1. Deviant Tubs

    VW Stealership - New Top Mounts at 17K miles!!

    OK so here's the short of it - T6.1 DSG 22 plate. 17k miles. Koni Shocks and Evoteck Springs added c/o CRS when van had less than 100 miles on the clock. Lowered 50mm. Running 19 inch Brocks on 245/45/19 Uniroyals. Been very happy with the ride etc. Developed a bit of a clunk/snap/crackle and...
  2. liaoyang

    Warranty claim refused: should I sue VW?

    I am thinking of suing VW but would like to hear people's opinion of the issue. It's a bit of saga but I'll be as brief as I can: We have an ex demo 2018 204ps California with the J623-CXEB bi-turbo engine. We purchased the so-called factory extended warranty within 3 months of first...
  3. P

    EGR Valve and hose replacement partly denied warranty claim

    So EML light diagnosed as EGR valve failure, the warranty company have okayed this part but won't authorise the EGR hose as they say it's a none mechanical part. How can I argue against this. Garage said it needs doing
  4. Mixersmate

    Warranty request declined - Thoughts?

    Morning All - My van was in for a new auxiliary belt and tensioner a few weeks ago which was covered under my All-In extended warranty, and whilst it was there they diagnosed an issue with the screen wash system, the filler neck is perished apparently and requires replacement along with the...
  5. R

    Electrical Damage Caused By Water in Tailgate

    Hi All, I purchased VW Tiguan from a Main Dealer a couple of years ago. Fast forward to today, last week the Electric Tailgate Button (the button to close the boot) stopped working. I sent the car to my local VW for inspection and they found a build up of water in the Tailgate which has cause...
  6. B

    Warranty refusal: crankshaft oil seal failure

    my van is in for an mot and they have noticed its got an oil leak from the crankshaft main oil seal, i have the all in warrenty but the claim has been rejected. Has anyone had this done under the all in package ? the van has full vw service history and only done 68k
  7. Oldrat

    VW All in plan .. again

    Copied from my post on the Crafter forum, because it’s just as relevant here. It’s my second plan, van is 2018 reg and been covered by the manufacturers warranty from new. The All In plan works out cheaper than VW servicing and I like the warranty & breakdown cover. No pre inspection required...
  8. S

    Cali Roof Corrosion - VW's current warranty stance?

    My 2017 Cali Beach has a dreaded bubble on the roof. Anyone know if VW are still entertaining warranty claims for this? Interestingly it shows the tape they put around the edge works - the corrosion has started in the 3mm gap where the tape joins! Let's hope there aren't any more joins further...
  9. L

    What warranty cover have I still got on this van T6 2019 ?

    I brought a Dec 2019 T6 second hand recently and when I contacted VW to obtain the service history it came back with a few warranty policies that are still in warranty As the new owner can I use these policies ? and what do they cover ? Service Plan End Date 22/12/2025 Roadside Assistance End...
  10. T

    VWCV warranties - All-in vs Extended?

    Hi there folks, anyone know what is the difference between all-in plan and extended waranty? All-in plan currently £29.60 before end of August 2023. (Unfortunately the online site will not let me purchase as I already have a service plan in place, expires 4th Sept 2023, After closing date!)...
  11. H

    VW service and warranty claim

    My T6 has gone for an inclusive major 56k service. As part of their checks they report and video a cracked engine mount and leak to the engine sump do you know if these might be covered under the VW extended warranty or will they argue wear and tear ? regards
  12. Jonni2rets

    2018 headunit replaced on All-In warranty!

    Hi all, iv had issues regarding my head unit not responding to touch. I booked it in to vw and they told me a software update will probably sort it but knowing from all the threads on here I knew it needed a new digiltizer screen. Got a phone call today Saying that vw uk have given the go ahead...
  13. Jonni2rets

    Discovery media stereo issues

    Hi all, my head unit has been having issues with nothing working on the touch screen, iv read all about it on here saying the digitaliser needs replacing. Iv got it booked in with vw on Monday for them to look at it. Iv seen on a Facebook thread on a t6 group that someone has had there’s...
  14. Strettyp

    Rust under rear registration plate

    I bought some pressed metal licence plates to replace the ones that came with the van, purchased new from inchcape VW commercial in Manchester When I took the rear plate off I found that there was a line of rust and a few other spots and bumps - the van is 4 years old and while the 3 year...
  15. D

    Independent dealer warranty issue

    So, I recently bought a 2019 Caravelle 4motion from an independent van dealer based about 200 miles from where I live. This was sold to me with a 3 month warranty as stated on their website and when I questioned how the warranty worked, the salesman explained that it was through a warranty...
  16. J

    All In Extended Warranty and DMF

    Hi all, I’ve got a 2019 T6 102 Startline that was fully converted to camper shortly after I purchased the van in Jul 2022. Van has covered just under 30k miles and has recently developed pronounced juddering in 1st and reverse gears. Fortunately I took “All in” cover from my local VW main...
  17. T

    What would you do?

    Evening all, I have a 2018 Kombi,T6 T32 150 bought in sept 2021 with 33000 on the clock from a main VW dealer as a used vehicle. At 36000 it developed an ad blue fault and displayed on the dash board “no engine restart after 650miles” It was sent in for repair under warranty to a VW service...
  18. ashmul

    drive shaft suspension question

    Hi Folks, Am new to T6's and not so much mechanically minded but have been wanting to purchase a van for a conversion to a bit of an expedition vehicle down the line a bit. So I guess Im going to have to learn... I have found a 2020 T6 4 motion but it had its suspension lowered. The garage...
  19. 109LWB

    Egr and overboost faults. Will dealer fix?

    So I bought my van on the 27th August from a big used van dealer. I've had a few small niggles that I've just sorted myself, after all it's a 2016 van and will have some, however recently I've been getting the EML light on after a long drive and the egr flow insufficient and overboost codes...
  20. Mule

    Main dealer service or Independent garage (in warranty period)

    Hi all, I have a 71 plate converted T6.1 which has only done 3k miles but will soon be coming up for its first anniversary and therfore its first service. The van is still in warranty so I'm wondering if I 'need' to go down the main dealer route for the service history & warranty or would a...