drop links

  1. Ned Kelly

    Broken Drop Link

    I recently replaced B14 with Air Lift 3 H and had a height sensor disappear on me. On investigation, it looks like the drop link has snapped and taken the wiring loom out. This should be a straightforward fix. but what im more concerned about is why the drop link has snapped the ARB's where...
  2. davek

    Meyle Drop Link Nut Size

    Anybody know the size and pitch of the Meyle Drop Links, two of mine have worked loose, so going to fit locking nut with spring washer
  3. Lukavell

    Alignment issues and Errors

    I've recently changed my shocks, drop links and steering tie rods. I did the front first and the steering wheel alignment was out. Strange I thought. I couldn't understand how it happened so I spoke to a mechanic friend who didn't get it either. He suggested re-aligning the steering wheel which...
  4. Jason Stancliffe

    ARB problem

    Hi Recently fitted H and R ARB’s I must say the handling is much improved, hardly any roll in the corners and the van seems more planted and firmer ride which I like ( have 40 mm h r springs) The problem I have it is a bit crashy / harsh and noisy now over small bumps on the road , not so...
  5. J88arv

    Help: Either Top Mount Or Spring Gone

    Hi all just been to Kwick fit and was advised my passenger side shock is either knackered or the top mount and the other side is going in short it knocks like a bitch continually and needs sorting as it’s doing my head in. can anybody shed any light on similar experiences or advise on how to...
  6. goldeneye243

    H&R ARB - shorter drop-links??

    I'm getting my coil overs and ARBs fitted today - The mechanic has asked if I had any shorter ant roll bar links. I wasn't sure - Have I missed a part??? I'm having Stance+ Ultra coil overs and H&R ARBs fitted...
  7. Simon228

    Drop Links. When And Why To Use Longer.

    Hi Has anybody changed there drop links for longer ones when fitting coilovers or air ? My coilovers are adjusted as low as possible but still need another 10mm or so to level it out with the rear. I didn’t know if changing these would have an affect on ride height.