1. D

    Independent dealer warranty issue

    So, I recently bought a 2019 Caravelle 4motion from an independent van dealer based about 200 miles from where I live. This was sold to me with a 3 month warranty as stated on their website and when I questioned how the warranty worked, the salesman explained that it was through a warranty...
  2. ashmul

    drive shaft suspension question

    Hi Folks, Am new to T6's and not so much mechanically minded but have been wanting to purchase a van for a conversion to a bit of an expedition vehicle down the line a bit. So I guess Im going to have to learn... I have found a 2020 T6 4 motion but it had its suspension lowered. The garage...
  3. 109LWB

    Egr and overboost faults. Will dealer fix?

    So I bought my van on the 27th August from a big used van dealer. I've had a few small niggles that I've just sorted myself, after all it's a 2016 van and will have some, however recently I've been getting the EML light on after a long drive and the egr flow insufficient and overboost codes...
  4. Mule

    Main dealer service or Independent garage (in warranty period)

    Hi all, I have a 71 plate converted T6.1 which has only done 3k miles but will soon be coming up for its first anniversary and therfore its first service. The van is still in warranty so I'm wondering if I 'need' to go down the main dealer route for the service history & warranty or would a...
  5. mrmortar

    Parting ownership and advice when dealing with issues

    After several months of troublesome ownership I had sadly departed company with my T6.1 this week. It was a great van but was never right from the first day, transmission issues and then numerous visits back and forth to different dealerships trying to put it right. Sadly on the last repair...
  6. S

    Tensioner failed 33,000 miles!

    Hi, my T6 4motion. just went into VW for its 3rd year service. 2 days later the tensioner has failed. The Vans done 33k where do I stand ? Waiting to hear if they will fix under warranty ? Has anyone come across this ? Regards Steve
  7. R

    Charge Cooler - MISSING BOLTS?

    Hi all! Firstly, sorry for the long post but I could really do with some help! I have recently had my EGR cooler replaced at my local VW garage on my 17 plate T6 California. Thankfully VW have paid 100% of the bill as a good will gesture which I was absolutely delighted with considering it...
  8. D

    After market warranties for camper conversions

    Hi. I am struggling to find a warranty provider for a 3 y/o t6, campervan. Had a couple go through online only to be contacted and do to modification hads the application turned down and refunded. So has anyone manages to secure a warranty for a converted van, if so please advise. Thanks.
  9. Tomo02

    Bilstein B14 rear spring snapped

    Hi there. I’ve seen a few different threads with no obvious outcomes. I’m after some help. I had b14 coil overs installed back in November 2018 on my fully converted T6 T28. They’ve been fine up till Wednesday where I had my MOT and my rear passenger side spring has snapped completely. I’ve...
  10. C

    VW Dealer Servicing - Bristol

    Hi I own a T6 SWB Diesel 2018 which has been converted to a campervan and has done done 27,500 miles. The van has always been serviced at the local VW dealer in Bristol so I phoned them up to book in a service. I was told it needed a major service and the Cambelt and Water pump replacing at a...
  11. mrmortar

    Clutch and DMF result

    Hi everyone, Ever since I bought my T6.1 this year in Sept I had this strange judder coming through the pedal in 1st and reverse gears. A search through these forums indicated to it could be a DMF issue and I have to admit my heart sank after reading how some folks had to dip into their own...
  12. B

    T6.1 150PS Remap?

    When should I remap my 150 bhp, its 5 months old, do I have to wait for the warranty to expire or could I get it done earlier as first gear in the van from take off is horrible, it takes off then dies if I don't control the throttle as if its flooding itself, could remapping help this?
  13. moodsterT6

    VW Extended Warranty

    Hi, My T6 will be 3 years old this comming January. The dealer is repairing the engine main oil seal which is leaking under waranty but the cost is £850. We have had a number of other issues which have been fixed under waranty too. We love the van as it ticks all the boxes we wanted but its the...
  14. R

    EML Warranty saga

    Anyone with warranty experience from a legal standpoint here who may know whether I have any options here? The EML on my 2017 T6 kombi van keeps coming on. Its a warranty issue and Breeze in Southampton have been trying to fix it under warranty but so far have been unable to - they replace a...
  15. 480bhp

    Extending the extended warranty for a 6th year £236!

    I'm not sure if anyone has looked in to this yet, but my 150,000 mile 5 year warranty is due to end on the 30th of November. So i've checked, and VW will offer an additional years warranty at a cost, this is to cover all parts on a van with 115,000 miles at present, driving over 15,000 miles...
  16. S

    Steering rack failure

    Hi Guys wondered if someone could offer some advice please I have a 2019 T6 Transporter brought new just before the first lockdown has been professionally modified to a day van spec with 20 inch low profile wheels etc been really pleased with it excellent cruising beast use it with driveaway...
  17. G

    Sales question- 2019 T6 conversion

    Hi there, we bought last Monday a 2019 T6 conversion from a caravan company near Holmes Chapel. The van had 30k mileage on it but the conversion was new. 2 days later,the fuel gauge stops working and the EML is on! Straight to the caravan company whose garage supervisor was pretty annoyed that...
  18. A

    Will a conversion and re-map void the warranty?

    Hi all, If I buy a new van and get a conversion company to change some bits like lowering it with non factory fit springs and also 're-map' the van, will it void the vehicle? Thanks Adam
  19. LakesT6

    EGR Issues - Ongoing problem.

    Van spec: MY18 204tdi DSG, covered 43k. During the warranty period the EGR has been flushed 7 times, approximately every 6k miles. The last flush was done in January 2020. Each time the fault code was P0401 EGR insufficient flow. The warranty expired in February and the van is now showing the...
  20. 66DOB

    20in rims on T6.1, mechanical probs, VW warranty

    Hi all, I have a new T6.1 coming in the next couple of weeks. My VW dealer told me yesterday that if I put 20in rims on it and that leads to any mechanical issue, my warranty will be void. Has anyone had any mechanical probs attributed to running plus sized wheels?