1. Andy Power

    Squeaking from engine

    Hi all, when I start up my T6 there’s a squeaking sound coming from the engine…a while back I has the recall work done and also the timing chain at the same time as recommended, lately I’m getting this squeaking from the engine particularly noticeable on cold starts…I’m really worried that it...
  2. Jay

    Squeeky bum

    My bus seams to have developed a squeaky bum. Mainly when going over small bumps at slow speed. I had h&r coilovers fitted last October by @CRS Performance. I know its had to diagnose with limited info, but would this be more likely to be the suspension bushes squeeking. I haven't had a chance...
  3. S

    Noisey T6 Engine - squeaking

    I have a 67 plate 23k mile's 102 bhp and it got a squeaking sound coming from the os of engine when running, sound loud when outside van and can hear inside. Sounds from cam cover side, does anyone has anyone an idea what it can be or similar experience?
  4. DubiousEngineering

    Squealing Or Squeaky Pulley Wheel

    hey all... When I first start the van in the morning I hear an intermittent squeaking noise for about 1minute ... it sounds like pulley belt bearings... Has anybody else experienced this on their van? ... it’s only got 30k miles ... Anyone got advice on where to look? I’ll get the camera...
  5. dubdub

    OMG At Last!! Ceiling light rattle sorted

    Hi all, Since getting my T6 2 years ago I've been driven mad by intermittent rattle, I've spent a lot of time, money and effort soundproofing which works great but the down side is you hear more internal noises and this one has driven me nutts! It was one of those ones that seem to come from...
  6. 9

    Removal Of The Drivers Captain Chair

    Forum expertise needed please. I have a squeaky creaky drivers seat and read on the forum that removing it, turning upside down then spraying with dry lube could fix it. I have a captains chair with heated seats but no idea how to remove it. Q: would i remove the full chair or just the seat...
  7. Olly T6

    Seat Squeak

    Someone mentioned spraying some silicon spray on something which part was it? Was it you @T6180 i did the tailgate and it’s fantastic! No noise at all now
  8. Lord Mfwic

    Squeaky Rear Kombi Seats.

    My van has developed a squeak over the past few weeks coming from the rear. It only happens when driving along slower road through towns which are normally in bad state of repair. Today I needed to pick up some materials so removed my rear seats. Now the squeak has gone so it must be the rear...
  9. New2t6

    Tailgate rattle

    done 1000 miles in new kombi now and still can’t locate rattle coming from rear tailgate area. First thought it was jack-removed-still rattling......then thought it was boot lid inner handle bumping against tailgate when going over bumps....nope.......I can only think it’s wires behind the...
  10. L

    squeaky pop top

    Has anyone had this with their pop top, the pop top is down and secured, when driving there is a large squeaky sound, no doubt the sound of fabric rubbing. Is that normal? I have a sky line roof: VW Campervan Poptop Elevating Roofs from Skyline Roofs It is a bit hit and miss, sometimes after...
  11. Mojo

    Squeaky Tailgate

    The van has been to West Yorkshire VW this morning to sort out the squeaking from the tailgate while driving over any surface that was driving me mad... The nice bloke from the service dept. said he has adjusted loads of T6 tailgates for the same thing...Apparently VW changed the locator design...