1. B

    Continual errors despite EGR, TCV and MAF being replaced. 102 CAAB engine T6/T28

    Recently had my EGR replaced, van was running great. a day later I got P0101 (MAF) and PO299 (Underboost) on my simple Ancel VAG reader. Replaced the MAF and TCV with Peirburg ones. 10 mins driving and the glowplug/coil light was flashing ... again .... but it would still rev okay, no...
  2. S

    Egr flush ,any alternative to VW?

    My EML came on its the egr again this is the 5th time it's been flushed. My problem is we are heading to Mull on Wednesday,VW can not fit the van in for 2 weeks ! The van is running fine and it's a real pain in the ass getting to the dealer,is there an alternative to the VW flush ? I know...
  3. Alexzeat

    EGR, what best to do?

    Hi To all. i have a 102hp Engine from 2016, and i have problem with the light of EGR codes, it turn off and turn on constantly. I dont know how can i do. Can you help me with your experience? 1. Buy new EGR and replace it. 2. Clean the EGR. 3. Delete the EGR with programing. Thanks you
  4. D

    Engine light came on while ..

    Hi, I was on the motorway doing 65 in cruise control and the engine light suddenly came on . I had no loss of power and engine sounds smooth. Called the garage I bought it from and they were great said bring it back asap and will get it fixed . However I am 3 months into 6 month warranty and...
  5. Gerardmelias

    Coolant consumption - EGR cooler broken? [Resolved]

    Hello All, I hope you are doing well. I'm writing to you because I'm facing out into a coolant problem... For a month I experimented with coolant consumption in My VW T6 Multivan 2.0TDI DSG 4Motion, (CXFA). I got the red light alarm with the message "coolant low" 4 times... the first two...
  6. F

    main dealer EGR cleaning - what's involved?

    hello all, I tried searching here and google for an answer but nothing came up... How do the VW dealers clean the EGR? I assume they disconnect the EGR pipes and then connect a machine that runs a cleaning fluid through the EGR, or am i expecting too much ?
  7. Keaney

    T6 204ps white smoke and battery? [Resolved]

    Ok weird one… van has been sat on the drive and not getting much use but this morning did a good 20 mile no problem. Gets back to the vehicle at the local supermarket and it doesn’t want to turn over. Every time I try the clock resets to 00:00. Then got a coolant low warning… checked the tank...
  8. thebueso

    T6 - Fumes smell into the cab

    Hello everyone. I Just discover this forum searching in google about the problem with my T6 and I decided to open a Post to share with all of you what happens to me and the steps I'm getting... Maybe will be interesting for someone... My problem is that I have exhaust smells into the cab of my...
  9. Roblee

    EGR valve rust.

    My 2017 T6 went for mot yesterday, it passed but I opened the bonnet after returning home and noticed a great deal of rust on what I think is the EGR valve. I don't remember it being like that last time I checked my engine. My T6 is a 2017 model, Im sure I would have noticed the rust before...
  10. Carpinus

    EGR Valve

    Caravelle Generation 6 DSG 204 November 2016. 22000 miles. Started vehicle and found the glow plug warning light flashing and the engine management light on - also stop/start error shown on MFD. Visited a local garage for a diagnostic read of the fault codes and returned code P040100. They...
  11. Brindle

    EGR service / clean in West Mids / Staffs

    Anyone recommend a company to do an EGR service or clean in the Midlands? Cheers
  12. R

    EGR Delete issues

    EGR delete issues…. I have been speaking with a tuner and he said you don’t need to perform an egr delete as the map can permanently shut the egr valve. You also map the code out. I’ve looked into an EGR delete a lot but never heard of a map shutting the valve and blanking plates would be the...
  13. R

    EGR Delete Costs - Complete job

    How much should I be looking to pay for EGR delete and remap - job done! Just don't want to be ripped off. Also, when getting the remap done is that just a basic flash to remove the code or will this also see a performance increase? I presume we have flashing options?
  14. BlayneKinley

    EGR DIY replacement advice

    Evening all, I have done a search on the forum but haven’t uncovered some advice I MIGHT require. Firstly, I own a 2015 VW T5.1 140bhp 6 speed manual that has covered 38,000 miles. I’ve had my local garage scan the error codes and reset a few times over an 8 month period for a flashing coil...
  15. F

    Trouble in paradise? Glow plug light/ EGR?

    Future larger troubles on the horizon....... I have a 2016 euro 6 204 4m dsg with a pendle remap. Other night after starting and driving for a minute the glowplug light started flashing, I had to pick something up so engine off then on and everything fine for the next hour on the...
  16. VW camper

    EGR issue, vote please

    I'm looking for a vote for my van 5 years it's T.5.1 year 2014 ( I'll be be buying also a T6 soon) The T5 has Egr issues usual the BS. My question to all feel free to Express your selfs, WOULD YOU RECODE/ BLANK THE FAULT OR replace the fittings ETC for 800euro +
  17. Bigsidavies

    EGR leaking coolant

    There is a coolant leak from the rear of my egr cooler.. It’s hard to explain where, but I’ll try. On the rear of the cooler is a casting which appears bolted to the main cooler body. This has a sensor wire and a couple of pipes to it and the rear egr pipe. In this casting is a small...
  18. G

    T6 140bhp EGR valve adapt and test, and torque settings??

    Hi T6 Forum members, I’m going to embark on replacing my EGR after the usual ongoing insufficient flow fault. I have a Valeo EGR ready to roll, happy with doing the swap myself, but does anyone know if the VCDS Adapt and test configuration mentioned in YouTube videos is essential (I don’t have...
  19. Pablomez

    Hello from wolves. EML on after EGR valve replaced.

    Hi all just joined tonight. I've got a t6 and I'm having lots of problems with the blasted engine management light. Just had a new egr valve but light still on. Does this mean I probably need a new pdf. Doing me head in lol. Cheers.
  20. L

    Software Version - EGR flush

    Hi im running version 4047 what benefits would I get having an update, as I have a EGR flush on Friday thanks