over an 8 month period for a flashing coil...
  2. F

    Trouble in paradise? Glow plug light/ EGR?

    Future larger troubles on the horizon....... I have a 2016 euro 6 204 4m dsg with a pendle remap. Other night after starting and driving for a minute the glowplug light started flashing, I had to pick something up so engine off then on and everything fine for the next hour on the...
  3. VW camper

    EGR issue, vote please

    I'm looking for a vote for my van 5 years it's T.5.1 year 2014 ( I'll be be buying also a T6 soon) The T5 has Egr issues usual the BS. My question to all feel free to Express your selfs, WOULD YOU RECODE/ BLANK THE FAULT OR replace the fittings ETC for 800euro +
  4. G

    T6 140bhp EGR valve adapt and test, and torque settings??

    Hi T6 Forum members, I’m going to embark on replacing my EGR after the usual ongoing insufficient flow fault. I have a Valeo EGR ready to roll, happy with doing the swap myself, but does anyone know if the VCDS Adapt and test configuration mentioned in YouTube videos is essential (I don’t have...
  5. Pablomez

    Hello from wolves. EML on after EGR valve replaced.

    Hi all just joined tonight. I've got a t6 and I'm having lots of problems with the blasted engine management light. Just had a new egr valve but light still on. Does this mean I probably need a new pdf. Doing me head in lol. Cheers.
  6. L

    Software Version - EGR flush

    Hi im running version 4047 what benefits would I get having an update, as I have a EGR flush on Friday thanks
  7. A

    P2084 and P242B DTC

    hi, have error code P2084 & P242B on a T6 mulivan 2016 can any one help me out? thanks!
  8. J

    EGR and Turbo failure - related?

    I took delivery of my 67 reg DSG T6 in December 2017. I decided to add electric side door and tailgate with conversion to camper van in mind at a later date. After 12 to 18 months the coolant level indicator came on so I topped it up without thinking too much about it. Following that I...
  9. spook


  10. Markab04

    EGR valve error code 401

    Hi I have cleared code 401 3 times but , engine management light has come back on 3 times I suspect it is blocked egr cooler, I have took pics off freeze frame does anyone know what these readings are on freeze frame in pictures tia
  11. Kaydee963

    Should I or Shouldn't I ? - BiTdi EGR worry!!

    Hello. Can anyone help me please. I am new to the world of VW Transporters. I am thinking about buying a 2017 VW T6 Transporter T30 HighLine DSG Tdi BMT 2.0 BiTDi. It was registered in April 2017 and has 64,000 miles on the clock. It was serviced by a VW Van Centre 21k and then by a VW...
  12. LakesT6

    EGR Issues - Ongoing problem.

    Van spec: MY18 204tdi DSG, covered 43k. During the warranty period the EGR has been flushed 7 times, approximately every 6k miles. The last flush was done in January 2020. Each time the fault code was P0401 EGR insufficient flow. The warranty expired in February and the van is now showing the...
  13. Jay

    Best example of how your egr works.

    nicked from Facebook.
  14. J

    Has anyone had issues with T32 4motion 204bhp?

    Has anyone had issues with T32 4motion 204bhp, bought one just out of warranty in the summer and all though it has full service history with vw and has had fly wheel ERG changed has been towed into Vw as has broke down making a terrible rattling sound , I have now been told that it will...
  15. T

    Vw T6 102 EGR swap?

    Hi guys, I've got a T6 102 which is showing an EGR fault on Carista but nothing on the dash. driving - under load at 60/70 when holding the throttle at a set point, after a minute or two the van will begin to lose power. Simply lifting off and back on the throttle clears the issue, as does...
  16. Scott6

    loss of power [Resolved]

    Hi guys, my van is making a loud hissing noise from the engine when putting my foot down and there is a huge loss of power, I'm presuming it's a boost hose? that's come off or split? anything else i should be looking for? there is no engine light on. while the van is idling it won't rev above...
  17. A

    Which bike rack should I get for 4 cycles?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a towbar attached bike rack for 4 cycles that tilts enough to be able to open the tailgate on a T6 Caravelle.
  18. Loz

    EGR Delete

    As far as the engine goes, I think an EGR delete would be worth it post extended warranty..
  19. L

    What is on top of t6 150ps engine?

    Hi all, New on this forum. I bought a t6 calif 2016 with 11000kms. On top of the engine seems to have a intercooler, what exactly is? How do you access glow plug ? Don't have to change right now but I'm learning my new toy ;-) Thx all, Regards.
  20. J

    Yep, another potential owner

    Hi all, Firstly after looking at the info on here clearly you lot know your stuff so I am in safe hands! I am looking at buying a Ex-demo 2019 T6 2.0 TDI BMT 102 Highline Kombi Van Euro 6 with 15k on it from VW dealer directly for around 26k inc VAT, for a family van for day to day and to...