1. lebb2017

    Leanne’s build thread

    Just picked up my van on Saturday. Eventual plan is to fit windows all around, a pop top, some sort of bench/sliding bed and some storage cubes. I have never done anything like this, have a very basic set of tools, and mostly no clue what I’m doing! However, I plan to learn. And I’ll be taking...
  2. KevT74

    New to forum and Van Life

    Hi everyone, Looking forward to chatting and getting amongst like minded people. Hoping all things Van Life will be everything I hope it to be as newbie to the scene. Can’t wait to get out and about. Van is ready to go, albeit always adding and improving… Thanks for adding.
  3. B

    Car Park Banter

    Hey!! Literally just chatted with a guy in a car park as our T6s were parked next to each other and he mentioned this forum so thought I’d add myself to find out more about how peeps have customised their campers!!!
  4. H

    Newbie to Van Life

    Newbies to van life Hi guys, thanks for accepting us to the forum. We're new to van life and have just started to convert our T6. We're hoping all the useful comments posted will help with our adventures as this is the first time we've done this. Can't wait to get out and start enjoying the...
  5. V

    Newbie needing advice on a blank canvas or partial conversion

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and T6's. I have a plan to get a LWB T6 DSG Van through my business and over a couple of years convert it into a camper (Pop top, Rock and roll bed, Kitchen, split charging etc.) for me and my wife to travel around in for the odd week, weekend. Has anyone got any...
  6. M

    The wife made me do it!

    Hi all. Not quite a T6 owner yet but looking at taking the plunge in campervan ownership. Starting from scratch so I have a lot to learn. Hoping to get tips and info from you good people to set me on the right road.
  7. jaf89

    A few questions - Insurance and Ownership

    Hi all, I am currently considering purchasing a T5, I've been looking around and gone to view a few locally. One of which i like... a lot. I have provisionally arranged to visit it again on the weekend to take for a final test drive with the potential of then buying it. I has a very good...
  8. S

    Newbie - Counting down the days

    Hi All. Waiting eagerly to see my van delivered to converters this coming week. Reading all the comments based on your experience of VW ownership.
  9. Roblee

    New member

    New to the forum, hope I can work out how to use the forum and contribute. Thanks
  10. C

    NEWBY 1st time posting

    Hello and thank you for accepting me into your forum/group. I am a ( Dave) Newby to the Transporter Van/ Camper world and have spent the last 2 weeks trying to educate myself into the terminologies, specs, and different types of trim that goes with a VW Transporter. I am presently on the prowl...
  11. Pauly

    How to start a conversation/private message with another member

    There is more than one way to start a conversation so lets look at the options First and most obvious way is to do it directly with the messaging system, click (1) the envelope icon to make the conversations tab appear, then click (2) 'start a new conversation' This will take you to the...
  12. Pauly

    Attaching pictures and files to posts

    Lets look in more detail at adding things onto and into our posts When creating a new thread or a new post we will see a variation of the below image I am going to give it a title and then click on the 'Attach files' button, this will open an extra dialogue box where we can select what we...
  13. Pauly

    How to start a new thread on T6 Forum

    First we need to decide where we are going to post If you are a new member then you may wish to start with a hello type thread and this can be done in the new members area near the top of the forum homepage as labelled below If you are after advice or have a specific question you would like to...
  14. C


    Hi All, Just joined this forum to hopefully get some good advice on purchasing a T6 campervan. Where would the best place be to search? I’ve been looking at autotrader and eBay what like seems forever.! I’m after a swb with a budget of 30k and not too many miles on the clock… is this too much...
  15. C

    Newbie - Leisure Battery Set Up

    Hi all, newbie alert so please go easy on me! I'm just in the late stages of buying a custom build 2/3 year old T6 Highline T30 SWB 150 DSG with Sportline body kit etc from Woodstock Campers. I'm considering using it off grid occasionally but it only has one leisure battery. Before I go back to...
  16. apc67

    Finaly Taken the Plunge

    After years of wanting a van and hours spent reading the excellent threads on this site I am now fulfilling my dream - on Monday I will be placing an order for a 150 DSG SWB Kombi in Pure Grey with the following add ons: LED front and rear lights Rear Camera Power Latching Cab Carpet Heated...
  17. A

    Newbie advice please

    Hello all I am about to enter the Transporter ‘Club’ and have decided to reinfuish my car in favour of a van and rhe transporter seems to be the go-to van. The main reason for doing so is for mountain biking. Simply, we would like to be able to load our bikes into the van and get away from the...
  18. J

    We're newbies - please rate our spec :)

    Hi there, After years and years of wanting a van and not being able to afford one, we are finally about to take the plunge. We are able to get 20% off new through a work scheme. We think the best option is to go for a T6.1 kombi rather than panel having read some of the threads on here (we get...
  19. Nuclear9

    T6.1 on its way

    1st of March, St David’s day and when I pick up the new Van and since the worst of the Winter will be behind us and hopefully Spring will be well established. Covid-19 is still going to mess things up for some time but I have to remain optimistic that some fun with the new T6.1 Highline Camper...
  20. Shadow1

    A few noobie questions..

    Hi all. So been lurking on here for a while now. Finally fouls a van. So a few questions if you could be so kind to answer. So my first ever van Found a 16 plate 102 mapped to 168 bho Cheatnut brown But no adblue so guess a t5 26k with full history lowered big wheels ect Lovely van. questions...