1. Westy78

    For Sale Modified EGR rear pipe £50

    Rear small EGR modified pipe. Part No V04L131521BH and gaskets. Fitted at 46470miles and removed at 50854miles. Only changed as new modified turbo required different EGR pipe. £50 plus postage.
  2. D

    endless 199 engine problems

    Hi Got a 67plate highline combi 4 motion 199 engine converted to a camper. 63000 miles 2021 was burning a bit of extra oil for a while until the engine light came on so egr was replaced march 2023 (clutch and fly too). this delay of action and continued driving and topping up was when a family...
  3. C

    EGR Valve Self Test Procedure (IDE00242)- P046C?

    So, I've been getting the all too common P046C fault code along with P2457 (Insufficient EGR Cooling Performance). Neither alone will flag a check engine light but combined they sometimes seem to. To try to figure out what is going on, I ran an EGR Flow test on VCDS using instruction from @mmi...
  4. K

    EGR Cooler change - blank & map out..

    Hi, Just wanting to improve my understanding.. If an EGR Cooler is blanked off.. Will this mean that that the DPF blocks up / blocks up quicker? Also, will the DPF still continue to function as VW intended / function effectively without adversely effecting the engine? Understand that the...
  5. X

    EGR error codes P040D00 & P040C00 (temp. sensor)

    Hey! First post here, was mainly reading until now. Roughly two weeks back I finally got a T6 transporter (CXHA) with 150k on the clock. The van mostly stood still other than the drive back from the dealer (~120km), since I'm preparing it for the conversion. Yesterday on a short drive the...
  6. V

    EGR conundrum

    Hi All. I have an orange light on the dash. Plugged in the trusty reader and it’s showing Erg EGR valve needs cleaning. I have bought a can of wynns erg cleaner but not sure where on the air intake system I should spay ! Can anyone help? I have attached a pic if that helps. Cheers Rob
  7. C

    204ps Oil Consumption and EGR Delete - An attempt at a summary

    A lot has been written on this and I've read it all. I thought it might be useful to try to summarise in one spot. I'll break this down into single statements and questions so it's easier to agree/disagree/answer. Please take a read and comment if you think any of this is incorrect. 1. The...
  8. E

    EGR Failure ongoing issues

    I have a 2018 T6 California which I have owned for approx 2 years. Last summer I started losing large amounts of coolant and it took quite a few months (and the van behaving poorly) before it was diagnosed as being a faulty EGR. This was fixed just before Christmas and everything seemed ok. Then...
  9. mmi

    [T6_measured] 01-Engine - Built-in test for EGR

    So it seems - inevitable P0401. Well, visited a VW garage to be tested - the van had accumulated 30 events in ECU's memory since July 2021 (since 20 months now). Eventually managed turn on the emission light at event number 31 - thus had a priviledge to have EGR flow tested. The result -...
  10. H

    EGR cleaner spray

    Hi, Somewhat of a mechanical novice here I’m afraid but wanting to learn. I have an intermittent engine light related to EGR that comes on my T6. I’ve read some of the threads about using spray cleaners and my intention is to get it booked into a garage for a proper job at some point. In the...
  11. Flanagans323

    EGR Deleted but... Some new fault codes P04CE and P04D0 Temperature Sensor

    So, I have had the EGR assembly removed completely, blanked off and a coolant bypass pipe fitted due to a coolant leak suspected from the EGR cooler. However, despite the tuners efforts I'm assuming a temperature sensor is still being read and needs to be "disabled" perhaps. Would any of you...
  12. kjohnr2001

    EGR identification help….

    Hi all, got a major headache with a 2017 T6 EGR…. Cant identify the EGR - can anyone please let me know from the attached drawing which make and model it might be (yellow highlight)? Thanks all, appreciate your help
  13. T

    Guzzling coolant

    Had my EGR valve replaced under warranty about 6 weeks ago, went away for a month with work, came back to empty coolant reservoir. Mrs has been driving it whilst I've been away... (scratches and a dent have now appeared also =( but that's for anither thread!) I've subsequently filled it up...
  14. racT6bus

    EGR issue (Confirmed) P0401 - Help!

    After spending a small fortune (luckily a lot covered by the RAC warranty) fixing numerous issues with my T6 including replacing drive shafts, stub shafts, alternator, front main oil seal etc. my van is finally driving great….. until the engine light came on yesterday when on the M25 after about...
  15. H

    Egr delete and re mapping. Yes or no?

    Egr delete and re mapping. Yes or know? Information I could do with as I’m looking for my first T6. Thanks all!
  16. P

    ECU update + EGR delete

    I recently had an EGR delete on my 2016 T6 to try and fix my EML woes. After reading further up on the forum, I would have probably been better (at first at least) to update the ECU to the latest version. My question is, if I take my van to VW for the ECU update will the EGR delete be...
  17. mmi

    [T6_measured] Monitoring DPF regeneration, DPF condition, EGR operation

    Here's another approach for T6 DIY enthusiasts - taking advantage of very popular Carista OBDII-reader device - combined with an Android app. Ingredients: T6 EU6 engne: CXEB,CXEC,CXFA,CXGA,CXGB,CXGC,CXHA,CXHB. Carista OBDII device (also other generic OBDII (ELM327) devices will work) Android...
  18. steven mitchell

    Dpf filter issues

    Hi all, had my van full serviced a month or 2 ago and now it has issues with the Dpf filter. The yellow coil started flashing when I got close to work, left it all day then set off back home, the coil light came back on within 5 mins and went into major limp mode then died on me!!! And I could...
  19. dave_b

    Costs for new EGR plus fitting

    I’ve had a series of engine faults, ranging from glow plug errors to EGR related errors. Having an investigation done this week, I hope it’s just a new set of glow plugs, but just so I know, what would the cost be for supply (VW OEM part) and fitting of new EGR? (It’s an independent dealer, not...
  20. S

    Crafter /Man egr problems ?

    Hi folks anyone had the same Egr problems , as the T6 ? we are thinking of a new 140 mwb for the business , thought I would ask before we do the deal