1. A

    ECU Fault Codes

    Hi just had the first service at an independent VW specialist They picked up the following fault codes: P2A0000 P2EAF00 P157000 P204B00 I’m informed that the presence of the fault codes will prevent a Regen Contacted WV who can’t investigate until mid Feb at the earliest which is far from ideal...
  2. T

    Central Locking issue - Solved

    Hello, new member here. This is not the first post I intended... I seem to have broken my central locking/alarm. I ran a cable behind the glove box this afternoon and suspect I may have dislodged something? Is that likely? If I press the key fob to lock or unlock then the indicators flash as...
  3. J

    T6.1 : Electronic Child Lock..

    Hey fam, new member here. Apologies if this has been discussed before but I couldn’t find anything. Whenever I turn on the ignition I get the above message on the dash. Has is anyone else had this problem? I took it into the shop to get it looked at and believe it or not it was the one time it...
  4. 22jeffers

    Random Dash Lights

    Hi all A couple of days ago I noticed my rear diff and seat belt warning light come on at the same time. I’m not quite sure about the rear diff light but the seat belt light was dim. I was wearing my seat belt and when I unplugged it the seat belt light illuminated double the brightness. But...
  5. 22jeffers

    Head Unit Issues after battery disconnected

    Help please!! Disconnected my battery today to do some maintenance. Reconnected it and now the head unit is doing weird stuff. When I turn it on I get a message saying “The Optical Parking System (OPS) is not available. (Ok)”. The reversing beep still sounds but the picture of the van on the...
  6. T

    P164B 2.0 150

    Currently have a van in and out of limp mode due to flashing coil light and this fault. I've changed both sensors for genuine parts, new oil and filter, both plugs are getting voltage 7v top and 9v bottom kinda stuck anyone else had this issue with the sensors?
  7. fezza68

    Adaptive cruise fault

    My adaptive cruise has developed a fault. It works on a run for about 20 minutes then switches itself off with the message on the mfd, acc deactivated with ! mark. Hooked up carista (beta version) and in detailed ecu readings i get this.Any help would be appreciated.
  8. E

    T6 California Wipers and washer pump randomly come on

    Hello everyone, I was sitting on idle for about 15 minutes last week and suddenly the wipers did two sweeps of the screen. My Cali does have rain sensor but the stalk was set to the off poisition, I confirmed it by moving the stalk to the maximum setting and sure enough, the wipers went at...
  9. J

    Unknown Fault code 16099

    Having a few issues with my New 6.1 dsg. Started off with the engine cutting out when restarting during stop-start. It’s like it’d stalling but given its auto, I think it’s just failing to start. Had roadside assistance out - no fault codes. This has happened about 5 times over the last 4 weeks...
  10. T

    Judder on engine start and driving

    I’m currently on a road trip around Europe and only half way into my trip with probably another 5000miles before I get back to the UK and my engine seems to have just started juddering. I noticed it the other day while first starting the engine and thought maybe it would be fine once i got...
  11. C

    PV Logic Flexi Voltage Drop Problem.....

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone out there may help me with a solar panel problem that I am experiencing? The vehicle is a 2016 T6 converted by Autohaus. I have an 80 watt PV Logic Flexi Panel from Solar Technology International which is Silkaflexed to the top rear of Reimo roof (please see...
  12. Bardot

    Gear Sense Failure ???

    HELP. So first day with my T6 (2016 T32 42k 140 manual). Drove van for 60 miles yesterday no problem. Today drove for 200 yrds and beep park pilot comes on, gear indicator top right of display goes out, start stop fails !.... I'm completely new to VW but it seems to me that whatever...
  13. Dundrummin

    Rear Parking Sensors Stopped Working

    The Park Pilot rear sensors fitted to my Kombi have suddenly stopped working, put it in reverse and the display stays blank or if the radio etc is on it does nothing. I have checked to see if the sensors themselves make any noise when in reverse but they sound dead. Is there a dedicated fuse...
  14. Skyliner33

    Fault Help - Front ride height sensor for headlights

    I have just done a scan and have the following fault. Is it something I can fix myself or is it a visit to a dealer? Thanks Address 55: Headlight Range (J431) Labels:. 6R0-907-357.clb Part No SW: 6R0 907 357 C HW: 6R0 907 357 B Component: AFS-ECU 005 0050 Revision...
  15. marmite monster

    Windows keep going down on their own

    So come home from work sit down and my keys are in my jeans pocket. The key fob is getting depressed in my pocket and dropping the windows on the van. This has happened so many times on all the t5/t6 vas I've owned resulting in wet seats etc. Is there anyway to remove the window dropping...
  16. Sabre

    Golf Mkiv Audio

    HI All, Im looking for some advice on my beloved MKIV Golf.... The head unit in my Golf has stopped working, intermittently, more off than on so im having to use an ipod and speaker on the seat to play tooones, so I wonder if someone out there can suggest something. I have an Alpine DAB head...
  17. Bernie the Bolt

    Engine Management Light (EML) on - emissions control.

    Hi all, I bought a used Caravelle last week and I have just clocked up 400 miles in it since collecting. This light came on whilst on the M25 this afternoon, should I be concerned? Cheers Bernie
  18. Dellmassive

    T6 Common Faults & Problems - - Check Here First -

    As per the title really - T6 Common faults & problems - - Check here first - (ill keep this updated and as current possible, so keep checking back) we have a lot of repeat questions about the same issues again and again, so here is my attempt to group the more common ones into one place...
  19. Dellmassive

    Rear Barn Doors Door Lock Wont Open- My18

    Barn Doors Door Lock - MY18 Basically the rear door would not unlock, they locked fine but didnt unlock (made the right sound but the external handle wouldnt open the door) Checked it ourselves...... looked like an internal lock problem so run it passed the dealer . . . . . 1hr wait later and...
  20. A

    Engine Cut Out At Speed !

    hi all, just a question to all t6 owners, i have a t6 4 motion 204 ps dsg, and it has cut out on me 3 times, 2 weeks ago i was on the motorway and pressed the throttle fully and the engine cut out on me in the 3rd lane, i was able to get to the hard shoulder and restart and move on. a bit scary...