1. K

    VCDS Adblue injector test

    Hi guys would anyone have any idea how to perform the scr metering test on vcds think it involves the test running for 10 mins and you should collect a certain amount of reagent if things are working correctly?
  2. C

    Lumpy idle [Resolved]

    My van has developed a lumpy noisy idle. Sounds almost like it’s missing a beat. Come out of nowhere. Drive 200 miles at the weekend no problem. Filled up at shell. Ad blue is topped up. No reason for a problem. It’s done 41,000 miles and is a 2018 150 4motion Any help would be much...
  3. Sanyes

    Engine shaking (running on 3 cylinders) - error code P1007

    The other day, I started my van, started normally. ( It was cold outside but it started without hiccups) Made a few miles in the city, all was fine but when I get on the motorway, the van started to shake. Initially thought some motor mounts failed, wheels unbalanced something like that. After...
  4. T

    How much does an injector cost for T6

    So I’m currently broke down in Europe and been told all four injectors are broke (but still trying to find cause). Firstly is it possible all four can break? Secondly how much does an injector cost as they are saying €605 per injector plus fitting x4 plus what ever else is the actual issue which...
  5. E

    T6 TDI Fuel bleeding, bleeding injector.

    HI. Transporter t6 2017 year with CXHA engine TDI On car its removed&installed fuel rail and after repairing car not start. Bleeding procedure its done many times. Car starts with another 4 injectors. Is there any solution for bleeding injectors? Best Regards Elisen
  6. B

    Injector torque setting

    Gents Does anyone know the torque setting for the clamps that hold in the injectors, T28 T6 late 2015. When I bought the van the rocker cover was damaged and to change the rocker cover you have to remove the injectors. Cheers Baz
  7. C

    smoke from oil filler

    Advice please..I have just bought a 2016 T6 panel van with full history with 50 k on the clock for work but also weekend use etc...I was messing about yesterday and i noticed smoke coming from the oil filler cap and the dip stick...I've tried searching for answers etc but cant find much.My...
  8. D

    Fuel problem

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help as I’m a little worried. My two year old T6 recently broke down. I got recovered to the dealers who to cut a long story short said they were not doing any investigation until they got a fuel sample back. When it came back they said it contained water and I would be...
  9. E

    how I can check the injector amount by vcds?

    Hi all for VW t6 2016 as engin code CXHA how I can check the injector amount by vcds .be course when read live data by vcds 19.6.1it give me for 3injectors but in vw t5 when check the injector in vw 2010 to 2015 but in 2016 I can't finde it note all vw t5 from 2009 to 2015 is Uds and in vw t6 uds
  10. Tourershine

    T6 Wouldn't Start

    I've had a dig around, but couldn't find anything that was similar. I've just got home after 2 weeks away in my Motorhome. The first thing I tend to do, is check all the vehicles that have been sat for a few weeks. Low and behold the van wouldn't start. I had the exact same last time I went...
  11. Bayrak

    Less Than 3000 Miles 2 New Injectors Needed

    A few weeks ago now out of the blue one Saturday morning a loud knocking sound appeared from the engine initial thoughts were bottom end issue - huge problem, I got to the dealer and spoke to the girl on the service desk she booked it in for a check 1.5 weeks later (was not impressed), anyway...
  12. RattyMcClelland

    HPFP Failed. VW Want Nearly £6k

    3 weeks ago my van failed to start. Vw assist came out, diagnosed and no fuel pressure at the injectors or high pressure fuel pump. I know the hp fuel pump failed and they are the single most unreliable thing in today's cars. Transported to vw in Notts. It took them 3 weeks to get a fuel...
  13. mmi

    [T6_measured] Injector failure

    Keyword “loud knocking metallic noise from engine”. VW has published in September a service note which can be found with vehicle's VIN. The sound clips from my engine (150PS, EU6) with comments on 21 Oct 2017 in thread Tick over noise EDIT: audio files from the thread copied here as...
  14. rmo69

    I want my T5 back - update

    So I promised an update regarding my previous post which detailed my woes with my T32 EURO VI Since that post: DPF warning light has come on a further three times. The engine management light has come on today for the third time. AdBlue injector and control unit both replaced MPG fluctuates...