1. Salty Spuds

    More tailgate power latching woes.

    After 4 days back at the dealers they've decided that my intermittent fault with the tailgate power latching is due to corrosion from condensation due to us sleeping in the van....don't ask. Anyway, here's my question:- I want to do away with the power latching on the tailgate, it's a complete...
  2. Ann3x

    Starter Battery Wiring - VW Disagreement

    Interesting one. I've had a few problems with my starter battery discharging (its a Varta, not a Moll so thats not the issue!). Basically my battery goes flat after around 5-7d inactivity. Thats pretty short imo. This was an issue before lockdown and is not just due to the extended hiatus. I've...
  3. Oldrat

    Moll battery - result

    My T6 warranty expires in two weeks time. I’ve just had a service and had a pre end of warranty check. Everything was fine but my Moll battery ( and subject of much info on here) which has been a bit suspect for a while was replaced FOC under warranty. Lessons 1. Always have a pre end of...
  4. T6 Forum

    VW Extended Warranty

    T6 Forum submitted a new resource: VW Extended Warranty - Official VW Literature Read more about this resource...
  5. R

    Quad Exhaust

    Hi all Will fitting a quad exhaust tail section invalidate my vw warranty? 12 month old t32 highline Dsg ? Cheers
  6. I

    Warranty Expiry Question

    Hi all, advice please. Noticed oil leak this a/m from T6 ( spotting on driveway). Been advised by mechanic friend to have it checked by VW re warranty repair. However......as Sod’s law would have it warranty expires tomorrow 23rd. My query is does it expire at midnight tomorrow (23rd) or will...
  7. Minimucks

    Water Leak From Rear Spoiler?

    So my van has gone into VW for a few warranty niggles. One being water in the tailgate. They seem to think that it's not the typical high level brake light and that it's the fixings on the genuine spoiler. I was led to believe they are bonded on and can't imagine there being any concealed...
  8. Westy78

    Egr Warranty Extension

    Took my van in for a few jobs whilst still under warranty. Was told that there was an egr fault. They apparently followed a procedure and were expecting to have to flush it out but upon collection I was told it didn’t need the flush. Checked with carista and egr fault still present. Back to the...
  9. ChrisR

    Aftermarket Warranty

    Hi all, My van is an early 2016 model and has long since had the factory 3 year warranty expire. I bought it just over 3 months ago and the supplier included a simple 3 month warranty which has now expired. I'm now on the hunt for an aftermarket warranty, which is something I've not done on...
  10. Lord Mfwic

    So This Happened Today.

    Started the van this morning and there was a strange wining noise coming from where the engine lives. Thought to myself, no idea what that is and it's bloody cold outside so called VW assist. Nice man turned up an hour later, opened the big flat panel above the engine, checked for a dead cat...
  11. C

    Misfire When Cold

    Hi I’m hoping someone has had the same issue but here goes My euro6 t6 105ps with 35k has a horrible misfire when it’s cold and slowly goes as it warms up but have started noticing a slight diesel nock at about 3500 rpm Anyone had this problem at could advise me where to start
  12. J

    Heated Windscreen Highline - Not Working

    Hi, Never had a heated windscreen before, but pretty sure it's not designed to work like this. Can someone confirm that it shouldn't leave a strip of ice. The van is only 2 months old so should be covered by the warranty.
  13. D


    Hi guys, Just acquired 67 plate converted camper T6, not quite 2 years old, 28000 on the clock, I've noticed when I let the clutch out quickly, and especially when clutch let out in reverse, there is a clunk/knock, keeping the revs up a bit and letting clutch out slowly it seems fine, any ideas...
  14. mopardave

    Front Shocks Failing

    Well, I took my van in for a brake fluid change and mentioned I had a very occasional knocking sound from the front drivers side. It actually started when the van was about a year old but it was so occasional I never mentioned it. Well, it turns out my front shocks are on their way out! The 3...
  15. paradigm

    Higher Mileage, Newer Van: Cost/benefit?

    A subjective question really but I am torn between 3 Kombis: '19 Plate, 15 miles Highline DSG, fairly basic (reverse camera and folding mirrors) '17 Plate, 30k miles Highline DSG, Electric twin sliders but otherwise fairly basic About £3k difference with the '19 plate being the dearer of the...
  16. P

    13 Faults Found

    I have Shuttle SE LWB EU6 150 PS 2.0 TDI BMT 6sp Manual and it’s only 3 years old . Week ago warning lights comes on and I called AA found Total 13 Fault after Diagnostic. I really don’t know what should I do because warranty has been expired.
  17. Mick

    Warranty Work.

    So I had a loud pitched squeal when the van was warm. We diagnosed it at Rutland a fan belt issue and it’s taken 3 weeks to get an appoint Took it in to Listers of coventry cos I’m not happy with Leicester parkway. Also due an oil change. They sent me a vid of the van state whilst I was...
  18. andy greenwood

    Dual Mass Flywheel Gone After 52k

    I took our van to the local VW comercial centre on monday to get the sliding door fixed under warranty, I also mentioned to them about a knocking noise from the engine. Turns out its the Dual mass flywheel that has gone, i'm glad its happened whilst still under warranty otherwise it would have...
  19. Neil Nicholls

    Advise On A Ford

    Sorry about the swearing in the title... Just wondered if anyone could offer any advise on this. Basically, my nephew was stuck in a bit of a rut at work. He was a machine driver, looking to go self employed, but had no capital. He also lives with me, and is a hard working lad. I lent him some...
  20. M40CCA

    New Recall

    Just called into vw van centre and have just been told of a recall that's has been issued from today (lucky eh) It's the seals on sliding doors and rear boot lid are letting water in. Mine is booked in for tomorrow I'll let you guys know so more info tomorrow, not sure if it's just in the...