1. Nuclear9

    T6.1 on its way

    1st of March, St David’s day and when I pick up the new Van and since the worst of the Winter will be behind us and hopefully Spring will be well established. Covid-19 is still going to mess things up for some time but I have to remain optimistic that some fun with the new T6.1 Highline Camper...
  2. Shadow1

    A few noobie questions..

    Hi all. So been lurking on here for a while now. Finally fouls a van. So a few questions if you could be so kind to answer. So my first ever van Found a 16 plate 102 mapped to 168 bho Cheatnut brown But no adblue so guess a t5 26k with full history lowered big wheels ect Lovely van. questions...
  3. monkey66

    twin slider advice

    Hi everyone! We are total newbies, to the Forum but also to T6's (although if feels like going back to my roots - we had a T2 camper growing up, and my very first motor was a (devastatingly rusty red/white) 1972 T2). We are looking for a T6 to convert, and really like the notion of twin sliding...
  4. harriot

    DIY - Electrics any good how to guides?

    I've had a read through and a search for any similar topics, so I'm sorry if this really has been posted 100 times. This conversion will be for weekend use, the occasional week trip and maybe a festival or two. We need usb ports, lights - nothing too crazy like heating etc. So I'm thinking...
  5. T

    Hello And Good.. Night? Friendly Hey Ho

    Hey to the t6 gang. Never thought id own one. Ever. But by goodness gracious, i love this velle. my old mans sportline is smoother on the engine front (204, dsg bitdi) but i like a sloshy ride, soaks dem bumps. who wants sports suspension on our roads... haha! - obviously apart from the...
  6. C

    Cp From Yorkshire Says Hello!

    Hi Ladies & Gentlemen, a quick post to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Chris, 40, 2 young kids, looking to get a newish T6 Transporter for work duties, with a view to convert it to something similar to a Cali Beach for short and infrequent, spring/summer camping weekends. I'll try take a...
  7. T

    Newbie North Norfolk

    Hello all, Great forum! Yet to buy & convert or buy already converted campervan!? Lifes been busy but hopefully get time this winter to sort... any recommendations welcomed Thanks Tom
  8. J

    Caravelle Or Kombi? Looking For A T6

    Hey! I am looking for a used T6 as a family car. Would love a caravelle but the difference in price of a comparable kombi seems huge so I am looking for some advice and what areas people would recommend compromising in. My major considerations are; three kids in car seats, a dog, lots of...
  9. M

    New member, from AUS, Hello all ;-).

    G'day, alongside, may I say Hello to you all: I really enjoy the informations, and all the sharing of the forum . May I say Hello to all of you one more time ;-).
  10. M

    Hi From VW Crawley

    Hi Guys, Complete newbie here - I work for a VW dealership in Crawley who are a life dealer ie. Cali's etc - good levels of discount available for forum users! New & Used stock available - in fact I've got a cancelled fleet order of T30 Highline's if anyone wants one. Thanks Mark
  11. Pauly

    Welcome new members

    A place for new members to stop by and say hello, tell us what your driving or planning to drive & anything else you want to share. If you want to post a question or discuss something specific please visit the appropriate sub forums