1. Van Buddy

    EGR Pipe Failure

    Just replaced the rear egr pipe, split and filled cab with fumes. VW have seriously modified this problematic part, cast elbow and a flexi that actually does flex.
  2. D

    Egr blanking

    Hi I’ve got egr problem I heard it can be blanked off remapped no problem and it won’t damage the DPF. Has anyone done this?
  3. Glennpea123

    EGR valve fault

    Hello all My engine light has come on again on my T6 . It has again shown up as this fault - EGR- on diagnostic tool. Looks like I’ll have to purchase one or is there another fix that anyone knows of? If not are they easy Enough to fit cheers Glenn
  4. J

    Egr flexipipe

    Hi all I have t6 204 on a 67 plate noticed exhaust smells in the cab and hissing outside like split exhaust sounds like shit so I heard a few people on here saying cheap replacement from tps easy job etc so I went to Vw ordered a new part got hit with £146 for replacement with gaskets and new...
  5. S


    Given the poorly engineered EGR cooler does anyone know of any specialist company that has taken on the task of supplying an improved version.... Huge potential for someone to make a living out of these...
  6. S

    My Egr Valve

    EGR valve on my 2016 102 BHP t6 It’s been flushed once at 14000 miles Can anyone tell me if this is a revised unit From theses numbers please
  7. E

    Leaking Egr

    My 204 Dsg has just failed its first M.O.T with a leaking EGR but fortunately still under warranty. Has anybody else had a similar experience or knowledge of this problem?
  8. Westy78

    Egr Warranty Extension

    Took my van in for a few jobs whilst still under warranty. Was told that there was an egr fault. They apparently followed a procedure and were expecting to have to flush it out but upon collection I was told it didn’t need the flush. Checked with carista and egr fault still present. Back to the...
  9. B

    Diesel Smell

    Hi all on I’m getting a strong diesel smell inside the vehicle not always there but getting regular now, van is 67 plate 204 DSG It’s not there on start up from cold but if the van gets hot and I stop say in the shops for 20 mins it’s there after that start up for at least 5 mins then clears...
  10. B

    Replacing Egr Cooler On A 180bhp Engine

    Ok not aiming for a how to but just replaced the egr valve and cooler on my van. Van is a 2015 T6 kombi, dsg and 4 motion with the 180bhp CFCA engine Was throwing egr related fault codes and putting it in limp mode. Had never noticed it using any oil or water so wasn't too worried about...
  11. GONA66

    180 Hp Bi-turbo T6. ( Australian Spec).

    Morning all, looking for advice please. Having read previous stories of the 180 bhp model suffering from increased oil consumption etc,etc ,is the latest 2019 T6 180 hp model ,still an issue ? or is all sorted. I've contacted VW commercial and the person I spoke to seemed uncertain , but...
  12. P

    Egr Location On T6? Cxgb Engine ?

    Hi Guys, Can someone please advise where the EGR valve is on the 2.0 T6 engine ? I had a fault come up with the EGR valve and I suspect it may need changing, just weighing up if I do it myself or pay for a garage to do it. Cheers
  13. Mkgolfnutters


    Morning We have a T6 204 it has been going a lot of regen lately so thought I would scan for codes even though no lights on the dash just to be on the safe side and it threw up the above code. So phoned VW to get booked in to get them to check it out the service lady said it might want a flush...
  14. N

    Egr Replaced - No Cruise Control And Weird Display Readings

    Hi Guys Got a problem. Im selling my T6 (2016 - 102 T28 with 57000k) and had a diagnostic done showing: P040100 - EGR flow insufficient Had a totally new EGR, engine flush, oil change and service - Then it showed P144000 - EGR Vaccuum regulator solenoid valve open circuit P040500 EG...
  15. E


    Address 01: Engine (2D2D2-CXHA) Labels:. 04L-907-309-V2.clb Part No SW: 04L 906 056 KM HW: 04L 907 445 Component: R4 2.0l TDI H02 3800 Revision: 23002001 Coding: 00194014430401090000 Shop #: WSC 02737 790 50316 ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM20TDI03004L906056KM...
  16. TitanCamper

    Dpf Warning Light- How Common?

    Having driven 500 odd miles on motorway from Cornwall to Glasgow I parked up the van. The next day I drove into Glasgow (8 miles mainly 30mph zones) and on the way back got the yellow DPF light. Having half a tank of diesel, I know I need to now drive at 50mph / 2k rpm for x miles whilst...
  17. P

    13 Faults Found

    I have Shuttle SE LWB EU6 150 PS 2.0 TDI BMT 6sp Manual and it’s only 3 years old . Week ago warning lights comes on and I called AA found Total 13 Fault after Diagnostic. I really don’t know what should I do because warranty has been expired.
  18. Stay Frosty

    Engine Light Of Doom...

    As title really, was driving steadily through town here and aware that the engine was going through a regen as the revs stayed just under 1,000 rpm at the various traffic lights.What can you do though apart from grin and bear it as short of screaming the engine while slipping the clutch like a...
  19. mackmaya

    Egr Solved???

    Hi all, does anybody know if the EGR leaking problem affects all years of T6, or if vw have solved it with an upgraded one etc...cheers.
  20. steveo1986

    Replacement Egr & Losing Coolant

    Morning all, So over the last 3 weeks my 2016 T6 150 Euro 6 has been slowly losing coolant and I have had to top it up on a few occasions after the warning light came up on the dash. I finally got it booked into my local VW dealer and they kept it for 2 days to have a look at. I got a call...