tow bar self fit

  1. brian smart

    Enabling tow bar in VCDS

    hi i have fitted after market tow bar electrics by right connections which needs coding although i can see the tow bar module it is not enabled and i can not see how to do it i do have vcds thanks brian
  2. M

    2021 transporter pfj 7 pin towbar wiring non prep advice

    Hi I’ll be installing a towbar on a 21 plate transporter tomorrow, it doesn’t have trailer prep so I have a kit from pf jones coming. Any advice best routing to go from back to front? I see it gives options when it comes down near pedals. How do I know which one I should do?
  3. S

    Westfalia Tow bar electrics kit

    Hope someone can help here, I'm halfway through fitting a Wesfalia Tow bar to my 2017 Shuttle. So I'm looking specifically at the point were three wires are connected to the extra fuse bar thats under the passenger seat. Now the instructions say that the three cables are fitted in spots 5,6,7...
  4. K

    Tow bar electrics - replace aftermarket unit with OEM?

    Hi got a t6 with a after market relay box fitted in the rear of the van I’ve seen genuine loom for sale dose any one know if it will be easy to install with out any instructions I would like to get rid of the after market box wired of the bk lights also I’ve got a strange fault code (trailer...
  5. paulh123

    PFJones 7-pin tow bar wiring without Prep

    I’m fitting a pfjones 7 pin wiring kit. My t6 doesn’t have tow bar prep and is therefore option 2 in the wiring instructions. That’s probably irrelevant because - I’ve remove all the lower dash under the steering wheel and it says there is white can data and a black network control to wire into...
  6. J

    Westfalia detachable tow-bar self-fit [Guide]

    So I decided to purchase the Westfalia detachable tow bar this week and set about fitting it. I bought the towbar and dedicated electrics from PF Jones. I've fitted it to a 2017 T6 and taken a few photos which may help someone. Not a bad job, but I'm fortunate to have ramps at our garage. It's a...
  7. Simon66

    Tow bar electrical installation

    Hello all, My panel van that is currently away being converted has a tow bar but no electrical connection for it. The plan is to get it wired in at a later date but I'm now wondering where the electrics for the tow bar would plug into the rest of the van and if they'll be accessible after the...
  8. V

    Westfalia Tow Bar electrics - 2019 Multivan

    Good day all, I have a problem. I have a VW T6 Multivan Trendline Liberty, year 2019, 2000ccm, 150 PS/ 110 KW 4 Cylinder TDi Common Rail EU6 SCR Diesel. Rails on the floor. Seats 1 triple and 2 single, fully removable / sliding. I sent email to Westfalia. Send chassis number, make, model...
  9. OllieGBR

    VCDS tow bar question

    I fitted my own tow bar and VW wanted too much money to program it. It's the Westfalia with OEM electrics from PF Jones. I'm just about to receive my VCDS unit and want to make sure that I don't need the tow bar prep to enable the features via the programming. I hate the reversing sensors...

    Towbar electrics fitting without TP

    Usual problem, I look at the threads and nothing pinpoints to what I want the answer to be... WHOS fitted the PFJones Detachable towbar PROPERLY and not just wairing into a light Loom at the rear. my van hasn’t got towbar prep, is this something I can attempt myself and manage ??or is it a real...
  11. OllieGBR

    Towing Programming

    I’ve got a quote from VW @£102 for programming the ECU to inform it that it could be towing ‘something’. (I’ve fitted a Westfalia towbar). The light et al work, so what exactly changes within the ECU? Secondly is it worth investing on a programmer and doing this myself? Will I re-use it...
  12. OllieGBR

    PFJones Towbar fit

    Just so you're aware, the small component parts listed on the PFJones website as additional requirements for the Westfalia detachable towbar fitment. listed as washers etc; From VW they are £50!!!! Think of this before you order! My Towbar arrived this morning, I'll hopefully be fitting it on...
  13. Joblue

    Where to buy towbar and at what price? DIY

    I need to get a tow bar fitted to tow a small trailer, I have had a few quotes but just wondered what you guys might suggest as a reasonable price. Also should I get a removable or fixed hitch and will any electric work affect my warranty?
  14. H

    Towbar Preparation Question

    Hi, I am specking my T6 and have opted for the towbar prep. I am a little confused as to exactly what VW provide here and wondered if anyone has specified this on a new build before and can clarify please? In addition to the actual mounting points for the towbar and coding, I am confused if...
  15. Josh Corps

    Fitting Tow Bar Kit

    is fitting a tow bar a relatively easy task? The van is pretty much stripped already so I figured now would be a good time. As with everything I would like to save money and do it myself, I'm an electrical engineer but where I get tripped up is when I'm working with modules and confusing wiring...