led indicator repeaters

  1. N

    Anybody find the T6.1 LED rear indicators poor?

    Hi I have the LED rear lights on the new T6.1 - tailgate. Driving on the motorway for the first time - in daylight. When in the slow lane indicating to overtake a slower car, I noticed that a few cars in the middle lane didn't just move into the right hand lane to let me out. I might just found...
  2. Texxaco

    LED Rope wing mirror indicators [Resolved]

    So my LED light rope turned up this morning which I plan to use on my mirrors as a replacement for LED lights that I installed. They come with a transformer, see image which converts 240v to 12v, my question is if I remove the connectors should I be able to wire the LED light rope straight into...
  3. Barley53

    You know you're in lockdown when...

    ....you crack open a pair of spare (failed) drl units from Travelin lite and replace the gubbins with an indicator switchback... Everything seems to be working ok off a small 12v battery, all wired to appropriate transformer and superseals; I'm strictly amateur at this so before I seal the...
  4. Rossi17

    Dynamic side Repeaters Fitting

    Hi brought the dynamic led dark repeaters from Travelin-lite but the final fitting isn’t to gud, has anyone else come across when fitted they’re really easy to pull out! The sticky end is ok but the end with the clip pulls out really easy.
  5. U

    Smoked LED Sequential Repeater Fitting

    Fitting some of these tomorrow, however I have heard that sometimes when removing the original repeater the spring can sometimes come off and fall down inside the wing/wheelarch, has anyone experienced this and how easy is it to get it out if it happens? Was thinking a small magnet on a string...
  6. TeresaE

    Upgrading to Dynamic flowing led side repeaters

    Hi hubby is thinking about upgrading the side repeaters on our van. He’s been looking on eBay but there are so many to choose from and at different prices, some being a lot more expensive than others. Could any of you guys recommend where to buy some from?
  7. Pauly

    T6 Vs T6.1 Lights

    New T6.1 LED smoked/tinted tail lights beside OE T6 led tinted lights What do you think
  8. Jonny

    Transporterhq (THQ) Aftermarket Replacement Headlights

    Don't let the halogens put you off. These aren't finished. Looks like a set will go for £550
  9. PhilBob

    Lost My Indicator Tick Tock

    Wondering in anyone has experienced a loss of indicator sound and what the likely cause is? I put the van in for its first service on friday and on the drive home discovered the indicator no longer made any tick tock sound. Indicators still work fine, just no sound. Any ideas what may be the...
  10. Deaky

    Mirrors With Dynamic Indicators

  11. MikeMc88

    Mikes T6 Highline Conversion

    Hello everybody, I have created a new thread to document the progress of my conversion. Here is my new van :-
  12. Barley53

    A Few Exterior Light Changes

    Hi all, I've changed a few bulbs on my 19 T6 Transporter, hope this is of some use. Caveat is that the changes have only been in for a couple of weeks so can't comment on longevity but so far so good. * Full LED headlight plug and play from Travelin-Lite, indicators led but not sequential...
  13. CJH

    Led Bulbs For Rear Lights

    I’ve had Transporter HQ headlights fitted to my T6 which I can justify on the grounds of safety. The H4’s being poor and being able to see at night is handy, but I struggle to justify the cost of new rear LED lights. I fancy the Van-X ones because they look nice, any comments are welcome? Has...
  14. P

    LED Front & Rear Indicators

    Hi all Is it possible to fit led front and rear indicator bulbs into a non led equipped van without load resistors etc. and would they work?
  15. Bear

    Repeater Lamps In Mirrors.

    Hi. Has anyone done or seen repeater lamps in the door mirrors, like a golf etc ?
  16. tubs

    Sequential Side Repeaters Fitted

    Hi, did this wee Mod last week and thought it would be useful for other members out there !! Got them from Vanstyle £50 delivered !
  17. Earl

    Resistors for LED indicator bulbs

    Evening all. I want to replace the indicator bulbs with LED ones. The more I look at whats available the more my head hurts! Could someone recommend ones that won't throw up errors? I have LED front and rear lights. Thanks
  18. Craigo

    Led Sequential Side Indicators

    Yesterday I found some led sequential side repeater indicators for the T6 somewhere on the internet, but now can't find where I found them. There was video footage of them in action and they looked awesome. I'm pretty sure they were in the U.K. and about £49 a pair.. Anyone able to help my...
  19. Deaky

    Who’s Gonna Be First Then?

    @Fish @StudleyGlass
  20. K

    Led rears, are all Bulbs led?

    as above, I have front and rear led lights and front indicators don't appear to be led and neither do rear indicators? Haven't checked reverse lights will do that tomorrow.